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Troubles & Questions / Re: Cannot download vector maps
« on: July 09, 2012, 18:46:08 »
I don't clearly understand this discussion… as was written Much Ado About Nothing.
I hope you can agree that every service cost some money. No matter if is automated or not.  OK?
From my point of view nothing was changed. In previous concept you paid for service …now you pay for service again. Mentioned add-on was from beginning wrong concept. In new concept pay every user only for data what they really use/download. No one will be limited because another user downloads 10 times more than rest of users.
I have to say that we can not talk about price of maps , users pay for service. For example in Garmin shop cost TOPO Germany map 200$. On other hand if you buy credit from Locus shop you pay for Germany 0.25euro. I know that we can’t compare this maps but I want only show that this is not great business. And of course as Menion said you can create or download map from different sources.

Your idea to use mapsforge download FTP is also wrong. I can’t imagine how thousands of users pump Berlin university server.
Another Idea? I don’t want to say that this new concept is the best solution but I consider it as a most appropriate solution at this moment.
BTW: Who is non-technical user? ;)

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