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Quote from: "menion"so problem is when SQLite and TAR mape have same name right? This is of course bug, I'll check it thanks
TAR map: Jura Krak-Cz. Polnocna2.tar
Jura Krak-Cz. Poludniowa2.tar
ŚląskiePN_B_1.100 000.tar

SQL map:
Piekary Śląskie.sqlitedb

but ... after creating a new map, everything is ok
sorry for the confusion, again :)
Quote from: "menion"PS2: downloaded maps are stored in Personal tab in map manager if you use default values for downloading. Anyway it may be different if you select other download type. More here ... load_types

The 'personal' maps are collected using 'separate maps (SQL type)'. But where are the maps obtained with the 'shared online map (SQL type)'? (Sometimes they occupy 100MB :-)

I have a TAR map which I put in 'Locus/map' and they were visible in the 'personal' tab, but after downloading any area of ​​'separate maps (SQL type)' (example the name of Paris) my TAR maps no longer to be visible (but are in the 'Locus/map' .)
When I delete a map of Paris, TAR maps are again visible.
Is this normal?
I reset the program to factory default settings and works everything.
Today I updated the program, thank you for the changes, and after the update program generally runs slower than before, and once stopped working.

Ps. Is there a chance to create a section in Polish?
Ps2. Where can I remove the downloaded maps by 'select area', 'select path' leaving cached maps as they were?
My internet connection is working good (wifi) and GPS too (8/9 fix and location is visible on map).
I find where is problem.
Screen: ... 21SeTF2VDQ
Coords: N 50 12.385'  E 19 49.615'
I want to navigate to the 'zacisze' and choose 'short', then displays the error (which I described in a previous post), but if I select 'foot' it all works well.
The problem is the street with a 'traffic ban' sign.

Could someone report a bug to the author, because my English is poor?

Next bug:
Route record overwrites the previous route (if it is another category and name, too)
Troubles & Questions / Problem with navigation
June 26, 2012, 18:07:42
Hi, first sorry for my english.
I have a problem with navigation to POI. I click on POI 'Ojców' -> 'navigate to' -> 'short' then displayed message  "Track 'Track' saved"
But navigation isn't work and in 'data manager' -> 'tracks' Tracks have0h:00m:00s and 0.0m
What is wrong?