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Thanks  for response. I think i understood.

Right now  i am downloading map which i bought today( 08 Krkonose...).  Few moments ago it was a problem with downloading and sudenly Smartmaps stops .

But i check what is going on in Smartmaps/maps folder and i saw few mpx files (one ca. 190 mb, second -ca 90mb and my Krkonose map only ca 220 mb -should be 550 mb -but ok it was downlading error) I copy this 2 map into Locus/map and  it works , Locus read these maps-that is what i was looking for).

Now waiting till 550 mb will be completed to check if 08 Karkonose  works in Locus.

I bought a map for Locus ( i hope)  this one : SmartMaps Locator: TM25 - 08 - Giant Mountains, Czech Paradise, Giant Mountains 1:25 000-- version ''Android for Locus''. ( online-downloads)

I wrongly hoped that they ( Smartmaps) give me a link to download this map ( in squlite format) then i will copy this to Locus /maps and over.

But now i dont understand what shoould i do. I received few confirmation emails ( one with code for this map i think) but they wrote all in Czech LANGUAGE.

Maybe i should download this app Smartmaps , then registered , then download maps ( i don't see possibility in this aplication) and then?????

What should i do to have this maps in Locus. ( is it impossible to download this map on pc ?)

Troubles & Questions / Graph(Chart) problems
« on: March 10, 2013, 12:13:20 »
I think graph ( chart) options doesn't work properly.

I am trying to ,,tap'' a key  see image belov but no response. ( Just wanted to make chart little wider)

Trying on   track created manualy ( point ,by point) and created by internet calculation, during trip or at home without GPS fix - this ''key'' doesn't work on my phone.

Of course I like this ,,super window'' with route informations  see picture 2 - like ascent descent distance etc . very much.
It would be fine to see route  chart-graph  also directly after single ''TAP''.
Maybe function like ,,Route Graph '' or ''Track Graph''  ,i dont know.

Easier ( faster ) to operate map,graph, map,graph.....
 Useful  for ex. during cycling.

Now i can do it with 3 ,,TAPS''

choose route

 then   go from left ( INFORMATION) to right graph

and we have graph

Information / Re: Offline Navigation Tutorial !!
« on: February 11, 2013, 09:38:25 »
I have this TICK removed . When i have a ''Track'' on map i can see like this  photo


But when all tracks are closed , when i Tap a display i get only attitude.  

And wanted to see not only attitude but also distance to the ,,Point'' which is not compared with a track. ( Just a point on the map )

Like this screen below. All track are closed, i tap a screen and see attitude of taped point and distance to this point( from actual  GPS position or from where cursor is placed in case NO GPS -FIX)

Information / Re: Offline Navigation Tutorial !!
« on: February 10, 2013, 18:37:12 »
Quote from: "tommi"
This final reconnect to internet shouldn't be necessary. Or does merge route require it?

I think it doesn't matter , but i want to be sure that internet is not working.
 I am living near Czech Republic and don't want to pay for internet abroad. Few years ago my brother downloaded ( he didn't know of course) some maps during navigation in Tenerifa ( 70 km) and the bill was something like 250 euro for this.

Quote from: "tommi"
Please differentiate: The navigation itself works without internet. Only for route calculation and recalculation (in case you didn't switch it off).

Yes i know i have turn off recalculation.

About my last problems  ( with points 2) it seems that it works now.

See screen

Nawiguj means -navigate .


Only what i have to read is topic about sound ( i downloaded sound ''Kasia''), but it is not important, ,,on road'' i use Igo 8 or Automapa. And OFFROAD i don't need any sound.

Last thing maybe  you can help me. If not i will place this on wishlist.

If i ,,tap''  display during trip  i get information about point ( attitude) see my screens - in that case 331m ( i have before downloaded about 1gb SRTM files-Europe and more) .
It would be nice to see not only attitude but also distance to this point. Maybe it is possible to have this using settings but i can not find

 I mean -not created point (i know it is possible) , just wanted to ,,Tap'' and see attitude and distance to some points.

It is very usefull  for ex. when you are  very tired ( to tired to created points)and wanted to see how long you have to climb.

I had this situation today during my 20 km long Ski Tour route. Last climb  from Czech Republik to Polish boarder near Labska Bouda was not so steep but i completelly didn't have energy. Today i used TwoNav becouse this was WinCe unit, i ''taped'' points near polish boarder and see distance 1,7 km and attitude 1406m. I  was sure that it is not far to ,,downhill''.

Information / Re: Offline Navigation Tutorial !!
« on: February 09, 2013, 20:16:26 »
Quote from: "tommi"
Seems you haven't got the category with navigation tracks.
In latest versions of Locus you have the choice to define your own categories for your tracks, select the category you used to store your navigation route.

Thanks for your response ''tommi''.

I have version 2.8.5 Locus, version pro.

Still i can not achieve that screen from your post ( point 2).

I go through seetings and tools but can not find anything that make this work. I don't know maybe i deleted something???

After read links you before send, I tried some tricks with navigation for ex. I know how to merge few routes( to make one from few routes).

Internet is working . I tap navigation , create start and end point ,then i have route with navigation,meanwhile i import attitudes OFFLINE from SRTM ( I have downloaded about all Europe) .
Then i stop navigation save route and create second route in this same method. Then another one...
Then i reconnect internet, merge route and have one big route with all details Charts, attitude etc. ( This what i want thinking about route ''via points'').

Off course navigation OFFLINE would be better ( for ex. becouse of cost roaming) but still this metod is probobly quicker then created Track points by points.

Themes - Dashboards & Custom screens / Re: [DASH] touristic cycling
« on: February 09, 2013, 16:48:40 »
Sorry , my english is rather week.
( Just look in dictionary).
Now i understand what you mean .( to delete for ex. km/h)

Themes - Dashboards & Custom screens / Re: [DASH] touristic cycling
« on: February 09, 2013, 16:12:02 »
Quote from: "gynta"
Some units are unimportant - BMP, str/min, km/h
of course you know your units - so why you must read it ?

Pulse ,Cadence and speed from wheel are not ,,unimportant''.
This is not a fortune that i made this fields bigger.
Becouse of this Ant+ technology  i bought Xperia Active and can see actual Heart Rate for ex in Locus.

About colours ( and fields dimensions) i don't know have to try outside during cycling but it is too cold.

I have a problem to work with ,,palette''. if change colour in one field then it is difficult to make the same colour in another one. If i made ,,COPY and Paste  STYLE'' then have to change Icons, size of letters.

Themes - Dashboards & Custom screens / Re: [DASH] touristic cycling
« on: February 08, 2013, 21:33:04 »
Some changes after playing with icons and colours.

Tuesday -Wensday ,,Gsc -10'' for cadence should arrive- i will try.
Right now heart monitor for holux working Ok with Locus.

Information / Re: Offline Navigation Tutorial !!
« on: February 08, 2013, 19:40:37 »
Quote from: "tommi"
1) Make the track visible on the map: Go to Locus menu->Data->Tracks: ... .47.05.png
2) Tap on "Navigation": ... .47.11.png

I don't know what i make wrong but  point 2 (Tap on Navigation)is  impossible to break for me. Maybe it's work only with Online maps ?

I can not see NAVIGATION options. I have something like this.

Anotoher more important question.

Is it posiible to create and calculate route ''VIA''. ?

What I  mean: Tap Navigate , create few points and destination place on the map, then  Locus (through internet )will  calculate the route.

Then I reconnect internet connection but still have a Route , can generate Atittude profile etc. ( Navigation turn by turn is not necesary). I have read that something like this is possible ( but without points ''VIA'').

Of course we can create a Route-Track in Locus  points by points ,step by step then we see distances,elevations....
 But it takes some time ( we have to ,,tap'' a lot of points) to have exactly Track.  

It is better (  we will safe some time ) to ,,Tap few Via points''   then generete (by Internet) route ,see what ahead ( distance ,elevation profile ,ascent,descent) then we can reconnect  internet but is it possible?

Themes - Dashboards & Custom screens / [DASH] touristic cycling
« on: February 05, 2013, 14:57:24 »
Just learning Locus. This is (attachement) one of my Dashboard. I will use when cycling something like this.
Still have to work on colours,sizes, icons etc. It's about touristic cycling , not to mislead with cycling training.I am not training just ride a bike.

Its look like

Wishlist / Re: Screen- map+fields
« on: February 05, 2013, 14:11:23 »
You mean- created by me file  ,,......Ib''.( for ex. cycling.Ib) ?
I don't have any zip files in Locus/Data/dashboard...

Wishlist / Re: Screen- map+fields
« on: February 05, 2013, 13:18:18 »
I don't know if i understand correctly -The source for

This is polish ca.3 years old map from Ekspress Map called ,,Sudety Zachodnie''.
 It covers Izerskie Mountains, Polish and Czech(part) Karkonosze   originally designed for Trekk Buddy. Then i conwerted it to OziExplorer  then used  in TwoNav. And Locus can read this rmap format -this is GREAT for me. I can see all my Topo Maps collection from Ozi and Two Navs here. The other important factor is that Locus can read ANT+ sensors which Two Nav doesn't .
Only I have to learn to make ,,order with Fields'' to have great cycling computer.

Wishlist / Re: Screen- map+fields
« on: February 05, 2013, 12:04:31 »
I managed to ,,make width work''.
Still of course not perfect but little progres. ( Yes it is work for ...long free days)
I have something like this right now
Used some icons from Locus shop.
Now waiting for ANT+ sensors  to test the screen in real world on  bicycle and Ski Touring)
(Maybe  to have ,,Battery remaining time'' field  would be fine)

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