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Had the same crash issue. Un-installed and re-installed: icon is correct, work correctly. Do not forget to backup settings before this exercise ...
Your use case is the default case for my proposal.
If start and end points of all tracks are identical, then the start setting of the graph  is the final one you need.
My proposal gives more flexibility, e.g. to compare tracks from different sources where you cannot expect exact start/end points.
It would be a graph with distance on x axis, and the elevation curves in different colors against the y axis.
And from a UI perspective I can imagine that in the tracks and the items tabs the user can select the tracks to be presented.
So Locus is not responsible if the selction makes sense or not. Keeping it simple for you. And flexible for the user.
The distance scale is defined by the longest track in question.
Needs one more feature though: we cannot expect that any two tracks are so much in synch that a point to point comparison based on distance to start makes any sense.
So a means is needed to define a point on each track and "associate" all of them as "identical" on x axis.
Example (an anomaly nobody would do, but it illustrates perfectly the tooling needed):
Track 1 is 20 km long, track 2 is cut out of track 1, startig at km 5, to km 15.
You select both for combined viewing.
If you "associate" the 5-km-point of track with with the 10-km-point of track one, track 2 shifts horizontally and you will see only one line (with color mix for the length of track 2).
Any real life situation can be handled with above mechanics.
Makes sense ?
100% agree. You will issue a feature request ?
Quote from: voldapet on June 18, 2015, 14:42:11
As I know vector maps from OpenAndroMaps don't contain POI DB. You need to download maps from Menu > Locus store that are available maps generated by Locus team.

We still wait for the option to only download the POI DBs ... !
Unter Android Kitkat ist die physikalische SD-Karte i.d.R. nicht beschreibbar. Nur im "privaten" Ordner-Baum unter Android/data/...
BRouter funktioniert gut für diesen Zweck.
Die Co-App braucht weitere Routing-Daten, die man ebenfalls offline speichert. Für eine Schnitzeljadg sollte das eine einzige Datei sein, wenn man nicht gerade an einer Koordinatengrenze liegt.
Zu BRouter gibt es ausreichend How-To im Locus-Forum.
Es ist der eingebette Modu zu empfehlen, d.h. man stellt im Locus-Setting ein, dass der Routing-Service eben nicht Google, oder, oder ist, sondern die installierte BRouter-App.
Quote from: balloni55 on June 07, 2015, 19:37:29
QuoteWith new beta
yes, also with this one :-[
the map is loaded, POI´s/geocaches  are visible and on right possition, long click on map display the correct adresslabel

I can confirm those details, too.
No worries, Menion, there is a reason for a beta phase ...

First re. the sqlite map issue: the structure on my (readonly) SD card is:
_world directory, containing:
- Custom Public Transport.sqlitedb (MOBAC map of 1.5 GB I build some time ago)
- WorldOSMLocus.sqlitedb (445 MB from OAM)
- WALT.hdr
- WALT.bil (do not recall where they came from)
- subdirectory world with OruxMapsImages.db and associated xml (thsi one has a strange effect, BTW: the map shows places a number of KMs north of real position)

Now re. the Online map: it is called mapsOnline in the Quick Map Switch and it represents a folder (read/write, internal SD card on Galaxy Note) with a number of maps in it, totalling 380 MB, and Google_Hybrid and Google_Classic being the elephants in the room.
And it produces total chaos_
Level 1: South Africa and Morocco have correct tiles, the rest of Africa and Europe shows a higher level North East Canada map
Level 2: same, but blurred (i.e. simply magnifies the same information)
Level 3: Africa except Morocco and SA OK, MA and SA are correct in shape, but blurred
Level 4: Morocco is fully "moved" to NE Canada
Level 5: Morocco shows Antarctica, while Algeria shows Google Classic, West Africa Google Hybird, and rest of Africa is empty (white)
Level 6: correct maps, but a mix of Hybrid and Classic - but also empty spaces
Level 7: same
Level 8: same
Level 9: same
Level 10: same

I double checked with Pro install, which uses the same maps directories:
L1 - L10: correctly shows Google Hybrid without any gaps (I had downloaded manually before the Morocco vacation)

Stopping one Locus version and starting the other and back again safely reproduces above situation.

Good luck and kind regards

Quote from: menion on June 07, 2015, 18:04:50
With new beta

For me the new beta did not display 4 out of 5 maps (MOBAC map amongst the not working). And the online map mixes Morocco and Canada at level 5
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
May 10, 2015, 22:43:36
And ability to switch off the POI DB. Renaming DB can t be a serious answer here !
should help
You can also fill the Locus SRTM directory on the SD card via PC
OK, I know what you mean. But I enjoy a bit if fun and brainwork on the road. I am not a robot ... :-)