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Maps / Re: New vector maps for Locus - feedback
December 20, 2014, 21:53:15
Am I the only one who is experiencing super slow loading times with the latest map of Germany from the locus store? All other vector maps (freizeitkarte, open andro maps) work fine and load a lot faster. I am using the same theme (locus hiking theme).
Now I am a bit confused. When using the new map no POIs are being loaded automatically with the hike theme selected. Can I / do I have to configure somewhere, which POIs I want to have displayed automatically? I am assuming that it should work "out of the box", so without having to rename the map or database? I am,of course, using the map i downloaded from the locus store.
Any idea on the slow map loading speed? Even on zoom level 12 it takes 5-10 seconds to load the map, where my old maps load almost instantly.

Sorry, I was trying the map in low zoom levels, that´s why no POIs where being displayed. The other question remains - can I configure which POIs I want to see or do I have to edit the theme (in an editor)?
So if I download the map again in Locus Pro I can download the additional data after the download has finished, right? The additional data is the height data and mapshade data (isn´t that within the same .hgt file anyway)? If that´s all there is then I wouldn´t need it, as I have already downloaded all .hgt files for Germany a while ago.

Is a feature planned to allow us to select POIs from different categories?

So do i understand this correctly - POIs are loaded for the current screen (around map center)? And it´s always the closest ~ 100 or how does it work? Because I always get 98 - 100 Pois displayed, regardless of which zoom level i use.
And all POIs are being displayed until i "delete" them from within the POI screen....? So I can´t just delete/hide the last POIs? As an example - I choose hotels, then campsites and then toilets. Now I only want to see the toilets - I have to hide all and then select toilets again - or did I misunderstand something here?
Is it possible to somehow see when a POI was added to the database, or when it was last updated? Like that one could spot a possibly outdated entry.
On example: I went to Madrid not long ago and used Google Maps to look for a restaurant, but the first two I went to didn´t exist anymore. In that case it would have been helpful to see that the entry was very old.

About map loading speed - when using the locus store map it took 25 seconds to display the map on screen (whole screen) on zoomlevel 9. Using the Andromap it took 5 seconds to display the whole screen (exactly the same area).
Hi, I have just downloaded a new vector map from the locus store to be able to try the POI feature.
I used the Locus free to download the map (I always wait for the first bugfixes before upgrading my Locus Pro). After downloading the map I was asked whether I´d like to download the height information and map shading, but after pressing ok I was told that I needed the Pro version for this and couldn´t download the extra data.
I changed into Pro but wasn´t asked again. Can I somehow get back to that dialog to download the extra data in Locus pro without having to download the 1,5GB Map again?
And a few questions about the POI feature itself:
Can I somehow select POIs from different categories to be shown on the map?
Are the POIs always loaded around the map center? Or can I somehow choose (e.g. map center, GPS location, certain point on map)?
How can I set the amount of POIs I want to have displayed? It seems to autoselect about 100 POIs to be shown.
Can I choose the distance (e.g. show all POIs in a 10km radius)?
It also takes quite a while to load the list of POIs once you open a category, although it seems to be a lot faster than it was when I last tried the feature in some old Beta.

Don´t get me wrong, I love the new feature and am looking forward to trying it in the field :-)

Another thing I would like to mention is that the loading speed of the latest map (Germany complete) from the locus store is extremely slow. Zoom level 8 took almost a minute to load. Also higher zoom levels (9,10,11) took forever to load. I tried 2 other maps (freizeitkarte and Germany map from andromaps, both for the whole of Germany as well) and loading speed is normal. In all three cases I used the locus hiking theme).
If this does not change - can I somehow use the POI database with another map? Maybe by renaming the map file?

So there is no way at the moment to just download the database as a standalone file?
As i mentioned before, i don´t use the locus vector maps, but the freizeitkarte or andromaps maps.
I don´t mind paying for the POI database, but I don´t see why I need to download maps for several countries just to get the POI databases...?
I´ve got a question regarding the new POI feature.
I used it ages ago in some old beta version and remember having to download the POI database. I installed the latest version but I can´t download the database anywhere. Or is that information now included in the vector maps? Do I have to download a new map from the locus store?
I usually use the andromaps map and the POI list is empty.
Quote from: menion on November 28, 2014, 13:16:25
hmm you still use device with 2.x Android? Probably not. What device do you use? And please, if you disable GPS in Locus, how many smileys you see? Thanks
I just wanted to post a screenshot, but balloni beat me to it.
It looks similar on my device, but with deactivated GPS the last smiley is also small (also not as small as the last one with activated gps - that one is tiny).
I´d personally prefer to also see 5 last logs even with activated GPS, I wouldn´t mind if the smiley were half only half as big as now to make them fit.
Is the show / hide (from a cache-popup) supposed to hide the cache itself or should it show the waypoints?
P.s. I have finally upgraded to a custom Rom and am now on Android 4.4 :-) So no more Andoid 2.x related issues.
Quote from: balloni55 on November 27, 2014, 19:21:48
QuoteShowing the last few logs in the popup is very useful - thanks!
+1 from me ;)
perhaps the size of the smielys a little bit smaler 8) :D :)
How many smilies do you see? I have 3 big ones and one tiny one at the end - looks a bit strange, maybe a bug.
Showing the last few logs in the popup is very useful - thanks!
But the show / hide button hides the cache itself - i thought it was supposed to show the cache waypoints?
And how about adding "log cache" to the popup menu? I know you don't want too much in that menu, but the log button would be useful.
And Menion has done it again - he has made his awesome app even better. I have just had a quick look at the new version and the popups are awesome - important information at one click and quick access to guide to point and hints!
Thanks a lot!
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Locus Fieldnotes Problem
October 06, 2014, 22:45:54
Quote from: eldron on September 08, 2014, 13:01:09
I have a problem with the new addon though - if i want to edit a log by clicking on it, i only get a little message saying "Problem with loading log".
Just wanted to see if there is any development on this front, as it´s still not working.
When i open the logs through locus pro i can´t edit them, it only works when i open them through locus free...?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus on Kindle Fire?
October 01, 2014, 09:08:02
Be aware that, as far as i know, not all versions of the kindle fire have GPS.
What does the new "Load Track" button in the track list do?
It marks the tracks as visible, but that´s what the eye is for, isn´t it? so is it just another way to show the tracks on the map or does it have a different function?
The new track overview is a nice idea, you have some important information at a glance. But I am not sure if the question mark is a good choice when no map is shown.
Locus also crashed once, whilst i was playing around with the tracks and track overview. I think i marked some tracks and hit "load tracks" when it crashed, but i am not sure and so far it hasn´t happened again.
any information on how the autozoom works? Does it only depend on speed or are there any other factors?
So how does the new autozoom system work? As it's not possible to configure anything, what are the changes made to it?
As mentioned in getsatisfaction it would make sense to automatically zoom in when close to a waypoint, cache or poi, is that what was changed?