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Quote from: flyingman_ch on April 12, 2024, 17:50:36
Quote from: Menion on April 12, 2024, 08:03:24@Diddi
update of geocaches > there were some updates of Geocaching4Locus and if I am correct, the last one fixed this.
Updating geocaches does not work with
4 23.1
Geocaching4Locus 3.0.11
confirm :-[

the only way to update a single cache is via the button at the top right of the listings window > Tools > Update geocache
it is important to tell me if the feature comes from Geocaching4Locus or internal Locus Map. If you are un-sure, from where you start not working feature?
I don't know whether this comes from LM4 or GC4L
please watch the video
and sorry the behavior is exactly the vice versa as I wrote it in my post
@Andrew Heard
what map and theme do you use?
which zoom range?
with map rotation?
update cache, the progress bar is no longer available
you cannot see whether the update is running or hanging

Edit: the update is not completed for folders with more than ~800 caches
Edit2: update didn´t work at all :-[
Quote from: on April 08, 2024, 20:13:10.... but it shows all lab caches inclusive found.
and filter settings to sort them out do not work either
i´ve just tested
take or select photo work, photo is displayed and available in POI as well as in exported .kmz

Identical photo added via "select other files" is only visible ".JPG" in POI

If i see only the file extention .jpg or .png inside the POI, these files are not included in the exported .kmz although they can be opened inside Locus POI
Quote from: Graf Geo on March 31, 2024, 08:40:04Happy Easter to all!

Another issue with the new beta: GC Live Map does not work. No caches are displayed on the map.
(Not even with Geocaching for Locus.)

for me both work
Quote from: Graf Geo on March 18, 2024, 20:06:04Only the German translation of "collapse/expand" is not ideal. Perhaps "einklappen/ausklappen"

done, see next version ;)
Quotespeed improvement in opening the "Set the main directory" screen
thanks for improvement, now it takes ~4 min for me, half the time as before
Quotemaybe it just took very long? Give it a few minutes, please.
you are right, it takes ~8 minutes :P
Quote from: wollika on March 05, 2024, 13:04:23Nun fand ich von einer anderen Anwendung, die ich nicht mehr nutze zahlreiche Karten im Format .cmap.

kannst du mal eine kleine Karte/Kartenausschnitt in diesem .cmap Format gezippt hier bereitstellen?
I use the current AFA
file system manager/set the main directory > screen endless "loading"
QuoteOrdner navigation muss aber in cursors erstellet werden - oder?
nein, speichere die Dateien direkt unter navigation !
Den Pfad hast du ja schon gefunden
speichere die beigefügten Zip Dateien unter
Starte Locus neu.
Dann kannst du diese auswählen
beim gynta file wird für alle 3 Bewegungsarten (car, cycle, foot)ein roter nicht gefüllter Pfeil verwendet.
beim anderen sind es 3 verschieden Icons
Quote from: olliz on February 26, 2024, 17:13:03Interessanter Weise wird unter EINSTELLUNGEN -> NAVIGATION -> DARSTELLUNG -> bei Navigationscursor nur der Standard Cursor angeboten, der neue rote (gynta-red-color) scheint dort gar nicht auf.
was meinst du mit "der neue rote gynta-red-color ???
unter der entsprechenden Rubrik gibt es vom 2015 eine Datei zum runterladen