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When you have a map and overlay, then on zoom 12 and lower, the overlay is off and moves in wrong way when moving the map.
To reproduce, try this base map with overlay. Can this be fixed, please? :)
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: dotaz
October 07, 2013, 18:56:13
Vlavo dole je take tlacitko, je na nom kriz... to sposobi centrovanie mapy na tvoju aktualnu poziciu, tak to stlac, potom otvor menu Data, zalozka Body (Points) a pridaj novy - stred mapy. Pravdepodobne je aj jednoduchsia cesta, no ja to robim takto :)
1. If I use the map manager to delete a personal map that is not current one, map manager is closed and I am returned to map view with "Connection failed". I think the map manager should not be closed and the map should stay as it was since I deleted a non-current one. This should also apply to overlays (not sure if it works there currently). Only when a current map is being deleted, thete should be some error message in the map view I think :)
2. when I download geocaches via G4L, some of them have corrected coordinates and are properly marked with star on the icon. Then I export them to GPX, transfer to my brother's phone who uses Locus Free and imports the GPX file. The geocaches are moved to corrected coordinates but there is no indication of the coordinates being actually corrected (no star on the icon). Can this be fixed?
When you delete a map file (sqlite) using the map manager, the sqlitedb-journal file stays there so I have to delete it manually. Would it be possible to delete it as well? :)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Fieldnote Upload
September 16, 2013, 18:17:53
Yes, it's already been reported... and fixed. (right, menion?) :D
jj, zmazali sa... no nastastie som zaznamenaval trasu a tak som si stiahol kesky znova a pozeral podla trasy kade som isiel... a tak som bol schopny zalogovat vsetky kesky, ktore som nasiel. Bolo ich len par desiatok, tak to celkom slo.
Vdaka za rychlu opravu.
A jeje, zrovna som zalozil ten isty topic tu... sorry...
today I logged in to GC Live via Locus to log my weekend logs (59). I chose Upload field notes and it worked for a while. But then Locus started displaying errors in a loop so I had to close it - see screenshot.
Then I looked to for field notes and there were only 31! Locus now states it does not have any field notes (I left the checkbox to delete them after upload, checked).
Any idea what could be the cause?

Yes now it works great, thank you.
Quote from: "menion"hmm when you went to ostrava, isn't there chance you had some data downloaded by any add-on? I should expect that cache with corrected coordinates should have in GPX file final waypoint with these coordinates, but nothing like this is there. So maybe that this is a problem. Cache has already fixed coordinates and waypoint is missing.
On forums they told me that the GPX files coming from PQs actually never contained any flag about corrected coordinates, so now I am confused. Perhaps I really just used the G4L addon but just don't remember that? Anyway, if that is true, I hope they implement this feature at some point...
Arcao: thanks for quick response and fix in advance ;)
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: [Addon] Geocaching4Locus
August 07, 2013, 20:44:57
Arcao, can you please check out this post - why updating cache with corrected coordinates (more than once) does not work?
Quote from: "menion"But if I check generated PQ files, there is no hint that this cache is computed. I also do not remember that something like this existed before. So are you sure, it worked in this way?
Absolutely. I went caching to Ostrava a month ago and I made a pocket query with solved caches there, they all had the little star in the corner. I also looked at the gpx file I made today and yes, there is no hint about the coordinates being corrected. It came to my mind that perhaps I could compare the gpx I used a month ago with the one generated today but sadly I don't have it anymore :(
Now I think it could have something to do with recent site upgrade on, they f**ed up something I am afraid. I will try asking on their forums.
about the problem with updating cache coordinates, I tried the "Update cache" functionality in Locus on GC1C6P1 now again an it still does not work.
Then I tried the same with GC2F2D0, which already has updated coordinates in Locus (and its icon is marked with star) - its coordinates were not lost, they stayed corrected as they were. I deleted GC2F2D0 and downloaded it again using the Import GC functionality and it was correct, with corrected coordinates. Deleting GC1C6P1 an reimporting does not bring its corrected coordinates. Strange.
So I dug into the data that is downloaded from GC into Locus using Shark (and Wireshark) and I found the following difference:
For GC1C6P1, there are original AND corrected coordinates in the JSON, and for GC2F2D0 there are only corrected ones. I recall I mistakenly used the "Correct coordinates" feature for GC1C6P1 and entered the original coordinates, which then I reverted back by using Restore, and then entered the correct final coordinates - maybe that's why there are two of them in the output. Compare (output from Wireshark):

"UserWaypoints":[{"CacheCode":"GC1C6P1","Description":"Coordinate Override","ID":3231097,"IsCorrectedCoordinate":false,"Latitude":49.16325,"Longitude":18.778467,"UTCDate":"/Date(1375635535977-0700)/","UserID":5884890},{"CacheCode":"GC1C6P1","Description":"Coordinate Override","ID":3237835,"IsCorrectedCoordinate":true,"Latitude":49.1543,"Longitude":18.811467,"UTCDate":"/Date(1375719794327-0700)/","UserID":5884890}]}],"PQCount":0,"CacheCodes":[],"CacheLimits":{"CachesLeft":5994,"CurrentCacheCount":6,"MaxCacheCount":6000}}
"UserWaypoints":[{"CacheCode":"GC2F2D0","Description":"Coordinate Override","ID":2609483,"IsCorrectedCoordinate":true,"Latitude":49.173217,"Longitude":18.81005,"UTCDate":"/Date(1367657873907-0700)/","UserID":5884890}]}],"PQCount":0,"CacheCodes":[],"CacheLimits":{"CachesLeft":5993,"CurrentCacheCount":7,"MaxCacheCount":6000}}
It looks to me that Locus took the first "Coordinate override" regardless of its "IsCorrectedCoordinate" attribute being true or false.

Now I found another issue - I generated a pocket query for Zilina and near caches, imported this GPX into Locus and all my solved caches were at corrected coordinates, so far so good (including GC1C6P1). But they were not marked with star - and this is important because then in the field I don't know if the cache really is in that place or those are just the dummy coordinates. I know it worked OK not so long ago (a month?) so something must have gone wrong...
I don't know what happened (perhaps an update on or if it belongs here or in the GC addon thread. But I just solved a multicache (GC1C6P1), set the new coordinates as corrected coordinates, downloaded nearest caches in Locus, but the cache was downloaded without the corrected coordinates, it still appears in its original position. Opening the cache and choosing Update cache does not help. Deleting it and downloading only it (using Import GC according to GC code) does not help either.
There is a mistake in message when a geocache has no waypoints: "Cache have no waypoints", should be "Cache has no waypoints".