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'Rotate maps' works (maybe only for online map, not for vector map), but the 'show view' still does not work.
GPS is on.

Hi, since several versions of the Locus I have observed that it does not work Rotate map and Show view.
Something is known about it?
Menion please answer me
Thanks for quick reply.
There is no way (plugin, import or something) to get to the My Places Google from Locus?
Hi, few years ago i found in Locus Pro function which show me "My Google Place" on maps?
Where is this function now?
Details are on printscreen:
Quote from: menion on September 26, 2013, 15:42:55
it's problem on MapQuest server. They disabled using one older type of API (access). It will be fixed in next version (probably tomorrow)

It's a good time to make navigating from Google API (if Google offers this)
Troubles & Questions / Route in Locus Pro
September 28, 2013, 18:52:14
Hi. Locus Pro can not determine the route. I installed the program again, but it does not help anything. The problem I have just a few days. I do not have any ideas. I deleted the entire contents of the catalog Locus and it did not help.

This is the same problem?
Hi. I have Locus Pro and installed Locus Map Tweak but I can't download maps OSM to offline.
Is there a way to do that? Without offline maps OSM is useless, and it is the most precise map.
Is it possible to introduce additional Compute Source to Locus?
Standard MapQuest often navigates in my area for one-way streets. I understand that this is not a typical car navigation application, but it may be feasible to expand the functionality of the navigation algorithm Google or another?
I have selected this option, but it is needed if I miss a one street or navigation is outdated (one-way street, etc.). Locus Then recalculate the route.
For me, driving on a predetermined route should be continued + possible only small corrections. It should not set all new route.  ;)
A few days ago I went to a town. I planned the route so as recommending tommi62. I turned on the GPS and the internet, and I chose this route and turned navigate. I drove a little tour and Locus appointed a new route (which I wanted to avoid). In the screenshot shown in the situation, I think that will show what I mean.
Later still happened so many times. How to avoid this in the future?
Aaaaa it really works :) I do not know how I did not seen, but I saw this option more than once. Thanks
Troubles & Questions / Navigation - route selection
December 04, 2012, 11:36:46
Hi everyone Locus fan and authors.
I have a question of when and whether it will be implemented with the option to select a route among the three presented example? It's about something like Google:
Or optionally adding a map point / points, through which navigation is to navigate?
Now all is't ok :)