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wo finde ich eine Zeichenerklärung aller Warnsymbole?

unter "Map shading" gibt es eine Option Aspect
was die bunte Darstellung der Karte aber bedeuten soll verstehe ich nicht :P

Diese IDefinition wird noch im Übersetzungsprogramm angeboten

Key: shading_maps_type_aspect
shading map by slope orientation

You cannot view this attachment.
Troubles & Questions / GC logtypes
November 14, 2023, 19:38:24
Hello menion

the naming of two log types and one icon has changed

QuoteThe Needs Maintenance log type is renamed to Owner attention requested to more accurately reflect the intent behind the log type.
The Needs Archived log type is renamed to Reviewer attention requested to more accurately reflect the intent behind the log type.
Hello menion
In the original listing of the example the font "Comic Sans MS" is used.
I don't know which font is taken in the open listing in locus, but this one is outdoor very hard to readYou cannot view this attachment.
Web portal & sync / DNF icon is not displayed
February 09, 2023, 08:50:44
DNF logged caches are still displayed in the webmap with their original iconYou cannot view this attachment.
wenn ich einen POI erstelle und ein Bild dazu aufnehme erscheint eine (nervige) Abfrage...
gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Popup Abfrage abzuschalten?
Beim erstellen eines Photo POIs erscheint die Abfrage nicht
Gruß Wolfgang
Troubles & Questions / Android 12 limitations
September 28, 2021, 11:43:07
Hello menion
with reference to the following post
and your answer
QuoteBut since Android 12, Locus Map won't be able to choose any app at all
Do I understand correctly that it will probably no longer be possible to access/collaborate with Locus on e.g. GC4L, Fieldnotes, GraphHopper, Yours and so on? :o
Question for the development team and all users who already use Android 11

For my Samsung XCover 4S the rollout for A11 is available next month via update, should I allow the update or block the system updates forever?

I have both LM-Pro and LM4 installed on the internal memory card.
On the external SD are all maps and strm data stored.
From another app files are saved to locus/mapItems.

- are there any restrictions after the update ?
- is there anything that needs to be changed in the folder structure ?


Information / notifications of old posts
March 30, 2021, 07:32:01
is forum hacked??
today i get many notifications :o
ich habe meine Vectorkarten und Themes auf der externen SD und das Verzeichnis entsprechend in den Einstellungen definiert.
Bei einem Kartendownload vom Locus Store werden die Karten wie gewünscht auf der externen SD gespeichert.
Wenn ich aber eine Karte von
über den Browser des Smartphones/Locus runterlade, werden diese Karten auf der internen SD gespeichert.
Warum ist das so und kann ich das ändern?

Solange genügend freier interner Speicher vorhanden ist funktioniert das ja und ich kann die Karte anschließend auf die externe SD verschieben.

Gruß Wolfgang
since few days i get no notification, toggle button in thread´s display "UNNOTIFY"
so i should get a info mail.
Same behavior an threads i made a comment, or threads i´ve marked for notification
Hello menion
neither reading manual nor from playing arrond i´m able to understand function or use case of this feature :( please describe it a little bit more for me ...

and BTW, german translation in manual should be revised
- missing one letter and a word in this part
- some unneeded code
Troubles & Questions / helpdesk
February 09, 2019, 09:09:58
can´t enter
since today :-[
i am not able to build a exeption for the URL in Firefox

Troubles & Questions / generated OSM poi´s
August 27, 2018, 13:52:17
Hello menion
functionality of OSM poi´s generated  with e.g. "Osmosis + JOSM" or "overpass turbo wizzard"
as .gpx and imported to locus sould be improved.

For example,
i plan a camping holiday and generate poi´s for my holiday area in advance, to decide on tour where i want to rest.
- for now the relevant links (mail, website, phone) are not clickable, the only clickable link (not rearly needed ;) ) produce an error

Hi menion
why are the coords of a projection not accurate?
i have done example projection 5000m N/E/S/W
horizontal projection isn´t accurate in the x-axis
vertical projection isn´t accurate in the y-axis

Hi menion
while logging a TB without comment  red label "log failed" apeares.
I think a label with hint e.g. "missing comment" will be more helpfull
Hi menion
distance values are always updated in "poi popup label", "guid to line",  "guidance panel", "data folder" :)
only inside detailed popup label there is no auto update, i have to reopen this label to get updated value

Hello menion
creating a new Mystery where a animated gif file is needed for solving, i struggle a little bit using different devices :-[
For tests i us one of my own Tradis
for now it work as expected on PC :)
Inside this listing you see on PC the animated GIF and a link "Ball", after click on this link this animated GIF works also :D

on my old SGS2 with CM 14
- the animated GIF work,
- with the dropbox link "Ball" only the first frame is visible ??? if i click "in der App öffnen" result > Website not available"

on my Moto G3 with MM 6.0.1
- the animated GIF didn´t work, only first frame is visible :-[
- the dropbox link "Ball" didn´t work :-[

the code i insert to my listing:
<a href="">Ball</a><br />
<br />
<a href=""><img alt="Testball" src="" border="0" height="720" width="1280" /></a><br />
Hello menion
opaque means full covering color? or not :-\

Hi menion, Arcao
few questions:
- my device language is german and Locus(beta) language is english. All text of GC4L is displayed in german why?

- i have set "screen always on" in locus, but if window e.g. "import list" or "caches arround" is opened, these screens get dark after a while?!
- if i use "import lists" only my bookmarklists are available but not my watchlist, can they also be added?