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Quick created Dashboard and it looks like it is working.


I saw ,,my track'' on Garmin Connect . I think temp   values from ''Tempe''  were sensible,

so version has this fixed,.

Thanks a lot. Now it is working very well.

Maybe this should be in  topic about BROUTER.
( Still i don't understand  what to select in this 3 screens. )

But i see that depends of what we choose here
we can get 3 ( maybe more)  different routes
 for ex.
a) auto-
b) bicycle-

 This is of course not so important becouse we can created points manually( in case routing is wrong ) and have what we want.

Where can i see temperature from ANT ( Tempe) ?. Sometimes it is quite usefull information.

I know it is possible here
but it would be much better to have this in Dashboard ( in Sensors i dont see Tempe right now)  or in Information Panel ( maybe instead of battery temperature)

I don't know what i make wrong but in my Locus ,Brouter with the new  is not working corectly.
When i try to create a route i see

instead of or  what was in

I mean- maybe Brouter calculate a route but this calculated route is not on the map.

Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter Version 0.9.4 +
« on: October 06, 2013, 12:59:58 »
Thanks a lot ''menion'' i understood , now  it works very well !!!
 I think it is what we all are waiting for .

Tommi all you need to do is

1.Open Brouter ( like Locus, IGO , or another app)
2.Select for ex. fastbike
3. Deleted all via ( maybe unnesessary)
4. Then in few moments you will see this screen:

5.Just select as menion wrote ,,Server-Mode''. This is ''the point''
6.You can open Locus and created a route.
( Of course you dont need WIFI or Internet Transfer, this is completelly OFFLINE)

Navigation & Guidance / Re: BRouter Version 0.9.4 +
« on: October 06, 2013, 11:12:37 »
so what about this guys? ;)
I think it is excellent Idea but is it working ??
I tried with new Beta but see screeen like this:

(Doesn't matter Wifi / Internet Transfer ON or OFF)

In seetings i have changed from CloudeMaps to Brouter

Troubles & Questions / Dashboard :Ascent and Descent - values to high
« on: September 28, 2013, 17:17:37 »
Last few days i noticed  on my Locus (with Beta ) some problems with incline values ( %).Ascent and Descent values are surely to high .

For ex.  my last track see enclose . When i read this gpx in Endmondo i see total ascent 1102 . But on my dashboard i saw something like 1900

I especially controlled one nearly flat segment ( ca 7 km)  but according to Locus dashboard i made ca 150 uphill meters.

Now values in inclination  especially  on  flat are unpredictable.Sometimes  this measurament jumped from -10 till +15  ( Yesterday i saw +70 % on maybe 5% hill)

I dont know if there where some changes in software regarding Altitude Calculation .Now the weather  is not stabile , pressure is very chengable but i havent seen something like this for a long period. 

Quote from: menion
EDIT: locuscycling, you have to export GPX file in version 1.1, to get sensor values. Anyway you'll probably see only HRM values, not others (bug, fixed)

I don't know what i make wrong but still some problems.

After recording a trip i press Stop and track is saved and exported but then when i read this track with Endomondo i see no Heart Rate.
But i can manualy exported this track, in this case Endomondo see Heart rate.

Sorry i know what i made wrong .Settings/...automatic i have still gpx 1.0 .

Lttle problem with ,, pause '' and ,,Ascent''

We have made mountain bike trip today ca 100 km . In my Dashboard i have Ascent and Descent but i controlled only ascent.
I was looking at this field from time to time and  remember it was 2000m then  i 2100 then i saw 2159 m uphill .
 Then in Mala Upa i have to change Battery.
Like always I pressed Pause closed my phone and  change battery.
But when i opened Locus again i saw only something like  2029 m uphill.

Finaly today i installed new version of Locus from Google Play ( + new Ant )  but still some problems with ANT+.

 Connecting with ANT every time i started Locus again i see this windows

especially regardind GSC 10- speed cadence sensor- every time i have to write name ( even i have selected ''save'') i tried also with ''default'' but always the same.
With HRM i don't see this problems

But this is not a  big problem, i see correct values like on screen

The problem is i don't see ,,Cadence'' and Actual Speed ( from ANT)  on my Dashboard

Always have ,,0''   ( of course i am pedaling)

( I tried to change items in Dashboard always teh same no Cadence and Speed from ANT.)

No Problem with Heart rate as shows this picture above.

Edit : There is no sign of Heart Rate and Cadence  in Recorded track  ( see enclose my wife todays trip)

Ok,Thanks for your link.

Quote from: "menion"
- final integration of new ANT+ library (needs ANT Radio Service 4.1)
- added support for ANT+ temperature

I saw your text about Locus 2.14...
Just one question becouse i am not sure  i should download new ANT Radio Service 4.1( I am still working with old Locus and old ANT Radio becouse Ant problems)

It will works without problems ( cadence,heartrate ) with new Locus version  ?

Troubles & Questions / Locus wanted to finish action
« on: July 09, 2013, 18:07:22 »
This is a second time when i get the same annoying screen after few hours of cycling

My screen was locked .I looked at screen but did nothing , i get this ''stupid'' screen.
 I don't know if it is becouse of Locus  or becouse of Android . I closed this screen but after few second i get the new one , and the new one....
So i found no solution and Turn Off my mobile.

It is interesting that in recorded track( see enclose) it is a little  ''whole''  in both track. See km ca.77 in track from Sunday 7 July and km ca. 57 in track from today . It is exactly when this screen started to appear.

( I dont know how it is in a new Version , still i am using older  one becouse of Ant + Problems. I have always Turned Off internet Transmission)

Wishlist / Re: Power in watt- ( algorytm and ANT)
« on: June 25, 2013, 11:31:13 »
Quote from: "sherman"

But in my opinion it is not worth implementing as any other method then direct power measuring is very inaccurate unless the conditions are ideal (no wind, the same surface, still position on the bike...)


Of course  innacurate on flat becouse of  what you wrote :wind.,surface... but not so bad when we climb mountain( this is important for me).
Since a year I have also ''old' 'Sigma Rox 9.1  with Power Measurament without ANT+( just alghorytm) and it is very fine option in my opinion. For touristic cycling ( with a little sport bent) good enough. For ex.  You  climbed 10 km hill with avarage 150 watt, then after few week you try the same hill and you see  avarage 200 watt .Clear it is a ,,progress''.  

(I dont like IPBIKE becouse of ,, Maps'' and all navigation function. Locus is years a head in this topic).

Wishlist / Re: Power in watt- ( algorytm and ANT)
« on: June 25, 2013, 08:52:31 »
I will not forget to remind for sure.

( Right now still i am  using old  2.12.0 version and all works OK .
Fortunatelly i  have switch off automatic apps update in my phone. Some times ago I have read about problems with new Ant+ , hope that it will be fixed soon. I am waiting becouse I dont know if is it possible to go back from new Locus version to the older one  and Ant+ is one of most important options for me )

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