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Troubles & Questions / Spurious hill shading
September 22, 2017, 19:13:53
Using the latest LoMap of Wales on the latest LocusPro, at zoom=12 only I get spurious hillshading tiles in the sea. There may be spurious hillshading elsewhere, but in the sea it is obvious!
I get the same effect using OAMaps at zoom=11.

In a a pair of lines like
<line stroke="#B3A18F" stroke-width="0.6dp" dy="2dp" stroke-dasharray="1,8" stroke-linecap="butt" />
<line stroke="#B3A18F" stroke-width="0.1dp" stroke-linecap="butt" />

the stroke-width scales up and down with the zoom but the dy displacement does not change in the same way.

This code is intended to produce a line with ticks off to one side. As far as I can see, ideally it ought to be:
<line stroke="#B3A18F" stroke-width="0.6dp" dy="0.3dp" stroke-dasharray="1,8" stroke-linecap="butt" />
<line stroke="#B3A18F" stroke-width="0.1dp" stroke-linecap="butt" />

with teh displacement and the width scaling exactly the same way.
Themes - Vector maps / [Theme] Voluntary
March 04, 2013, 18:22:01
Theme last updated 22 January 2024. Download and install from

The Voluntary themes support OAM maps and both new and old LoMaps.

The Voluntary theme is designed for clarity of display. Its colours are based on UK Ordnance Survey conventions and will be fairly familiar to British users. Even if you are not British, the colours and styles will probably work well for you. It automatically scales for devices with displays of different resolutions and symbols enlarge smoothly for higher zoom levels. The zoom levels at which various features appear has been adjusted to provide optimal information and reduce unwanted clutter.

You can choose Hiking, Cycle, City, Multi, Yellow or Transparent style when you select the Voluntary UK theme.

The styles take advantage of switchable options. Display of hiking, cycle and mountain bike routes can now be switched on or off, as can highlighting for each of them. The number of options shown is relatively limited to aid ease of use. Cycling, Hiking, City and Road styles function almost as presets with a limited range of tailored options. Within these particular styles the display is subtly tailored to its purpose: for example, Road displays junction and road numbers better; Cycling has a better display of cycle routes. Multi, Transparent and Yellow have a fuller (but manageable) range of options. Locus remembers the settings of the options for each style.

The City style is aimed at use in large cities such as London and has a less cluttered (and slightly faster) display at low zoom levels. Colours in the Yellow theme are more muted and are aimed at use with overlays.

A "Transparent" style turns off the map background and enables use of a vector map as an overlay on top of a satellite image in Locus. Similarly the "background" checkbox in the Yellow style can be used to achieve the same effect.

Generally, blue dashes are cycle ways, green dashes represent dual use both on bike and on foot (bridle paths in the UK), and brown shorter dashes use on foot only. Blue blobs are cycle routes, green blobs are hiking routes. Mountainbike trails are shown by violet blobs. Cycle routes are also indicated by blue dashes on the roads. Hiking, cycle and mountainbike routes can be emphasised by selectable overlays.

The theme is designed to work well with both LoMaps from Locus Store and maps from OpenAndroMaps. Footpaths, bridleways and cycleways are indicated on the map by dashed lines where they follow the path of a mapped track or pedestrian way if the map supports it. On maps from OpenAndroMaps, blue dashes on roads are either cycle routes or roads with cycle tracks alongside, while shorter blue dashes on roads show cycle lanes in the road.

The Locus package includes two flavours: one that works with older LoMaps (LE) and one that works with the newer LoMaps as well as Mapsforge maps, such as from OpenAndroMaps (V5 LE). The appropriate theme appears according to the map selected.

Also included is the visually-similar Velocity theme for a simpler display with much faster drawing.   

The package is also available in  versions for other apps such as Cruiser, Orux Maps, etc.

o V5 for latest versions of Cruiser, Orux etc
o V5- for apps that cannot display text on curved paths
o V4 for apps that cannot scale dotted and dashed lines.

Voluntary and Velocity themes can be downloaded and installed from