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Troubles & Questions / Re: Track Description Bug
January 14, 2013, 14:01:13
Thanks once again for your amazing support!
Wishlist / Re: Center Map on finger tap
January 11, 2013, 10:42:58
Hi menion,
I never had the problem of not hitting the button and thereby accidently moving the map to a differnt place, but i see your point. Maybe it´s possible to just add it as an option that can be switched off? Or having to use double tap to activate it? As i said before, i think it makes placing a waypoint much easier and is a great way of instantly checking the distance to a certain point by just tapping on it.
Wishlist / Re: Center Map on finger tap
January 11, 2013, 08:58:25
Hi tommi,
I am already using the google control style, but a single tap on the map does not do anything. I would like a single (or double tap) to center the map onto the point where i tapped, instead of having to swipe the map until the desired point is in the center.
Currently a double tap with the google control style zooms in.
Wishlist / Center Map on finger tap
January 10, 2013, 18:52:40
Hi menion,
there is currently only one function that i am missing in locus:
I used to use a different map app before and loved the fact that i could click anywhere to center the map on that point. I find that a lot more practical when i want to center the map on a specific point (e.g. to place a Waypoint there or just to see the distance to that point). So i was wondering if you could maybe create an option to center the map on where you tap (or double tap)?
I am sure I wouldn´t be the only one to find this practical.
Troubles & Questions / Track Description Bug
January 10, 2013, 18:42:26
I just updated to the latest version and was happy to see that some recommendations that i was going to make were already implemented. Some of them concerning the Track feature. It seems that now the name of the track is being saved correctly, but there is still an issue with the decription.
When u enter a description whilst saving the track for the first time, the description does not turn up when opening the track.
If you then edit the track and enter a description it stays.
Free chat / Re: Changelog
January 10, 2013, 11:16:08
Thanks for the quick reply,
any chance to get the changelog back on the website to be able to read the changelog before Updating and to have a better overview over added features? This obivously doesn´t have a high priority, but i guess it wouldn´t be much work, as you write the changelogs anyway to post them in the appstore and inside the app.
Once again i´d like to thank you for providing such a great app with constant development and a lightning quick support - a lot of big software companies could learn from you!
Free chat / Changelog
January 10, 2013, 09:19:00
I wasn´t sure where to post this, so i put it here.
It might just be me, but i like reading changelogs to see what has changed before Updating to a new Version, to see which features were added, which bugs were fixed and so on.
In the Appstore I can only get the changelog for the last version, but as this great app gets very regular Updates it can easily happen that i missed out on several Updates before installing the latest version.
There used to be a changelog post under Features / News, but that stops at Version 2.5.5. (August 2012)
Am I being blind and there is an up-to-date changelog somewhere else?
If not it would be great if the changelog could be updated.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cannot import gpx files
October 27, 2012, 13:58:08
Thanks for your amazingly fast support. I have just downloaded 2.7.1. and everything is working fine now!
I must have downloaded the old version maybe an hour before the update came out...
Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!
Troubles & Questions / Re: Cannot import gpx files
October 27, 2012, 11:47:17
I am afraid i have to disappoint you there - i am already using Version (locus free at the moment), as i tried it again this morning, after 3 hours of trial and error yesterday. So it looks like the issue is still present in the new version.
I must say i am impressed at the speed of your response!
If i can help u by supplying a crash dump or more information, please let me know.
Is it possible to somehow get hold of an older version of your app to verify that the new version is the problem?
Troubles & Questions / Cannot import gpx files
October 27, 2012, 11:32:05
i have just bought myself my first android phone and one of the main reasons was that i want to use it for geocaching. I have used locus on a friends phone before and fell in love with it.
So the first thing i did was to install locus.
Everything seemed to be working just fine, until i tried to import my first caches.
It said "bearbeiten..." (i am using the german version) for a while and then i got an error message saying "Sorry! Anwendung Locus Free (Prozess wurde unerwartet angehalten. Versuchen Sie es erneut). The App then crashes and when i start it again there are no caches on the map.
I have since tried to find the problem and this is what i have done so far:
Deleted App Data
Reinstalled App
Deleted "locus" folder on my SD card
Tried Locus Pro and Locus Free
I even reset my phone to factory settings and did nothing apart from installing locus
I have tried several gpx files (single cache, track record from a different device, pocketquery)
I have also tried importing through Geocaching4Locus and via the geocaching live addon.
Whatever i do i always run into the same problem and i am now running out of ideas.
Maybe someone here can help me?
I was using the latest version of locus (downloaded today from the app store) on a Galaxy ace 2 (i8160) running with stock rom android 2.3.6.
If you need any more information, please let me know.