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Topics - balloni55

Seit Update auf die neue Version von Tapatalk habe ich das Problem, egal welche Option ich unter "Ladeverhalten" einstelle  dass beim Versuch den Beitrag zu öffnen auf den ersten Beitrag des Threads gesprungen wird und nicht auf den ausgewählten neuen :(
siehe Anlage
Kann dieses Verhalten jemand bestätigen? oder hab ich eine Einstellung falsch gesetzt oder übersehen?
Wenn jemand von der alte Version (altes icon) noch ne .apk hat würde ich mich über die Zusendung freuen ;)
I found no way to drop a TB which is in my inventory

Troubles & Questions / ^wrong icon "Archive"
March 31, 2014, 09:14:20
Hello menion
"Archive" icon is the same as "Write note"

Wishlist / please close "Whishlist"
March 26, 2014, 08:47:54
Hello Menion,
i think it will be a good time to close the whishlist on this board and forward it to
some users do not know this new side and others do not know where is the best place to ask ???
And you save time always pointing on this new side ;)
wird ja die Topokarte angeboten.
Die einzelnen Tiles sehen dann z.B. so aus
Bis jetzt konnte ich mit MOBAC und diesem Aufruf
die Karte auch erstellen. :)
Seit neuestem zeigt MOBAC jedoch Kacheln der "Outdooractive Sommer"  :( die eigentlich so aufgerufen werden
Wie kann ich das wieder ändern um Topokarten in MOBAC erstellen zu können?

Hat jemand diese TOPO-Karte als Onlinekarte für Locus? und zeigt sich dort auch dieses Verhalten?
Wishlist / GC option wishes
March 10, 2014, 10:50:24
please add an option to search for "GC........" code in "sort by window" geocaching options
add the logoptions "temporary disable cache/enable cache" to Field notes/Log your visit
Tools / BBQScreen - Display device screen on PC
February 20, 2014, 14:15:35
sometimes it is usefull to present your device screen for your audience on pc-monitor/beamer.
I found a suitable solution for rooted phones, the speed with usb or wifi is nearly realtime.
You are able to operate on device as usual, or with keyboard and mouse on pc.
Sorry,the quality of the created videoclip is not the best, but i think you see the necessary steps and funktion.

Required program for pc:   requirement: minimum WIN7
together with  free android app:
for general funktion test, it works 1 minute after each start.
If it works and you enjoy it:

At first connection my WIN7 firewall blocked the traffic and the device was not recogniced, i have to enter the IP by hand to connect till i changed the rules
WIN7/system/windows-firewall/advanced settings/incoming rules/"BBQ screenclient"/properties/general/allow connection
than the app is recogniced and i was able to connect by one click.

With my "SGS2 Android 4.0.3 IceCreamSandwich" the menue/home/return buttons are not displayed on pc, so i use this app to generate the softkeys for pc use:

Troubles & Questions / GC Offlinizer
January 26, 2014, 17:48:49
after a long time last weekend  i started the "GC Offlinizer" to update 1000Traditional Geocaches with wifi.
I get several error messages and i thought it depend on bad groundspeak server.
So i tried it oncemore today, but i get these error messages again :o
Independent of this error messages the prozess moves up to 100% with the result "1 fault"
At the end it was very laborious to close  over 50 faultwindows by hand one by one.
I think it would be better, to close all faultwindows with one click an an additional message apeares "50 caches not updated"

Troubles & Questions / move POI
January 11, 2014, 17:16:03
Hello menion,
there is a little problem when i try to move a POI from one folder to another and there exist a POI with the same name.
In popupwindow i have 3 possibilities, but no possibility to cancel this action and if i click on "skip" the POI i want to move is deleted!

Troubles & Questions / POI questions
January 01, 2014, 19:05:31
1.   POI/Attachement – Azimut
I do not understand the azimut value 50°/15°, both photos are shot from same position looking west (270°).

2.   Export question and wish
Exporting a POI with attached photo as .kmz and selected checkbox "Insert a formatted description" the POI and photo is displayed in GE well. :)
Exporting the same POI without selecting this checkbox, the size (1,4MB) of the .kmz is the same, but the photo is not displayed in GE. For what is the photo exported? Please can you explain the function of this checkbox.

Wish/question, is it possible to implement a checkbox in export dialog "compress photosize for web"?
I think for web 100KB/photo is good enough, otherwise the folder size grows unnecessary if more POI´s exported at once.

3.   Photo-POI
When I delete an opened POI, a checkbox is visible "Delete also files (photo) in memory". :)
If I want to delete more POI´s at once, this checkbox is not available and only the POI is deleted. :(

December 07, 2013, 15:33:34
Hello tommi
congratulations for 1000 posts in the forum ;D
i´m sure your "karma" grows up more and more 8)
nice weeked
Troubles & Questions / vote system
December 01, 2013, 19:28:03
Hello locus team,
why i can not vote on this thread :(
on other threads i am able to vote :D
Hi guys,
what do you think about collecting whishes of usable features for new "Navigation BETA" function? ;D
So menion and his team knows what we want ;)

8) 8) KICK OFF 8) 8)
Automatic restart of navigation after recalculation.
Example: on your route is a diversion and you have to leave the calculated route, currently navigation stop and change to guiding.
Navigation quickstart after route creation.
Example: currently you have to store the route or select "guide on" an close it, to start navigation.
Suitable icons, not only the green car:
Example: depending on creation modus of the route, a hiker, a biker or a car points the position.
Realistic time calculation basing on movement type
Example: hike 5Km/h, bike15 Km/h, car 60 Km/h, car fast 100 Km/h

I am looking forward to your additional helpful suggestions :) or alternative solution proposals
Troubles & Questions / Share&Export
November 30, 2013, 19:47:54
Hello menion
In manual ,,Export map content" you discribe
QuoteExport all current visible points and tracks on mapscreen
The export includes all loaded poi´s and tracks and not only the currently visible on screen of the device.
Do I misunderstand "mapscreen" in description, or is it a bug? :-[
Troubles & Questions / purchase credit with paypal
November 29, 2013, 09:24:28
Hello menion
nice new video ;)
pleace add possibility to pay in locusstore with paypal 8)
wenn ich mit "Route hinzufügen", diese erstellt habe, dann den grünen Haken klicke habe ich die Möglichkeit "speichern" oder "Guide on" zu wählen.
Wenn ich jetzt "Guide on" wähle und danach gleich wieder ausschalte kann ich durch Auswahl des temporären Tracks diesen mit der neuen "Navigieren BETA" Funktion nutzen. :)
Geht das auch ohne diesen Umweg?
Troubles & Questions / Geocaching tools
November 26, 2013, 15:20:20
while using "geocaching tools" i can draw lines and circles, but i haven´t  found posibility to hide this drawn lines.
Only workflow for me, close locus and restart :-[
Probably i am blind 8)
Wishlist / Register of all icons
November 17, 2013, 19:42:33
Hello menion,
if i write in forum and discribe a function, problem ore a workaround the used buttons i have to define .
So i used in past for example "threedottbutton"
Now i saw the official definition "menue"
To avoid misunderstandings a register with all in locus used buttons would be advantageous.
So all speak the same speech
Troubles & Questions / mixed language
November 16, 2013, 19:55:28
Hello Menion,
in official and betaversion language of explanations are mixed, setting language is english!

Wishlist / Cachelisting - two blemishes
November 16, 2013, 19:33:23
Hello menion,
the easyest way to implement an image to the cache listing is "upload image", so it is uploaded to GS and implemented as link in listing. An example you can see in one of my own caches .
See page source code GC4RJD2 line 587 and 589 also 983 "no print image.
1. depending on this structure the images are displayed twice in locus "listing/images"
2. the displayed imagesize is bigger than the devicescreen, so user have to scale down to see whole image. Is it possible to supress this behavior?