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Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Locus Fieldnotes Problem
September 10, 2014, 19:41:55
Just let me know if you need any further information on this problem if that helps to solve it.
The new track screen looks great! Now you have it all in one screen, nicely seperated into tabs and it´s a lot easier to edit.
It also unifies and simplifies the design - neat!
Just one little "problem" - when swiping to change the tabs instead of clicking on the tabs you get stuck in the diagram, as swiping there does not change tabs but changes your position on the diagram.
I also have a question about the new autozoom: It says "based on values below and current speed", but I can´t see any values below the autozoom button - are they not implemented yet or is it - once again - just me who can´t see them because of my old android version?
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Locus Fieldnotes Problem
September 08, 2014, 21:15:11
As Menion mentioned, i do have both, locus pro and free installed.
So i tried to edit the fieldnote in locus free and it works there. It looks like both apps are using the same database, as the content was the same.
I hope this helps to solve the problem.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Locus Fieldnotes Problem
September 08, 2014, 19:32:46
@ Jarda
i have just sent you the required database file. But i don´t think that a corrupted database is what is causing this problem.
After you posted the path to the database file, i closed locus, deleted the database and logged a new cache as found to create a new database. But the problem is still the same, even in the new database.
I actually sent you two files, the old and the new database.
Ein GPS Ausfall ist bei blockiertem Himmel (z.B. Schluchten) nichts ungewöhnliches. Man darf ja auch nicht vergessen, dass es sich doch um ein Handy und kein Profi GPS Gerät handelt. Ich benutze mein Handy viel zum wandern und cachen und habe nur sehr selten Probleme mit dem Empfang. Aber sobald ich in einer Stadt mit hohen Häusern auf beiden Seiten unterwegs bin wird der Empfang sehr schlecht...
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: Locus Fieldnotes Problem
September 08, 2014, 16:07:09
just supported your request on getsatisfaction

Any idea why i get that error message when clicking on the log to edit it? Does editing work for everyone else?

Add-ons & Co-apps / Locus Fieldnotes Problem
September 08, 2014, 13:01:09
I have just installed the latest Locus version and also the latest version of the fieldnotes addon.
I have a problem with the new addon though - if i want to edit a log by clicking on it, i only get a little message saying "Problem with loading log".
Uploading the fieldnote and also logging the visit works though.
I deleted the whole list and tried again, but the problem is still the same.
Other than that the addon seems to work well, but i don´t find the 3 buttons at the top very intuitive. It also took a minute until i understood what "select the old days" in the settings was supposed to mean.
And is there an option to automatically delete the fieldnotes after uploading them, like there was before the addon? I couldn´t find anything.
wenn alle Dörfer und Städte angezeigt werden, wird das aber auch arg unübersichlich oder wie hast du das geregelt?
Vielleicht könntest du dein Theme mal hochladen?
Konntest du denn auch das Problem lösen, dass Städtenamen bei manchen Zomstufen angezeigt werden und bei anderen nicht (auch wenn durchaus Platz da wäre um den Namen anzuzeigen).
Auch klappt es irgendwie bei keinem Theme so richtig, das die Namen großer Städte anständig hervorgehoben werden.
Ganz perfekt ist selbst Google maps nicht, neulich wollte ich was nachschauen und da hat Straßburg auf der Karte gefehlt...
Aber deutlich besser als die vektorkarten ist es trotzdem. Ich verstehe zwar, dass es grundsätzlich schwer ist, die Anzeige bei vektorkarten zu optimieren, aber wenn Ortsnamen nicht richtig angezeigt werden macht das eine Orientierung manchmal extrem schwer, was die Karten, je nach Einsatzzweck, nutzlos macht.
@gynta meine andromaps Karte ist ca 2 Monate alt, also nach dem Post von Christian, dass eine neue Generation von Karten verfügbar ist. Ob die mit den neuesten libs erstellt wurden weiß ich nicht...
Da für mich die anzeigeprobleme bei vektorkarten das größte Manko sind habe ich mir auch mal die cruiser app angeschaut, konnte aber keinerlei Verbesserung feststellen. Stuttgart wurde mal angezeigt und mal nicht und Karlsruhe fehlte auf diversen zoomstufen. Getestet habe ich mit der andromaps Deutschland Karte und dem osmarender theme sowie elevate und andromaps hike theme.
I can´t download the Fieldnotes Addon. Has it not been released yet?
Maybe next time you should publish a beta version first, when implementing such important changes, like that some of the issues and bad ratings on google play could have been prevented. ;-)
But i must say that i generally wait a few days before updating important apps to see whether anyone reports issues with the new version.
Just downloaded this version as an update for my locus free, thinking it was a new beta version.
When starting the app i was asked to choose the locus folder, but the only one i could choose was sdcard/locus, whereas my locus folder is sdcard/external_sd/locus. So now locus does not have any of my maps or settings. I tried the new option to choose the locus root folder and it offers me two folders: /sdcard and /mnt/sdcard/android/data/ - both are wrong though. there is also a warning that the folder (i am guessing that it only applies to the second choice) will be deleted when uninstalling locus.
Luckily it´s only the free version and i can still use my locus pro, but i am guessing that this might also apply to other users who would now be stuck with a locus version where they can´t choose the correct locus root folder.
I am guessing that this has to do with the Sd card issues with latest android version. But why wasn´t this a part of the latest beta instead of applying these changes in a release version?
I thought that´s what the beta testing was for - to avoid problems like this.
Just installed the latest test version to see what´s new. I can start the app and read the changes, but it crashes when downloading the new library. It loads for a little while, so i am guessing that it actually crashes when trying to install the library.
Maybe my old android version is - once again - the reason for this problem?
What´s the new library for?
Edit: Tried again after rebooting the phone - same problem.
Do you need a crash report?
Eine online Anleitung gibt es schon, aber leider bloß auf englisch.
Ist aber auch nicht immer auf den neusten Stand.