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Maps / Merge maps in rmap format( from TwoNav)
« on: April 23, 2013, 19:57:05 »
Maybe somebody know a software where it is possible to merge few ,,rmaps'' ( format from TwoNav) into a single one ?

I know  it is possible in CompeGpsLand  but only in Full Version ( unfortunatelly my  30 days trial expired some time ago and Full version is too expensive i think ).

I tried convert with OziMapTrans  but it is a problem with calibration .I can get for ex. bmp or tiff file but without calibration file .( *.map or *.cal)

If i could get from RMAP -bmp or tiff + calibration file then it will be very easy but i see no possibility.
I tried also with software -,,Quovadis 6''  but this software can only save others map format into RMAP but can not  read rmaps. (This same  about MapC2mapC64)

Troubles & Questions / Track export problem
« on: March 30, 2013, 21:22:33 »
Some problems with track export.

When i did nothink just press OK after stop recording track. Then in folder ,,export'' i get -see enclose 1 ( no heart rate was recorded i dont know why)

Then i opened this same track in Locus end exported second  time ,change name and ...I get right file with heart rate   see enclose 2.

It was my mistake or Locus mistake???

( In one moment during recording after saving Photo Locus stops

Troubles & Questions / Altitude Autocalibration Barometer
« on: March 24, 2013, 21:21:12 »
I don't know i should write here in ,,Problems'' or in ''Wishlist''. It  is  not a  ''crucial thing''    but maybe some place for improwements in ''algorythm for Baromether autocalibration''.  

I tried several times and only once when the wheather  was ''super excellent'' the attitude   from GPS+autocalibration was ok ( see attachement  1)  in recordered track.But wheather like this we have on 1 for 100 days i think. (If wheather is excellent then pressure is  high and this same attitude lower.)

Otherwise it is always about 40-50 meters to high. Even today, when the wheather ( near Turnov) was also good it was still +30-50 m to high.( see attachement 2)

I also recordered today this same route with TwoNav on  WinCe Gps Unit  ( without Autocalibration ) -screen

 Higher track is recorded by Locus with autocalibration , lower one Track from TwoNav.
Then i compared some points ( for example POLANA JAKUSZYCKA 886 M) with SRTM  and:  Locus shows as i wrote before little 30-40 m to high attitude and Two Nav little to low ---Maybe some compromise

( Sorry i use Xperia Active with built in Baromether)

Wishlist / Power in watt- ( algorytm and ANT)
« on: March 19, 2013, 16:27:05 »
We( cycling enthusiast ) have in Locus : heart rate, cadence.
I think it will be fine to have also POWER in Watt .

 There are 2 ways ( or maybe  more)  to ,,calculate'' this.

1.First -simply by ANT technology. It is the best ( most exactly ) method but also most expensive. Thinking about myself i will never pay 1000 euro for this technology.
2. Second-based on algorytm calculation

I am using this one  http://
with my cycling computer. And i am  pleased with it .

But it is possible to have others algorythm   like simple

Maybe the most interesting one will be

( ,,Similar'' to like Garmin GSC10 which counts Speed and Cadence , this Cycleops heart belt measured Heart rate and ....Power)

I know ,many say: when it goes to power calculation only SRM but for turistic cycling  ( for ex. to see how many watts can i produce on long climb) it is well enough.

Troubles & Questions / SRTM- no attitude in some points
« on: March 14, 2013, 19:42:01 »
What is the best  - ,,landform'' for Locus.

I am using SRTM files with extension hgt ( this same as for Ozi Explorer). I don't know- my problem is becouse  :
a),, SRTM '' are not full ???
b),, It is a problem with Locus ???

What i mean. It is going about ,,DYNAMICAL ATTITUDE''. All screens are from Pic du Midi di Biggore region-Pyrenees. ( but in Alps i saw the same problem)

When i tap a screen normally i see attitude like this or

But sometimes i see ,,0'' like this
The text at the botton (in polish) means ,, For one point it is impossible to corectly calculate attiude''

Normally we doesn't care about this but... when we want to calculate ( or create) route and see Chart, descent and ascent of created route  it can be a little problem.

See this Chart ( with holes) of calculated ( by internet) route
and what's more INFORMATION details see

Total ascent 15000 m.....???? It is a long climb (This is climb to Midi di Biggore  ( Col de Tourmalet is on the road)),  but of course ascent will be less then 2000m not 15000 it is impossible.
The additional  13000m is becouse of points of the road where Locus ( or SRTM) could not calculate attitude ( 53 points)

( For 53 points it was impossible to corectly calculate attitude)

I tried to see the same map in TwoNav with Europa DEM and in this same part of the map i always get ,,normal'' attitude ( no 0) like this

I dont know where is the problem?


I bought a map for Locus ( i hope)  this one : SmartMaps Locator: TM25 - 08 - Giant Mountains, Czech Paradise, Giant Mountains 1:25 000-- version ''Android for Locus''. ( online-downloads)

I wrongly hoped that they ( Smartmaps) give me a link to download this map ( in squlite format) then i will copy this to Locus /maps and over.

But now i dont understand what shoould i do. I received few confirmation emails ( one with code for this map i think) but they wrote all in Czech LANGUAGE.

Maybe i should download this app Smartmaps , then registered , then download maps ( i don't see possibility in this aplication) and then?????

What should i do to have this maps in Locus. ( is it impossible to download this map on pc ?)

Troubles & Questions / Graph(Chart) problems
« on: March 10, 2013, 12:13:20 »
I think graph ( chart) options doesn't work properly.

I am trying to ,,tap'' a key  see image belov but no response. ( Just wanted to make chart little wider)

Trying on   track created manualy ( point ,by point) and created by internet calculation, during trip or at home without GPS fix - this ''key'' doesn't work on my phone.

Of course I like this ,,super window'' with route informations  see picture 2 - like ascent descent distance etc . very much.
It would be fine to see route  chart-graph  also directly after single ''TAP''.
Maybe function like ,,Route Graph '' or ''Track Graph''  ,i dont know.

Easier ( faster ) to operate map,graph, map,graph.....
 Useful  for ex. during cycling.

Now i can do it with 3 ,,TAPS''

choose route

 then   go from left ( INFORMATION) to right graph

and we have graph

Themes - Dashboards & Custom screens / [DASH] touristic cycling
« on: February 05, 2013, 14:57:24 »
Just learning Locus. This is (attachement) one of my Dashboard. I will use when cycling something like this.
Still have to work on colours,sizes, icons etc. It's about touristic cycling , not to mislead with cycling training.I am not training just ride a bike.

Its look like

Wishlist / Screen- map+fields
« on: January 26, 2013, 14:11:45 »
Few question:
1.Is it possible in Locus to see in LOCUS on map screen filelds like : heart rate, cadence,attitude ( form Gps or Barometer),total ascent,gradient (in%),speed ,distance made .( My Idea Map +minimum 8 fields like in IBIKE
2.Is it possible to see elevation profile of planned TRACK  and details about ascent and descent .
(For.ex we open a track and want to see elevation distance and how many meters we have to climb )

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