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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] OS Map
December 03, 2023, 15:24:23
With "Dynamic" I can get black and green dashes interfering but Explorer and Landranger are perfectly ok.
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] OS Map
December 03, 2023, 09:41:25
I didn't try hard enough with the switches and Lomaps 4. PROW is working fine. If mapped well enough that would be a big plus point for Lomaps. You have come up with a very good visualisation for the different PROWs.
Do you count designated=foot as a PROW? Should highway=bridleway be recognised as a PROW? Also designated=horse? Maybe not.
Re powerlines, I'm seeing what you're seeing. It's just aesthetic at higher zooms.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] OS Map
December 03, 2023, 00:19:53
I really think this is a remarkable achievement!
Some points:
- I can't get the ROW highlighting to show whatever I do. I'm using Locus classic and both Lomaps and OAM.
- The legend didn't appear within Locus until I had opened it outside the app first, then it worked. Android 13 strangeness, I think.
- Landranger Power lines seem a tad over-heavy when zoomed in.
Otherwise, very good!!
If it is of help to anyone else there appears to be one way of accessing Android data files that is still working, using a hidden Android files app that is inaccessible by default but can be opened via this app:
It has its limitations and you can only copy files into data folders by drag and drop in a two window scenario (floating worked for me).
It's all explained here:
1. I didn't have to disable the default files app as described. I think the Playstore app has been updated to avoid that
2. I had to use a floating window rather than a split one, which no longer works
Quote from: jusc on November 10, 2023, 16:01:41Hello everyone,

some time ago I had developed a theme for the V3 vector maps. I would now like to start developing a theme for the V4/V5 maps
At that time, I remember that there were special functions that could only be used with Locus.
Is this still available for the V4/V5 maps?
The simple answer is "No".
But curve="cubic" and text-orientation="left" (etc) have been adopted into the Mapsforge renderer that Locus now uses.
Android 13. TC was working perfectly then the phone did a silent update...
For me, both TC and X-plore have lost the ability to access new system files since a minor over the air Android upgrade.  :(
Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
November 05, 2023, 22:12:09
It's not showing on @karlchick 's theme or mine. The reason is simply that the way is not closed and hence not legitimately an area.
Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
November 02, 2023, 14:08:29
That particular nature reserve is malformed in the mapping. It doesn't form a closed area and my theme specifically checks for that to avoid unpleasant artefacts.
Maps / Re: Remove layer tag from LoMaps?
November 01, 2023, 10:35:16
That works for me, and also improves the rendering of routes over bridges etc., which was problematic with Lomaps.
Maps / Re: Remove layer tag from LoMaps?
October 30, 2023, 23:53:38
.@voldapet is correct that adding the layer to cycle routes (and hiking routes and MTB routes) is needed in any case.
Maps / Re: Remove layer tag from LoMaps?
October 30, 2023, 09:51:03
The difference is that in Lomaps routes are not attached to the original highway, so they don't keep the layer=1 value. In OSM the route remains as a tag on the highway.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary
October 18, 2023, 00:10:53
Voluntary theme is now available to install from within the Locus app via the Locus Store once again.
Troubles & Questions / Re: North Cyprus
October 09, 2023, 20:36:39
The OAM maps for Cyprus show the de facto border using either Elevate or Voluntary themes. (but not the internal Locus themes)