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Wishlist / Full capacity of Alert
« on: April 02, 2013, 04:57:52 »
Locus is great and so far the best from my experience.

Regarding to alert function, i would like to suggest as below:

1. Add "Text-to-speech" for sound alert.

2. Sound alert: support (wav, mp3, mid, ...) and default folder at alert folder under Locus folder.

3. Instead of alert for all POIs only, Locus should add alert feature for
a. Categories of POIs
b. POI

In such case, alert for a POI will be in priority but only once.
a. its alert, if n/a
b. alert of its category, if n/a
c. alert of POIs Alert (already implemented).

It will give users full control of alert in order to implement a travel alert system with particular alert per POI. Therefore, Locus will become a smarter friend.

Thank you.

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