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Yay, it seems to work fine :-) :-)
I have noticed that the preview is not updated for every exit of the track. (changed the track style and it didn't refresh)
I don't think it is important, but I thought it is better to make it known to you.

Ohh, will see this at home. The type of logs differ in the Hungarian site, but that is not important at all, really don't bother with that :-)

Hmm wait, those should be waypoints I guess. (I'm afk now). Yes yes, stupid I know, but that is what the website produces, and that file is already tidied up.
Try to import the file in the current pro version, it should result in 132 caches, which is perfect. In beta it gives 500+ points.

This is one example, if more are needed, then please tell me, and I can supply many more.

Menion, did you touch how caches are imported? I have tried to import the same file under pro and beta, and in beta my geocaches+points were messed up.  :-(
(points did not become waypoints but appeared as separate points)

What does the new "Load Track" button in the track list do?
It marks the tracks as visible, but that´s what the eye is for, isn´t it? so is it just another way to show the tracks on the map or does it have a different function?

I was wondering too. If that only makes all tracks visible, then maybe a "select all"  caption with an eye icon could be more clear?

Then every recorded track, every manually created track directly in Locus, will have this overview automatically generated, because you always have to display screen with track detail. So I generally this, that some automatic tool that will generate overview is not needed.

Yes, I know, people would be shocked if Locus stopped responding because of this. However a menu item above load tracks for generating missing track info for selected tracks would be nice.
This way the user knows that it will take a long time (possible confirmation dialog), but he will be able to see his tracks filled up with info instead of question marks.
Maybe Locus could offer this once for all the tracks when this update comes.

Thanks for the button merge!!! 8-)

Really beautiful!!
It just feels nice. I just looked at it but I'm afraid I won't be able to test it nowadays.
However, you said previously that the two buttons (bottom right) will be different once the screen is redesigned. Can you please merge them? (Cogs and screwdrivers mean the same to me when I cast a blick on the icons: tools. So basically fill altitude and compute area could be moved to the other menu.
What I like about it the most is the lap statistics:simple yet really useful when you plan your energy on the trip/run.
It is a bonus that now the design is more consistent! :-)

Free chat / Re: New Android GPS software from QuoVadis
« on: September 05, 2014, 17:51:27 »
Incredibly slow and unintuitive.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unknown problem with track saving!
« on: August 28, 2014, 16:08:37 »

When you then start Locus, it always crashes once. Start it a second time, and it runs just fine.

OK, I will pay attention to that and will report if I see this.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unknown problem with track saving!
« on: August 28, 2014, 11:16:18 »
I have run opera music runkeeper weatherpro etc. together. Google nav actually not. I don't know how much it consumed, just saying that I can't remember something like this.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Unknown problem with track saving!
« on: August 27, 2014, 17:14:30 »
Hmm I'm lucky to not have experienced crashes while recording (two years of use on Xperia P with 1 GB RAM ics, jb, cm10.1)

My battery just depleted today right when I got home. I could save it on next start :-)

So it works in general, but device specific issues may arise anytime.

Just installed it again. No problems are present. I have not changed a thing. Weird, I have tested it intentionally two times with restart before writing. But it's working now :-)

At first start of 3.2  the map was black, side panels were visible, but the map itself was black. On second start it was all right.

The waypoint names are not shown upon hover. I have put back 3.1.3 and it works well there.

I would not believe those numbers one hundred percent. I don't know how much Locus consumes. But maybe the first app to start GPS will get the penalty and the other one will not receive anything from the GPS consumption.

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