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you're right. Maps for these regions are really missing. To be honest I can't remember why we haven't added prepared them. Maybe because of the size of map or unsufficient map scale.
Anyway, I'll contact our BRMB and find out more info if we can add these regions...

Thanks, Petr
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
May 18, 2023, 13:33:20
@john_percy Thank you for your report/feedback
You're right we ignore mentioned proposed or disused tags. I'll improve it.
Anyway, do you know more about tag type=disused_route ? I can't find any official documentation for this tags. I'm also wonder if there are more disused combinations...

- lm_highway=construction is really missing and will be improved in the next version of LoMaps
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
May 16, 2023, 14:21:40
Point 13
I see. I added:

<osm-tag key="service" value="alley" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="service" value="driveway" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="service" value="emergency_access " zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="service" value="parking_aisle" zoom-appear="13" />
<osm-tag key="service" value="slipway" zoom-appear="13" />
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
May 12, 2023, 10:56:44
Mapsforge now supports any "key" that can be used as a text value. So you can, for example, display the value of the key "highway"
<pathText k="highway" font-style="normal" font-size=....
Anyway, you are right - "osmc_text" and "osmc_text_length" are really missing in the latest LoMaps. The latest version of LoMaps was released in version 4 which doesn't contain variable "tag-values" (%s, %f)

Anyway, I generated a new version of LoMaps (see attached map of Monaco) as version 5. The mentioned "osmc_text" and "osmc_text_length" tags should be available in the data. But I think I found some bug in the Mapsforge generator, where the tag-value variable is not included in the data if there is another tag with the same value. The value of "osmc_text" is often the same as the value of "ref", and it seems that in such a situation the "osmc_text" is not added to the data. I need to test this with @Menion in more detail and debug the data in the map tiles.

For this reason, I edited one tourist way with "osmc_text" value and set value "03 testtest" (avaialable in attached monaco map). You can test it with your theme...

PathText to display the text "03 testtest"
<pathText k="osmc_text" dy="2" font-style="bold" font-size="16" fill="#e67400" stroke="#ffffff" stroke-width="2.5" priority="1000"/>
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As you probably know, Locus used a custom implementation of the Mapsforge vector map rendering for LoMaps vector maps. There were several attributes that the original Mapsforge did not support.

As of May 2023, LoMaps is being released as Mapsforge V4 and the old V3 themes cannot be used for the new LoMaps V4. The new theme must be prepared to work with the new LoMaps V4.
We have prepared a simple script to help transform an existing Locus V3 theme into a Mapsforge V4 theme 

Script and simple doc are available at

Please note that the script does not convert the entire theme 1:1.
Manual work will still be required, but should save time when editing attributes.
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
May 11, 2023, 13:33:46
QuoteI'm looking at osmc waymarking but I can't see any markings on some routes I am looking at, where OAM maps show osmc markings. For example, one location is N 51.61224°, E 007.57491° (from Locus).
I'm sorry but on given coordinates isn't any osm relation with the specified "osmc:symbol". Could I kindly ask you for some screenshot or a better explanation? Maybe I miss something

Superimposed symbols
Thank you for the report. The definition of "osmc_order" depends on the main color of the route. If multiple routes have the same color, then osmc_order can be the same for those routes. The "osmc_order" was initially used to set a different offset (dy) for parallel routes. But later I decided to use this attribute also for drawing the symbol along the route and it can cause the following problems. More interesting is the easter part where symbols do not overlap. But this is basically an error because 2 blue lines are rendered and it should not happen.
I'll check it and I'll consider consider a custom order tag for symbols...

@Invalid theme - I'll ask @Menion to check it because the theme contains the reported icon and it should be valid

@karlchick - No problem I'll add it.
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We published the python script that can help with the conversion theme from "Custom Locus V3" style to official Mapsforge V4
The conversion is not 1:1 but it can help to remove not supported attributes or convert DP units to "pixels" in V4
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@john_percy Honestly, the position for captions remains in the theme very likely from my testing of this attribute. As I recall, "position" without an ID has minimal effect. It basically changes the defining point for the text box (the minimum rectangle around the text).
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as mentioned above LoMaps V4 uses official Mapsforge renderer and it's needed to remove all tags that are not supported by Mapsforge.

I downloaded your theme and fixed some small issues like 'priority' in rule tag, 'repeat' can not be used for symbol, 'color' for symbol and 'country' attribute used for subways. I commented the subways section so please replace it with the symbol you want to use for subways
(the "fixed" theme in the attachment)
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
April 23, 2023, 07:59:04
@michaelbechtold There are already Czech R. and Slovakia LoMaps available as V4 in the Locus store (version 2023.03.23). The rest will be released probably during the next week.

bridge=viaduct - added
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Dobrý den,
děkujeme za zprávu. Chyba je v samotných OSM datech, kdy náměstí je definované, aby bylo zobrazené "výše" než ostatní budovy. Požádali jsme mapery o opravu/kontrolu.

S díky
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
April 06, 2023, 21:48:29
Thank you for explaining the OS symbolism and access. I need to consider whether to use it for LoMaps

Point 14
No problem

Point 15
I'm sorry, but I really don't think this should be rendered by themes...
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Internal themes for LoMaps are tested/developed directly in Locus. Previously I used to manually copy the theme .xml via Total Commander to the device and restore the theme in the app. It's not bad, but it's not ideal. As you probably know, LoMaps will finally be in V4 and will use the default Mapsforge renderer. When we started working on LoMaps V4, I had two thoughts about how to improve the theme development process:
- usage of variables in the theme
- quick refresh the theme on a mobile device.   

For this reason we prepared a simple python tool that solves mentioned issues. It basically copies and refresh the theme on the device in one click - available at 

The process of generation of theme file is the following:
1. Base template
On the input is theme template that contains variables and definitions for custom actions. This is basically a mapsforge theme but some colors or widths are defined using variables
2. Template config
It assigns values to theme variables
3. Generation of result theme file
The theme generator combines template variables to generate the final theme file
4. Copy the theme to the device and refresh the theme

There are several requirements (intall adb, python and some other python modules) and it may be complicated to run the script at this moment. Moreover it also automatically generates a theme for POIs so it is quite focused on internal LoMaps themes and is not as configurable as it could be.
But if anybody would like to use it to develop alternative themes, it is possible to make the generator more generic. Maybe it would be enough to prepare the settings to generate also POI themes and maybe a better installation...

Please let me know if anyone is interested and I can tweak it a bit. 
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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
March 24, 2023, 16:18:29
Point 8
OK - surface tags added based on OAM definition. But changed zoom-level to ZL=9

Point 9
I can understand but:
1. for this reason there is hill-shading feature
2. the question is whether this is a shortage and what about the areas in the lowlands ;-)
However, how are contours displayed on the official OS map? Do you know if any OS map at a scale smaller than 1:100k contains contours?

Point 12
Thank you for the explanation. I checked the generation of the `lm_residential` fields and I must say that it is not ideal for your use-case. We use `lm_residential` mainly as a light background to highlight urban areas in small zooms. 
We don't mind if the geometry is simplified - rather that is the goal. `lm_residential` areas really contain the original `landuse=residential` areas but are affected by simplification. One more note - some areas are missing because the lm_residentail areas were quite outdated. 

So I added the `landuse=residential` into tag-mapping file because it isn't really ideal.

I also a little bit improved the generation of `lm_residential` areas - see the screenshot from testing LoMap

Could I kindly ask you for an example of the route without name?

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Other features / Re: LoMaps + MapsForge V4
March 03, 2023, 11:38:50

Thank you for the detailed description. To your points:
I created a new PR that summarizes your suggestions. Please check if acceptable. BTW: repo is public so feel free to participate and create your own pull requests  ;) .

Point 1
- make sense, added
BTW: are there any standard symbols or styles that indicate designation in the UK maps?

Point 2
- added but I'm not sure if tags access_land, public_cycleway, green_lane will be used ...

Point 3
- I would like to avoid using '*' for such elements. I have therefore selected the most important / most used types

Point 4
- the LoMaps V3 was generated as 512x512 tiles and zoom or area is really "shifted" in comparison of 256x256 V4 tiles. There were minor changes in `zoom-appear` attribute for some elements. But it was mainly for zoom-levels 9 - 10 (I think). Do you have some specific requests to change the zoom-appear for certain elements?

Point 5
Well, everything is possible. But there are so-called JohnThorn maps in Locus Store. These maps combine OSM data with OS open data. John Thorn created powerful tools to combine the data but the theme would be (IMHO) a little bit better. What about contacting John and discussing with him a better theme?

Point 6
To be honest I don't know the exact reason for `foot=ft_yes` and `bicycle_bic_yes` but it was very likely because bug in tag matching in Mapsforge as menion already mentioned. This problem is solved (currently only in Locus and waiting for the new official release of mapsforge.)
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