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There is a bug in 2.13.1. If I download geocaches using the G4L app (or import just one cache according to a GC code) and choose an existing category that already contains geocaches (while all of them are already shown on the map), then after new geocaches are imported to that category, all other geocaches from it disappear from the map. In Data / Points / (category name), all geocaches are still checked as displayed. After exiting and relaunching Locus, everything is OK.
When an error while downloading caches occurs, an error message is displayed (for example Service temporarily unavailable). After dismissing it and tapping Download to Locus botton again, it does nothing. After closing the G4L window again and opening it via Locus menu, it displays progress of downloading caches immediately, and is in, say, 50%. It looks like the "push of the button that does nothing" started downloading of caches but without displaying the progress bar.
It works great, thanks!
Quote from: "Mek"This addon imports also geocaches that I have on my ignore list. I would prefer to ignore them while importing as well. Is it doable or is it a bug in geocaching api?
...Arcao?  :?:
I am not using Total Commander, just ordinary Windows Explorer. The phone appears in My Computer and I can browse it there 8-)
Well, yeah, that's how you use it. But I like to have it always connected to PC for charging - when leaving home it is always fully charged (and my PC is on nevertheless) so I am not using the charger at all.
my device is Samsung Galaxy S 2 with latest firmware.
Using Locus Pro, when track recording is stopped, my track is exported and its properties displayed automatically. The KML file is in proper location (sdcard)/Locus/export as I can see it from file manager in phone. But when I connect the phone to my computer and navigate to that folder, the file is not there. I have to restart my phone and then the file appears.
I guess the MTP system in android is so stupid it does not monitor the filesystem at all and needs some way of notification that a file has been created so it is made visible via USB connection. I know that the pictures of built-in camera appear instantly. But that is just my guess as I have no knowledge of android development. Can you pls investigate to see if you can make the kml file of exported track appear when connecting via USB without restarting entire phone? Thanks.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
April 19, 2013, 20:20:41
This addon imports also geocaches that I have on my ignore list. I would prefer to ignore them while importing as well. Is it doable or is it a bug in geocaching api?
A aka je to chyba? Ak je to nieco so setLenient(true) tak to je podla mna chyba Groundspeaku. Ja som si kvoli tomu kupil premium membership a aktualizoval locus i doplnok pre geocaching, len aby som zistil, ze mi vyhadzuje to iste!! A to som potreboval rychlo stiahnut kesky, aby som mohol ist na lov. Musel som sa uspokojit s LOC suborom a potom v terene pouzit internet v mobile (co ma stalo dalsie prachy). Zaujimave ale bolo, ze ked som potom prisiel domov a skusil som stiahnut kesky znova, tak sa normalne doplnok autorizoval a kesky stiahol, bez chyby. Preto si myslim, ze to bolo nejake docasne zavahanie na strane Groundspeaku.
Jasne. Uz sa tam niekto stazuje, ze sa mu neda stiahnut viac ako 3 kesky, je tak? V tom pripade nie je dovod aktualizovat :|
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
March 25, 2013, 17:40:44
Great to know. Man, I hope they approve it :o
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
March 07, 2013, 17:25:14
What why? Because I have to log in and authorize everytime I want to use Geocaching4Locus.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
March 02, 2013, 21:54:23
Quote from: "lenan2do"Hello, when I start the app,  always need to login into gc account. In the past wasn't necessary.  The only change that I made is that now I'm premium member. There is any problem? Thanks I advance.

Same here. Unfortunately, according to this addon web page, it is intended :x Man, that sux... but we have to live with it, I guess...
Creating new category of points says "Process unsuccessful" but the category is created okay (so tapping OK again says category already exists).
Quote from: "menion"@Mek: cannot confirm. "Clear map cache" for me delete all *sqlitedb files in Locus/mapsOnline. So if I return back, then I see only a small number (it's size of providers.xml file + some icons if you have any)
Yeah, it's this, sorry... I was confused by the size of cached maps not being 0, together with windows explorer in PC somehow showing the files when they were no longer there. Perhaps it could be good to only count "deletable" files into this size? :)