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- BRouter integration (offline while rest was online)
Nice, indeed very nice. Have been using this with Locus for the last several months. Cant wait for a user friendly integration into the best maps app out there :-)!

Maps / Re: SQLiteDB vs. MBTiles
« on: March 01, 2013, 14:31:28 »
Quote from: "menion"
Suggest to check on GEMF, because it's binary based format, not database, so in general, it should be faster then all these SQLite based formats.
Thanks Menion, I'll look into that GEMF format. I believe my GIS has some plugin for that too. For the moment I'll choose the MBTiles, because tomorrow I leave for a trip to the beautiful central swiss alps (ski-touring) :-)!
Btw: The 2.9.2 works flawlessly. Great work!

Maps / SQLiteDB vs. MBTiles
« on: March 01, 2013, 14:05:29 »
I finally managed to convert the proprietary data format of the very good topographical maps of Switzerland by swisstopo into very large GeoTiffs. Now I can choose between the classic SQLiteDB format or the more or less recently implemented MBTiles format for use on my Galaxy Note II. Are there any differences concerning performance between these two?
Thanks and kind regards
Paul Simon

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