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Danke für Deine Antwort,
nach einem Softwareupdate funktioniert das bestens :D
QuoteI need similar page for this skin on wiki page
Who can do that?
and under what category it should be built in?    Track & Target ???
My english is not so perfect, sorry :oops:
Hi jusc,
hopely i understand you right :oops:
It is possible to diplay also the Altitude by satinfo, but by flying ballon we climbe or sink up to 6m/sec and then the displayed altitude value is inaccurate.
For these i use a separate baro-instrument.
These CS i use while balloning
Magenta coloured values display track and moving data
Green coloured values display target infos
Some code was borrowed from other CS ;-)) thank you!
Themes - Dashboards & Custom screens / [SKIN] GC
August 30, 2012, 19:17:01
first of all i have to say thanks to menion for his perfect support and the other guys in the forum for presenting their Custom Screens!

The slim information in the mapscreen i cannot read while walking or cycleing to the next target, so i build my first CS for geocaching.

If you want to test the CS, copy the to
Start Locus select Menue/Funktion/and the Button1,2,3,4 and select GC.
Have fun ;-)
Menue/Einstellungen/Karten- Bedienung/Schnellumschalttaste/nie
Hi mambofive,
thanks for your answer.
You are right, :)
 the coordinates of these both stations of the Multicache are hidden.
So i can edit the coordinates after i found the information in the first stations.
War bei mir auch so, ab 5 Posts konnte ich PM´s schreiben, vorher nur empfangen.
Hi menion
after importing a gpx-file i have downloaded from Groundspeak GC3QP8D with some waypoints, not all waypoints are displayed, see SS_1
After i "update geocache" with Locus, two more waypoints are displayed but the distance is far far away, see SS_2

Do you have an idea whats wrong?
Information / Re: need help with sliding compass
August 24, 2012, 21:36:16
many thanks menion,
i am blind !!! :oops:
now it works, great job!
Information / Re: need help with sliding compass
August 24, 2012, 19:34:07
Hi menion,
thanks for your work!
I have installed the new version and changed my code, but i get a messages, see Screenshot

my code:
<!-- Kompass -->

locus:slideInfinite="[true]" />

Edit 2 times
Information / need help with sliding compass
August 23, 2012, 15:29:15
after first stepps for creating my own CS i need help.
The compass is displayed, but it dosnt slide, where is the fault?
i´m looking forward for solution, thanks
ich habe das Problem, daß ich einen erstellten POI-Ordner nicht löschen kann.
Menü/Daten/PIO/Schraubenschlüssel/ löschen
der Screen wird 5 Sekunden schwarz und dann kommt die Meldung Locus Pro angehalten.
Kann das mal bitte jemand prüfen ob das nur bei mir so ist.

Noch ne Frage, wie kann ich  das Symbol eines solche erstellten Ordners im Nachhinein ändern?
eine Frage zum Verständniss des GC Offlinizers
[attachment=0:1jj08s5a]GC Offlinizer.png[/attachment:1jj08s5a]
 Punkt 4 und 5 verstehe ich so und das funktioniert bei mir auch so, daß  Spoilerbilder nur über die Live API runtergeladen werden und über die andere Selectbox ("Nur Spoiler") die Bilder des Cachelistings.
Folglich müsste die Bezeichnung nicht "Nur Spoiler" sondern "Nur Bilder" lauten.
Sorry, i can´t find it, please give me the Link