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I think you're spot on, you want to change a set of options and the current solution could be presets - if we convince Menion to make maps part of the system. I tried already, but he wasn't convinced.

Btw, do you know longtap mapscreen content button toggles previous/last map? This may help you a bit. I toggle between oam vector vs. offline satmap this way. Have never really noticed the unwanted map shading on satmaps.

Maybe there's a way to create a merger of offline satmap + overlay, idk
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I'll add NTRIP officially to the next app version.

Guys, very nice comments here, thanks all. Made me laugh  :D

crash with guidance > ah, got it, thanks!

copyright button is a good many-years-old button and you want to remove it?  :-X I'm worried that terms of use of (almost) all maps require visible copyright on the screen when map is used.

What do you want to do with the app UI? Even if you remove it completely, there is still a colored map so it should not help at all.

Sharing point: you are trying to share basic point stored in the app data manager? Because this works to me correctly, so there has to be something special ...

hmm problems with Audio coach .. I'm using it almost daily and no problems noticed. They should also really change with the change of recording profile. Will have to check it ...

@Viajero Perdido
Right swipe to dismiss point > I know I know. Not so easy now  ::), sorry

Please check in the side panel if online or offline LoPoints are enabled.

@Andrew Heard
99% stuck in notify center > hmm. Never noticed this. Anyway, all data are downloaded correctly so it is only a visual problem right?

Rare problems with elevation at the start of recording > I know I know. As I wrote somewhere, in the app exists a mechanism to prevent this problem, but seems not to be strong enough. There are options, so I'll look at it. Fortunately, editing & remove of few starting points is working and it is not a complicated task.
hehe, it is named "Line to destination"  :)

And the color ... as I see, it should inherit color from the navigation line style.


Uff  :)
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It would be cool if the Locus Map included the ntrip client.
I use a mock location app that can connect to the ntrip server separately because of rtk
If you can connect to the ntrip server in Locus Map, it will be convenient because one processor disappears.
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Hi guys,
I see it also, both important geocaching add-ons currently have problems with, at least, maintenance. With the field-notes add-on I believe it is not a big problem because even without this add-on, Locus Map itself may serve well.

With G4L, it really is a problem and @balloni55 question is correct. I ask myself the same. I did not invest too much time into geocaching features during the last two years (maybe except new "points" screen) and in case, G4L stops working at all or will be removed from the Google Play, I'm willing to implement at least core G4L functionality (downloading & live map) directly into Locus Map app.
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Hallo Wolfgang,

in dem Menü sind Overlays deaktiviert.
ich hab einen screenshot attached.

ERLEDIGT dein Hinweis war gut. Ich hatte noch eine WMS aktiv - das hat den Fehler verursacht.

vielen Dank für die Hilfe, Gruß Werner
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Hi, typo corrected, thanks for reporting it.
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Works now. Bug with increasing its size per tap. Last step makes it fullscreen just for a moment, then window disappears.
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Ah damn, I was a little tired in the evening and fully forget about this ...

Sorry, versions uploaded, thanks!
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I know I know. Andrew already reported this a few days ago here and I'm still unable to correctly simulate it. But I'll look at it more precisely at Monday, promise  :)

Alternative turn-off method > hmm I did no changes here. Interesting ...

"Hide" button. Agree with @freischneider, there is no space for another button. Anyway to explain: the app simply creates a list of buttons that should be placed at the bottom and only a certain number is visible, the rest is in the "three-dot" menu. So I promised a long time ago some kind of customization here > and this is ideal adept > allow to define order of these buttons.
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Switching between maps is something I do very frequently on the trail, most of the time toggling between OSM and a satellite map. I believe this is a very frequent operation in Locus, especially now that you have these gorgeous satellite maps in Gold without google hacks. Anyway, map changing has become a bit of a cumbersome multi-tap operation recently: tap on the map icon, tap on the current map name (feels a bit illogical here), find new map in the list, tap on new map name. One could probably put the quick map change function in a toolbar, but that doesn't make the tap orgy less complex really.

How about using a long tap on the map icon (currently unused) to toggle between the previously selected map and the current one? That would make things super-easy and fast if all you need is two maps, like OSM and Satellite.
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Good evening Menion,
I read the impressive release notes, which make me eager to understand WHAT is now different re. file system. And what that means for AFA and for non-AFA versions.
TXs and cheers and have a nice weekend
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Nein, der Fehler lag darin, dass wenn sich bei einem Theme Update der Name der Zip-Datei ändert (Version) auch das entsprechende Preset angepasst werden muss.
Geschieht das nicht läd das Preset das Standard Theme.
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In many weeks of testing I have developed a Windwos batch script to generate maps for Locus which are very close to maps probided by OpenAndroMaps. This script enables you to generate a topographic map for any area of the world.

The script and all necessary software will run on a "normal" Windows 10 PC. All details will be found on my website. Although the website is in German, you can translate the most parts easily and the script inself is mostly in English. You will find download links for the map-generation-script, all necessary other scripts and download links for all software packages.

The maps generated with this script will be named OpenOutdoorMap (OOM) . There is also a test-map for download.

I am happy to get any feedback und suggestions.

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your zip file contains some non-UTF8 characters and because of this, the app is unable to extract it (and crash). I've fixed it so the next version only notifies about the incorrect theme. Check the modified version from Willy, it works correctly.
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Quote from: bezel on December 25, 2021, 15:38:28
gerade wegen der Übersichtlichkeit wollte ich kein neues Thema aufmachen - geht hier ja um das aktuelle update.
Auch ich als Thread Starter möchte dich bitten einen neuen Thread aufzumachen!!!!!!!!!
Es wird sonst für mich sehr schwer alles aufzunehmen.
Das Ganze LMP ist neu für mich, und daher möchte ich dich wirklich, wirklich bitten Rücksicht zu nehmen.
Du meinst vielleicht, das du nur ein kleines Problem hast, was locker nebenbei bearbeitet werden kann.
Für mich sieht das so aus, das ich keine Map App kenne, die so gut ist.
Und, entweder ich kriege das wieder hin, oder ich kann mir ein neues Handy kaufen?
Also lass mich bitte mit meinem Problem Antworten finden, und setze dich bitte nicht über das ganz normale höfliche Miteinander hinweg.
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