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You're right, that's on purpose because only some meters of Austria are within this file. So I decided to not include it within the 0,5"-model
Good News, for the first time the whole country of Germany (besides northern flatlands of "Schleswig-Holstein") is completely based on LiDAR sources:
New Models: Germany v3, Europe v24
Some News:
Fixed Models: Italy v2b, Austria 0.5" v2
New Models: Cyprus v1, Switzerland 0.5" v2
Super, danke fürs Nachfragen!
Bei neuen Daten stehts auch auf meiner DTM-Webseite oben unter "News"
Hallo Wole,

- "die über den Shop mit LoMaps gelieferten Höhendaten" sind glaube ich noch immer die alten SRTM-3" Dateien, (genaues müsste menion schreiben), die stellenweise wirklich gröbere Abweichungen aufweisen.

- am besten meine (Sonny) DTMs laden (1"-dateien sind detaillierter, aber auch größer als 3"). Allerdings gibt Niedersachsen bis dato seine Höhendaten noch nicht frei, daher gibts dort "etwas" ungenauere Nicht-Lidar-Daten. (daher wohl 17m statt 19m). Es können zwar solche Abweichungen technisch bedingt auch in sehr hügeligem Terrain vorkommen, dass ist aber bei dir wohl nicht der Fall ;-)

- Bitte keine Offsets in Locus eintragen. Dann stimmt zwar die Höhe deines Grundstücks ganz genau, aber an anderen Stellen werden ev. korrekte Höhen um diesen Betrag verfälscht. Die Abweichungen DTM zu Realität betragen ja nicht in ganz Niedersachsen genau 2m!

- In Locus im Höhenmanager "GPS ersetzen" auswählen, ansonsten würden auch noch die (schwankenden, weniger präzisen) GPS-Höhen zur Bestimmung verwendet.

=> Das ist derzeit das Optimum. Wenn du freundlich bei der Landesregierung anfragst ob sie nicht auch wie schon viele andere Bundesländer die Höhendaten als OpenData freigeben, dann löst sich das Problem bald von selbst ;-)
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
November 29, 2023, 16:43:52
Menion, yes there are values in Brouter - but these can be total garbage, as discussed in the linked thread.
Of course I understand, that you have to decide which features are free and which are not. In this case Locus free maybe should better display no elevation values at all (in case of GraphHopper or BRouter) instead of wrong or 0m
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
November 29, 2023, 14:16:41
Quote from: Menion on November 29, 2023, 11:43:17@Sonny
sorry it is so complicated. Latest public Locus Classic has this implemented incorrectly and in the case of Locus Map, you need at least Silver to work with elevations in the app.

I see. Would it be a good compromise idea to use elevation files just for Route-planing-only in LM4 free version (just Locus internal, automatic use of these files during route planing) :) ? Nothing else (no manual update of track or point elevations, no corrections of GPS-values, no shading etc.)
Otherwise it would make no sense to use other route planers in LM4 free than LoRouter Online because of their display of wrong or 0m values. And in worst case people are blaming Locus for displaying "wrong" elevation values of a planned route.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
November 28, 2023, 17:13:04
Within the latest beta (free version) there's still the problem discussed here of calculating wrong elevation values (BRouter) or no elevation values at all (GraphHopper) because of not using internal elevation files
Hi Menion,

- What elevation data exactaly are you using for your LoRouter online? And are these the same files which LM4 useres are downloading for using LoRouter offline?

- A very important advantage of Locus against its competitors has always been its offline skills. Very important when hiking/cycling where no Internet is available or being abroud where Internet is too expensive.

I personally use BRouter in LM3 offline all the time. It delivered the best elevation sums of all apps until about half year ago. Since then LM3 (and maybe also LM4 using Brouter, Graphhopper) changed something to the worse (see linked thread above) and we do not get good elevation sums anymore although we have installed the best elevation files available in Locus "SRTM"-folder (Sonny 1" DTMs).

So our request: please change this behaviour to how it worked in the past, namly on-the-fly use of precise elevation files within "SRTM"-folder to calculate elevation stats when using other route planers (e.g. BRouter) than LoRouter.
I tested Online Web Planer using a route which created dramatic wrong values in the past, have a look at:
Online Web planer delivers correct values now - great! (btw: what elevation data the online planer is exactally using now?)

But sadly the issue using this example route still exists if using Route planner within LM3 and maybe also within LM4 - althoug exact elevation data is installed.
Maybe an interesting improvement for Locus user and developers: "DTM Czechia v2" has been released which is based completely on precise LiDAR data.
Just an update:
Quite a few new DTMs have been released during the last months, especially in Middle- and Eastern Europe.
Have fun with them!
There's also a similar problem regarding missing red points of Mysteries, mentioned in the helpdesk:
Quote from: balloni55 on April 19, 2023, 08:04:47a way to turn them off in the config would be very good

Good idea! So maybe you want to post it in the helpdesk