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Troubles & Questions / MapQuest address search
October 04, 2015, 09:32:50
Hi menion
address search with google and bing work well.
If is select MapQuest as source and do a long click on map, i allways get label "searching" and next label "Unknown address"
Hi menion
accidentally i´ve deleted the folder with my solved mysties last week. :-[
- so i made a backup with backup file from september on locus free
- next i export the complete folder of solved mysteries as .gpx within discription
- backup locus free with file from yesterday
- import of exported solved mysteries folder
now my issue:
- no red dot on displayed icons on map
- no original coords in listing tab displayed
after cache update, althought "keep data during import" is checked
- my solved cache coords are displayed as original coords in listing tab ???
- mystery coords are back as initial ???

Hi menion,
while import process of a PQ the button text in portrait isn´t complete visible, so i changed orientation to landscape,
At that moment never ending "importing info" appears :-[
Only solution for me: kill locus with taskmanager  ::)

Troubles & Questions / notification her on forum
August 03, 2015, 16:33:56
Hi menion,
since yesterday? i get no notification about new posts, althought it is set

e.g. on:

Troubles & Questions / Sort by GCVote
July 29, 2015, 10:04:08
Hi menion,
this option didn´t work for me :-[
Hi menion
if is set "always log offline" this work only for the first log i create for a geocache. If i create a second log for same geocache e.g. "write note" or "needs maintenance" window with additional online log option apeares, althaugh in settings is set "always log offline"
Hi menion, michal
in previus versions < V3.9 user was able to upload his logg as fieldnote
in manual it is discribed
Store offline - stores geocache log for later online logging
with no limitation to PRO
so for me the current situation is not logical.
If FREE user is able to create a logg, he should be able to upload it, minimum as fieldlog
or if this is not desired, mark option "creat a logg" only available with PRO
Troubles & Questions / theme trial problem
June 25, 2015, 14:32:48
Hi Petr,
after my purple rectangle problem  ;) i baught a new Baden Wurttemberg map  date 5.6.15
with this map i found till now one broken track  trial
theme hiking, red tack trial > ZL13
theme cycle, magenta track trial > ZL14

Troubles & Questions / map folder link
June 24, 2015, 21:04:51
where does this red marked folder link come from and how can i delete it ? Content is equal the green one
The green one is as I expected it and i know how to delete it if i want ;)

Troubles & Questions / puple rectangle
June 23, 2015, 08:54:49
with vectormap Germany or Baden Wurttemberg  from store and theme cycling i get a purple rectangle
(coords see scrennshot)  using ZL 14-17

trackables inside own or logged geocaches are neither shown in geocache label nor the tab with TB inside the cachedetails.
So i didn´t recognize if there is any available.
Only if i try to make an onlinelog it is possible to see the inventary
Hello menion,
while recording a track i  add a POI with  attachement "take photo" :)
i export track as kmz and open file in GE, photo is displayed behind text/values :-[

Hi menion,
if user import geocaches by GC-link, downloaded.gpx or PQ and open cache listing with available internet connection preparing on sofa the upcoming tour, listing photos are displayed. 8)
But these photos are not stored inside locus and this is deceptive! :(
On next tour with no internet connection (outdoor or in other country) these photos aren´t available anymore, this is annoying and not logical. ::)

Is it possible to change this behavior? Images that were once visible are stored automatic and visible also without internet connection.

Of course, I know "Offlinizer" ;)
Troubles & Questions / video in reimported kmz
April 10, 2015, 09:45:49
Hello menion
i create a POI with attachement photo and video, export it as gpx and as kmz and reimport both to locus, only the reimported gpx work well.
If i click the link in reimported kmz movieplayer starts and message "can´t play this video" appeares :-[

Hi menion
if i open a folder in datascreen the subfolders are visible (content scroll up)
but if i open last folder, subfolder keep hidden, so i have move content by hand to see subfolder.
see video
Troubles & Questions / milky window
March 27, 2015, 16:32:34
i think same issue was reported from other actions, so only for info
if i click "menue" when compass is visible nearly unreadable window appeares

Hello menion,
until now in locus FREE and PRO number in app icon is 68 and for addons/coapps the number in app icon always was 63.
But now the new GC4L icon has also number 68 in icon ?
What is the signification of this number?
Hi menion,
in german board we discuss and found no solution to display long discription
and now i found that this problem is in multible languages, so my question, ist it possible to display complete text in two lines?

Troubles & Questions / widget status indication
January 12, 2015, 13:59:55
Hello menion,
if i start "record track" after new start of PRO the widget buttons don´t change color nighter start/stop nor paused/unpaused.
If click green "widget button" recording stop, from now it work as expected.
See video

My blue log Icon "didn´t found" on map is overwritten when i update this cache with GC4L and displayed as e.g. Multi