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Free chat / Re: New forum design
September 07, 2013, 20:03:14
today i write first time a PM in new forumdesign.
two things i cannot find:
- i find no posibility to attache a file :-[
- i only see  PM´s from me send, from the old forum and not the newone :-[

please show me the way, perhaps i am blind 8)
Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
September 07, 2013, 19:47:35
QuoteSo it was just a problem with the missing tts file?
there was only an english .tts  file ,  my language is german.
Quoteif you don't want to avoid picking the phone out of the bag
ok, i understand.
Perhaps it is possible to create two different  selectable announcements?
QuoteCould you provide us such an example?
in these picture you see the example, my track on farmingroutes is parallel the Street and in this example the end of both tracks are the same position, because it is an official steet.
Both tracks i send you and willy per PM 8)

Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
September 07, 2013, 14:22:19
Hi willy,
sorry for late response. After i downloaded the "de.tts" and stored it in  Locus/data/tts, i hear outdoor under real conditions the voice with direction instruction :D Thanks for your help.
For me the instructions when i am away from the right track are not always clear and understandable.
For example, i reache a crossroad where i have to go left to follow the track. I go right (the car keep standing at the crossroad?) after 100 Meters i hear  "100 M von 6 Stunden" and see the navigation arrow on my possition.
The information "X Stunden" relats to my last moving direction and this is for me not allways clear where i have to go.
My hobby is aviation , an there direction infos always discribed in degrees. east=90°, south=180°, west=270°, North= 0°/360°
A clear and understandable instruction for my example above wil be "100 Meter nach 90 Grad"
Please do not missunderstand me, you, tommi and menion did a great work, perhaps i can do a little assist for a better solution.

Another thing i have noticed, (i nowhere read about that), if my selectet track is near an "official car-road", and my position is clother to these car-road  as to my selected track, locus himselfe creates an alternative track named "tesselate" and these created track doesnt end at my trackend. Where can i disable these funktion?

Nice weekend wolfgang
Troubles & Questions / Re: disable automatic update
September 06, 2013, 20:35:45
Thanks tommi and menion,
Quotehave you enabled auto updates in play store?
i have baught the Pro by androidpit an i thought i installed the Free also from there, but i have installed the Free from Google Playstore.
With your tipp i noticed these and after disabeling autoupdate in the playstore  my problem is solved :D
Troubles & Questions / disable automatic update
September 05, 2013, 19:30:57
i use the Pro  V 2.15 and for testing parlalel the free/pro V
in both settings i didnot set the option "automatic update", but several times a day the freeversion is automatic updatet to the official version.
How can i stop that?
Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
September 05, 2013, 13:12:16
Thanks tommi and willy for your answer.
this afternoon i will try it outside with the bike.
QuoteDo not forget to switch on in the guiding notifications, notify when too far away from track
i have it marked
QuoteChoose voice: Text to Speech ?
is choosen
QuoteAfter applying the navigationtest do you hear 'Lets Go ?
no i have never heared it :-[
QuoteWell I did not hear that sound in your movi
there is only voice in the 3rd section, didyou hear that?

Thanks for your help

Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
September 04, 2013, 20:09:36
QuoteCan anybody make a hint how to cofigure the settings for this?
I do some test on sofa with "Navigation Test".
I expected that a voice told me the way to go, the direction arrows disapeare after passing, but i hear no command voice?
And if i tap a second time on the track there is only "navigation" without test?
On the other side with "guiding" i hear the voice.
Do i something wrong or do i misunderstand these feature?
Free chat / Re: New forum design
September 02, 2013, 19:43:31
QuoteI´missing the attachments like screenshots

    also here:
Hi menion,
these problem was solved on 27.8. and the pictures in old forumposts were displayed, but now there is once again only the download possible
Free chat / Re: New forum design
September 02, 2013, 19:29:56

working with the "Unordered List Button" and "Ordered List Button" is very laborious :-[
one klick on one of these buttons create always two lines and you have to klick between the rectangular clips bevor start writing.
To write in the next line you have to the same procedure.
If you want to have a more lines you have to work with copy&paste.....
It woud be nice these buttons work like "MS Word" , one "carriage return/Enter" create a new line, two "carriage return/Enter" the listing ends.
Hi mambofive,
danke für den tipp mit dem gepsies app das klappt bestens :)

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 2
Quotees ist einfacher den Track innerhalb von GPSies als KMZ herunter zu laden
mit welchem Browser machst Du das, wenn ich Opera verwende klappt das nicht. (.kml/.kmz und .gpx)
Die selbe Datei über den PC download und dann aufs S2 klappt.
Wenn ich diese Dateien (Opera/PC download) mit Notepad anschaue sehen die auch anders aus?
QuoteJe größer die Vergrößerung umso kleiner ist der Ausschnitt.
der von Dir ausgewählte Bereich wird in allen von Dir ausgewählten Zoomstufen downgeloaded, da die Kartenkacheln in kleinerer Vergrößerung einen größeren Bereich abdecken kannst Du jetzt bei der kleineren Vergrößerung einen größeren Bereich sehen.
QuoteNun möchte ich den 2. Teil abspeichern. Mich interessiert nur die höchste Stufe.

  • öffne die erstellte Karte aus Locus/Eigene/Maps
  • wechsle unter Karten  zu Online
  • wähle in Deinem Fall Google Hybrid und dort auf das Schraubenschlüsselsymbol/Download
  • einen Bereich auswählen/wähle dann den von Dir gewünschten Bereich aus und klicke auf den grünen Haken
  • Haken bei "Erweiterte Optionenanzeigen", das Feld mit den Zoomleveln kannst Du verschieben und in Deinem Fall wählst Du nur die größte Zoomstufe aus
  • klicke auf das Feld "Neue Offlinekarte" und dann auf "Offlinekarte hinzufügen"

Wenn Du sonst nichts änderst, wird unter dem bestehenden Kartenname der gewünschte Bereich in deiner gewünschten Zoomstufe hinzugefügt und ist dann nach dem Download unter "Eigen" offline verfügbar
Wie muß die URL aussehen um einen Track direkt von z.B. GPSIES zu imprortieren?
Ich hab verschiedene Varianten ausprobiert, leider aber ohne Erfolg.

wer kann ein Beispiel liefern?
Manual & Help desk system / Re: Dokuwiki content
August 31, 2013, 19:55:01
    Hi gynta and all other premium members,
    Since a short time I am also a "premium member" and able to see this theme.
    Roundabout since one year I read daily in this forum and on "getsatisfaction"
    At the beginning it was very difficult for me to find answers for my "beginnerquestions"
    And so in my opinion it will be very helpful to have a structured FAQ or "HowTo"
    And so for example I have  few questions:

    • •   Where can I find these "Beta Howto" if I would like to help ? the link in your post above is dead.
    • •   I never heard before from "zdrazil", I don't find him in the memberlist, how can I contact him if I want to help?
    • •   Where can I find a presentation of the admins, it is important for newbies to know who is who
             Menion, ok he is the boss and knows nearly for all problem an answer ;-))
             Voldapet, perhaps mapspezialist??
             Zdrazil, ?

For me also unknown and coudn´t find an answer:
- •   The theme "BIN" in the forum, is this an abbreviation or what is the meaning?
- •   For what is the Karma, red and green arrow? Refers it on these post or generally to these member? and how to use?

nice weekend

sorry for these structure, i have some problem with the "handling" of new forumssoftware :-[
QuoteTry an other browser like Opera Mobile and you will get correct file formats.
Hi druki,
i tried it also with Opera downloaded .gpx and .kml, the importwindow apeares but not the Window where you can select the folder.
To import the files from gepsies i have downloaded with PC all works well