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Other features / Re: Online search
May 10, 2023, 07:25:43
Tried online search, with disappointing experience, when it comes to results.
Reason: the Locus object repository is way too weak.
Do we have to use Google Maps first, then transfer the results to Locus?
Or did I miss a magic configuration option?
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x-plore, dem man alle Rechte auf Nachfrage gegeben hat (leider jetzt pro Unterverzeichnis von /Android/data), kann auch unter Android 13 Operationen im INTERNEN Speicher ausführen.
Gestern habe ich allerdings gelernt, dass seit Android 13 der Zugriff auf /Android/data auf EXT SD gar nicht mehr funktioniert.
Immerhin ist /Android/media noch zugreifbar.

Wahrscheinlich hat Google zu viele Schwachköpfe von Apple abgeworben ...
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Die Tracks kommen NICHT aus dem Dateisystem, sondern aus tracks.db im Locus-Ordnersystem.
Ich würde ein Backup von vor der Operation einspielen und dann noch einmal importieren, aber ohne Sichtbarkeit.
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
April 22, 2023, 15:48:37
When will V4 be generally available, i.e. in app LoMaps downloads deliver V4 maps rather than the old V3?
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See my response in the German thread.
If you had an old LM3 Pro install, maybe with Locus root folder directly on top of the SD card, then a new install of LM4 will not find that, except you have an AFA side load.
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Der beste Weg ist die Themes als ZIPs z.B. im Download-Folder zu sammeln, dann ein ZIP öffnen und Locus als Handler auswählen.
OAM hat ein Locus-Action-Script, da geht es direkt.
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Fully agree, Andrew.
For the Web Planner, the cost impact is minimal (not so for the 1" downloads, though), so there is no justification to not use it.
"Consistently" (Web Planner versus App) being "wrong" is not a good idea, I think.
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Well, two wrongs do not make one right :-)

I consider it better to have the high quality in the Web Planner - officially announced, incl. the consequences ...
Or, if too many people insist in "wrongs" in the Web Planner, give them a choice (switch).
Just my 2c.
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: Theme "Settler"
April 14, 2023, 00:41:14
I think your test shows that #2 is the reason.
And I agree a settlement should "win" against a river. This is controlled by the theme (and the MapsForge library). Did you check the priorities in the theme? And there is the option to set display=always in the theme (for settlements in this case), to take objects out of the priority game.
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The OAM background from ZL 8 up now is rendered from the March 2023 (Europe: April)edition of Christian's OAM vector maps.

The base theme is now Tobias' current Elevate version 5.2, with my adjustments. The most obvious changes versus the earlier OAM world maps are:
- road numbers have a more intense colour  for better readability
- normal peaks (i.e. beyond the highlighted ones) have a better readability and the letters have a brownish colour to distinguish them from settlements
- volcanos have a dark red marker and letters for easier recognition versus normal peaks

In ZL 13 only 50m contours are shown, because with the finer lines the respective map parts were hardly readable. In adition it saves a total of 8 GB across all maps :-)

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Der OAM-Hintergrund für ZL 8+ ist nun aus Christians März 2023 (Europa: April)-Vektorkarten generiert.

Das Basis-Theme ist jetzt Tobias' aktuelle Version Elevate 5.2, mit meinen Anpassungen. Die sichtbarsten Veränderungen der Darstellung im Vergleich zu früheren OAM-Weltkarten sind:
- Straßen-Nummern haben eine intensivere Farbe und sind dadurch besser lesbar
- normale Berggipfel (d.h. jenseits der hervorgehobenen) sind besser lesbar und die Schrift hat einen bräunlichen Ton um sie von Siedlungen besser unterscheiden zu können
- Vulkane haben eine dunkelrote Markierung und Schrift um sie leichter von normalen Gipfeln unterscheiden zu können

Beim ZL 13 sind nur noch die 50m-Höhenlinien enthalten, weil bei der früheren feineren Abstufung die Karte kaum noch lesbar war. In Summe über alle Karten spart es auch noch 8 GB :-)

Viel Spaß damit
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Quote from: lor74cas on March 20, 2023, 16:34:51@lor74cas
because with the switch to android 13, I can't place them in the folder.

I just tested with x-plore on Android 13: even on EXT SD, this app can write to the private folders of /Android/data.
BTW: 1" alone is not delivering better results per se; only 1" plus LIDAR (Sonny's DTMs) will do.
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Quote from: Menion on March 20, 2023, 09:17:07No version of Locus Map supports ".poi" files. As far as I know, OpenAndroMaps provide also ".osm.db" files that should be most probably supported on your device. These files brings support for offline LoPoints and offline address search.
Yes to statement #1, but there is no address data in the OAM osm.db files, only the OSM POIs
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PS: I just scrolled through the MOBAC OUTPUT formats: while I do not know all of them, they all smell like raster maps (with different image format outputs and wrappings). But of course Mapsforge INPUT can be processed by MOBAC since many years.
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Fully agree - one text input field only.
However, sometimes there is a reason to restrict scope (latest when you are swamped by the all-in results.
Hence, there should be a expando below the text field, that has all buttons ticked by default, so people CAN restrict at will, in case of need. The buttons may mimick the current list of search sources.
Just my 2c :-)

Quote from: joeloc on March 11, 2023, 15:32:02
Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on March 10, 2023, 10:16:41You will also need to improve search. It should work simultaneously in addresses and points.
I completely agree. Locus search is pure usability horror from last century. A proper search is ONE SINGLE TEXT FIELD that simply searches EVERYTHING at once and shows results as they come in.

Making me decide in advance on where I want to search is just wrong on every level imaginable.
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