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Wishlist / Re: create data files in Locus
« on: March 12, 2013, 18:53:23 »
Yes, something similar or exactly like that. I recently discovered the 'quick new point' tool which already helps me tremendously. If this tool would be extended with more fields and options like importing files or editing the memory of this tool, this would be great. Also adding information to lines or polygons would be my wish and I suspect that the proposed 'open data kit' in the former mail could help with that. Also, right now, I dont think Locus has any way of handling polygons. It converts .kmz polygons to tracks anyway.

...forgot to mention.... already the possibility to appoint different specifications or icons in the 'quick new point' tool to different poi-categories separately, would improve this tool greatly!

Wishlist / create data files in Locus
« on: March 10, 2013, 13:25:29 »
I'm using Locus for quite a long time and i'm very satisfied with it. As an ecologist my big wish would be for locus to be able to process data 'in the field' with the app.
This could be points, lines or polygons, created in the outdoors, with certain data to be attached to it, or predefined species-list which 'pop up' after marking a point, line or polygon. Off course the created data in the field must be exported later, preferrably in .xls or.dbf like outputfile.
Normally I would use ArcGis by ESRI for this kind of stuff but ArcGis is so incredible slow in developing android based apps and even Windows 8 based apps are not existent for them yet.
I even think there is a huge commercial market in developing something I just pictured...

Thanks for the app anyway!

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