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Wishlist / Re: Power in watt- ( algorytm and ANT)
« on: June 24, 2013, 13:09:04 »
Just note to my post from March about Power in Watt in Locus.

I see on SigmaSport that new ROX. 10.0 is comming this summer. As we can read  this computer can show POWER in Watt from power meter in ANT+ technology but also without it ;see what i emphasize on screen below.  

Tools / Re: [Function] Live Tracking Test Service
« on: June 24, 2013, 11:57:54 »

I wanted to try this ''Live Tracking''

please send me PM
nickname: 'locuscycling'


Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
« on: June 04, 2013, 13:20:43 »
Thanks, gynta - excellent !!!!
( I have already read your ''EDIT'' )

Now it is very easy .
The ,,point'' is -Name of the definition.
I didn't know this before and thought that we have to write the same ,,from'' , ''to'' ,,via'' every time we will create new route.

Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
« on: May 04, 2013, 21:50:11 »
Thanks ,,tommi'' , thanks ,,gynta'' for your video- it works .  
I can create a route OFFLINE now-SUPER.
What is more now i can create route where it was impossibe  to do it Online .
(I know probobly in another region it will be inversaly .)

But still i have some doubts.

If i created and saved  few points ,,from''  when entering BROUTER i get error like - multipe point from '' . So i have renemed all points from to from 1,2 ..or doesn't matter what name.( this same with ,,to'' points)
Then i tap a map to create quick point give icon and write name ,,from'' and save the point ( then the same with point ,,to'') .With points ,,via'' it is easier to understand  for me.

But on ''gynta'' video 0.06 sek he didn't write nothing , just tap icon .Maybe he didn't have to write ,,from'' becouse the name is included in icon? (This same with points ,,to'')

Every time i wanted created new route ( from another place) i have to deleted last points ,,from'' and created new one. Otherwise  route will be calculated from last point -named,, from'' ( points which was saved ).

Another question-about Right Panel on Video.
I see icon ,,video'' . Is it possible in Locus ?. I know is it possible to give ,,photo'' to right panel but ,,video'' ???

Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
« on: May 04, 2013, 19:26:15 »
I think somebody had a similar problem with Brouter installation on Xperia T
I have read  here http://!topic/osm-android-bikerouting/GC8nRv8vohI

This is a quote from Arnd ( I think a Boss of Brouter)
"No coordinate Source from a maptool found" heisst, er hat die Datei favorites.gpx im osmand Verzeichnis nicht gefunden.

Dass kann sein, auch wenn OsmAnd korrekt unter dem angegebenen Basisverzeichnis installiert ist, weil OsmAnd diese Datei wohl erst anlegt, wenn zum ersten Mal ein "Favorit" (=Wegpunkt, POI, ..) angelegt wurde.

Brouter braucht einen Start- und einen Zielpubkt, um einer Route ausrechnen zu können. Dafür sucht er in der Favoriten-Datenbank von OsmMand (oder "POI"-Datenbank in Locus, "Waypoint" in Oruxmaps") nach Favoriten mit den Namen "to" und "from". Die musst Du anlegen.

Maybe should i create folder POI  in Locus ? But where?

I have already downloaded POI for Poland then imported points ( something like 400000 points) , i can see these points on maps but still have the same error.

Navigation & Guidance / Re: AW: BRouter
« on: May 03, 2013, 20:46:33 »
Quote from: "jusc"
Do you have an external SD drive? Normally you have only to follow the proposed directory.
(Sory if i understand not corectly.)
I have Xperia Active with MicroSDHC 32GB put in. Locus and other apps like Oruxmaps, IPbike are  installed on this card.
Maybe i should write /sdcard instead of /mnt/sdcard ???

Quote from: "gynta"
use now a datamanager
you sholud have a brouter folder on your external sdcard.
copy your *.rd5 files to ../brouter/segments2/
copy your  *.dat files to ../brouter/profiles2/
copy lookups.dat to ../brouter/profiles2/
Yes i have brouter folder on my sdcard . I copied rd5 to brouter/segments2 and lookups.dat and all *.brf files  to brouter/profiles2

But still opening Brouter i see...

Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
« on: May 03, 2013, 19:57:37 »
Can you help me?
Don't understand this app. Readme TXT is unclear for me in one particular  moment.

I already downloaded routing data ( ca 4 gb) from here http://  and the profiles from  http://

Then i installed .At the end of installation  when trying to open this app i get window like this:

This is a start of my problems.

What path should i write here.( or maybe i should do  nothing) What means  ,, base dir''

Where should i copy all routing and profiles  files???  I tried few times .Once copy to brouter/profiles2  or brouter/segments2   or to locus/brouter/segments2  etc... but without succes.
I get something like this:

Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter
« on: May 03, 2013, 14:02:22 »
Thx ,,sherman''.

I don't need download all world ( all Europe is enough).

(About Locus ONLINE Route Calculation- I have the feeling that ,,Yours'' is the best at least in my Region. The calculation is quicker and ,,Yours'' se more roads (for ex mountains paths) then the other 2 .)

Navigation & Guidance / Re: AW: BRouter
« on: May 02, 2013, 20:49:51 »
Quote from: "jusc"
But you have to download all the "Offline" routing files.
I read about BROUTER and wanted to try this app with Locus.
But it is not so clear what to do.

I understand i have to download  all files from this page http:// and mayby all from http://

Is it possible to download entire folder or we have to download all  ( maybe 1000) *.rd5 files separatelly.?

I remember downloading SRTM Web Ripper was very helpful but here i see no solution. Manualy it will take 10 hours  to download all routing data.

Troubles & Questions / Ascent and Descent=0
« on: April 29, 2013, 19:28:01 »
I see some problems with altitude in last Locus Pero Version.

After recording trip- Ascent and Descent ( total uphill and total downhill) values in my Dashboard are always 0. see

Also =0 when i tap ,,INFO''about current trip  see

But track altitude seems to be correct. see

In Locus Free Beta version generally works OK but sometimes i have to ,,open'' and ,,close'' Gps  to have not 0 but normal values in Acscent and DeSCENT

Discussion/New features / Re: Altitude (from GPS) optimizations
« on: April 23, 2013, 21:50:14 »
Quote from: "tommi"
I only want to use SRTM for initial calibration .

I agree (if  i good understand).

You will start a course and want to have a possiility to set start altitude using SRTM ,,automatically'' ( not manualy -looking at maps ,touch a point to see altitude- and then adjust) ?

Discussion/New features / Re: Altitude (from GPS) optimizations
« on: April 23, 2013, 21:35:17 »
Quote from: "menion"
hello Tommi,
  I have two things to discuss :)

 SRTM data are good, but both knows that they're also not precise, mainly in hilly areas.

Few years ago i remember i tried Mountainbiking in the hilly forest  using Altitude not from GPS or barometer  but only from SRTM  ( one of the option in TwoNav)but after few minutes i stoped this, it was no sense. Altitude from Gps was much better.

But maybe it will be good to have in Locus possibility to correct Altitude  after finishing course.

I mean we finish a course, then save or export track and then correct Altitude using SRTM.
(It is possible for ex. in software like ''MyTourbook'' )

,,Momentary'' SRTM Altitude I don't know if it is a good Idea.

Maps / Merge maps in rmap format( from TwoNav)
« on: April 23, 2013, 19:57:05 »
Maybe somebody know a software where it is possible to merge few ,,rmaps'' ( format from TwoNav) into a single one ?

I know  it is possible in CompeGpsLand  but only in Full Version ( unfortunatelly my  30 days trial expired some time ago and Full version is too expensive i think ).

I tried convert with OziMapTrans  but it is a problem with calibration .I can get for ex. bmp or tiff file but without calibration file .( *.map or *.cal)

If i could get from RMAP -bmp or tiff + calibration file then it will be very easy but i see no possibility.
I tried also with software -,,Quovadis 6''  but this software can only save others map format into RMAP but can not  read rmaps. (This same  about MapC2mapC64)

Testing / Re: [APP-DEV] - version 2.10.2+
« on: April 22, 2013, 14:46:00 »
Quote from: "menion"
sounds good, thanks tramp!

@locuscycling & tommi ... I'm going to check filtering of slope value, if there is not any place for some improvements ...

For me ,,Your Slope Algorythm'' is  almost perfect for  cycling.

Today i tried little bit more hilly course with gradients sometimes 20%. I also have on my Handlebar Sigma ROX 9.1 and something like this
 Bike Mounti Inclinometer ( this is not my Photo)

Compared slope values  in Sigma and in Locus with these in Bike Mounti Inclinometer i can say that Locus is  even better ( quicker delay) then Sigma.
Maybe when speed is 0 we saw sometimes 256 % but this is completely no problem when we do cycling.
On road we get what we want. When SLOPE is 10 % we see in Locus 9,10 or 11 %  but not 3% and this is important.

Testing / Re: [APP-DEV] - version 2.10.2+
« on: April 08, 2013, 21:20:50 »
Few word about ''SLOPE''.
It works , few seconds delay like in all Cycling Computers but we get normal values.
I see problems for ex. when we stops , or speed is very low  doesn't matter it is flat or big hill .
Last weekend i made two Mountain  Ski trip and sometimes i get values like -Slope 252% see

I hope that Slope is mostly designed to Cyclist and that  in the future counting SLOPE Locus will use ( or it will be an option for Phones which support  ANT+) more exactly distances from wheel   , like most cycling computers- not from Gps . This same we will not see values like -265%

Driving a car from a stable hill ( 5,6%) for few km. Locus show good Slope Values .   Today i also tried little bit cycling and Slope was of course not perfect but quite Ok  and this is very good, THX.

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