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Will check out the new version later, but please correct the second sentence of the description:
long time no see, but don't worry. For a long six weeks, we hardly worked for a new, highly improved version of Locus.
"We hardly worked" means we didn´t work much.
And i guess that´s not what you meant ;-) The correct word order would be "we worked hard"
@ gynta
Do you ever sleep?
Thanks for your answer, so the point info bug is already fixed :-)
So that´s how you remove the lines/circles! Thanks again. Never thought of Locus as a photoshop substitute... but now that you´ve mentioned it, maybe we should start a little Locus drawing competition?
But seriously - the line can be a useful tool to measure the distance between two points. For that it would be handy though to check the lenght of the line without having to draw it again.
Not very important though - I was just wondering whether it´s possible to get back to that info screen or not.

@ Menion
When I open a track and click on the "Point info" button (the neddle with an "i" in the left menu), Locus says "working" (Bearbeitung läuft) and then crashes.This bug is reproducable, so let me know if you need a log.
I also had a problem with closing the geocaching tools screen. When pressing the back button the screen turned white. I had to press back again for the screen to close. I think that problem was described earlier in this thread for the Track record screen. Doesn´t happen every time though.

And one question:
I drew some lines and circles today, but found no way to delete them, other than restarting the app...? Is there any way to delete them? And I also can´t click on them, so how do I get infos about them? Whilst I create the line locus tells me how long it is, but once I have created it I can´t get back to that info screen anymore - or at least I couldn´t find out how to.
Have you tried a hillshade overlay map (as Jusc recommended)? That´s not a theme.
It´s a second map (that only displays the hillshading) and that is put on top of a normal, "flat" map to create the hillshades.
You can find it under "More"->"Map Overlay". Then you select the map (Online Maps->Overlays->Hike&Bike Hillshade) And choose your level of transparency. If you want to use it offline you can download the OSM Hillshading(OSM-Layers->Hikebikemap Hillshade), but i can´t remember if i had to manually add that map to the list or if it´s a standard map...
Your screenshot looks more like there is no shading at all. Could you please tell us which map you were using when taking those first screenshots? And is it a vector or a tile map?
Tried a different browser and that did the trick.for some reason the file downloaded by the stock browser was called unlock-store.bin (both times).with firefox it worked straight away.
Thanks gynta
Wanted to have a look at the new locus store, but I only get the message not preparation.
I downloaded the unlock file and put it into the locus folder, restarted locus, but still no I doing anything wrong? The unlock file has 0 kb, maybe that's the problem? I downloaded it twice, directly onto my phone.
correct, same problem in Data screen.
I can confirm the missing menu in the map screen. I am also on android 2.3.6. Never even knew there was a menu there ;-)
It works in Locus pro but not in Locus Free. Doesn´t work in any of the tabs (Online, Vector, personal, WMS).
I think the choice between side panel and bottom panel for track recording is a good solution for now.
You can actually have both at the same time now - i activated the bottom panel, changed back to side panel and the bottom panel stayed. By clicking on the track record button in the right bar the side panel opened  ;)
Like Robin i miss the always log offline option, but i can live with the extra click (now that i have my "log cache" button back at the bottom ;-)
What is meant with this:
-added working version of automatic GC Offlinizer (for now enabling in config.cfg)
Would that automatically offlinize (does that word even exist??) the caches after downloading them?
Quote from: balloni55 on May 22, 2014, 09:00:10
3. Is it possible, if top or bottom field is not used for a "chart" to display item name and value one behind the other? In my example i see "Speed" in bottomfield, but not the value :( there is enough space ;)
You should be able to scroll down to see the rest of the "speed" field.
But i do agree that scrolling down shouldn´t be necessary, as the value could be displayed next to the text.
Quote from: gynta on May 21, 2014, 17:32:43
Nein, der Neue hat sogar um 4280px weniger :)
Also nur noch rund 44% der Fläche.

Ups, da hätte ich wohl vor dem Post erstmal nachdenken sollen.... Ist einfach zu heiss heute ;-)
Gynta ist einfach zu schnell....
ok, ich gebe mich geschlagen. Und danke fürs nachmessen - jetzt wissen wir zumindest, dass der alte Button 40 pixel größer war ;-)
Quote from: jusc on May 21, 2014, 14:48:08
Menion sollte eine Lösung schaffen, die den grünen Button nur zeigt, wenn man es eingestellt hat und vielleicht ein Dashboard bei Auslieferung von Locus für neue User anbieten.
Da kann ich dir nur voll zustimmen. Ich hätte den Knopf zwar gern, kann aber auch die Gegenstimmen gut verstehen.
Vielleicht solltest du dies als Anregung dann nochmal in dem englischen Hauptthread posten, auch die Idee mit dem Dashboard. In der neuen release Version sollte vielleicht auch auf die geänderte funktionsweise und eventuell auf das Dashboard hingewiesen werden - es liest ja nur ein Bruchteil der User hier im Forum mit. Ich denke/befürchte, dass die wenigsten Locus User überhaupt von den Dashboards wissen.