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Hi there,
I'm very happy with Locus Map free, but...
When I create a track I realize that the time between 2 points is always above by 1 minute that the time I put inside the setup.
On the same travel with the same setup, another track recorder has 2113 points when Locus free shows only 34 points.
36 minutes travel by car, difference of 3 km between both tracks.
Setup:4s or 18m, accuracy 100m (but it is the same with 10m)
Is it a limit of the free version?
The same with an external (bluetooth) GPS.
Any idea?
Troubles & Questions / [How to] Remove a track
July 20, 2012, 22:30:21
Hi there,
Before spending money, I use locus free.
I try to remove some tracks without succes.
Not sure tracks is the good word.
I look for destination from my current gps location to a city.
I want to removethe road (track?) I see on my screen.
Thank you.