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Hello menion
V 4.24.3 well done 8)
for me both problems from #10 are solved!

I noticed the following today:
when I drive into a tunnel, the map cursor remains visible on the portal and the satellite icon remains green although no satellite is visible.
Is this intentional?
procedure similar to video in #10
Log with V4.24.2.1
Hello menion
log is not possible in official version, so only a screencast
I have different presets with different maps and themes which are displayed correctly although "no map selected" is displayed in the preset settings.
It is not possible to select a map, even if I create a new preset
Hello menion
I have the same behavior with V4.23 and V4.24 as reported in the following post
when I go to the map selection and select a map, this map and the selected theme are displayed.
if i switch to another preset the map and theme info is missing
see screenshot
Hallo Johann
schau mal

In der Karte liegt die Koordinatenkreuzung zwar nördlich  der Wegbiegung, aber vom Grundsatz her sollte es stimmen
Gruß Wolfgang

import geocache by "link" as well as by locus "GC code" work again, thanks and nice weekend
Hello menion
hope you´ll find some helpfull info in attached log file

first i´ve tried to import two different geocaches by link
next i´ve tried to import a geocache by GC code
QuoteDoes this happen for all the links you've tried or just this single cache?
yes for all

QuoteDoes a live map or downloading of caches work without a problem for you?

Download by GC-code dosn´t work as also reporteted by other user
Hallo Johann
schon erstaunlich was ChatGPT da beschreibt

Beim ersten drüberlesen passt fast alles, einzig bei der beschriebenen Methode wie die kalibrierte kmz in Locus importiert werden soll habe ich meine Zweifel.
ich kopiere diese erstellte Datei nach Locus/mapItems.

Zum "Anpassen"
orientiere dich nicht an den Ecken, da dort meist keine "kartensichere" Punkte zu sehen sind.
Schau nach Straßenkreuzungen, Flussläufen, Stromleitungen und sonst klar erkennbaren Kanten und Landschaftsverläufen.

Viel Erfolg
Gruß Wolfgang
Hallo Johan
ich erstelle/kalibriere aus der Bilddatei (jpg/png/tif) eine kml/kmz mit GoogleEarth am PC und zeige diese in Locus als Aktives Element an
Gruß Wolfgang
#46 no improvement ?!
also the import of a geocache with the GC code and locus GC tools does not work
Hello menion
I have been testing different settings over the last few days and have noticed the following.
For me the problem occurs both with
OAM and TOTM theme
as well as with
Lomap and hike§bike theme
when the map rotation is activated.

If I set the map orientation to north up, the problem does not occur.

Example: hiking biking ZL16-18
I start locus with the map orientation set to north up then memory of 180 +-20MB is used no matter how long locus runs.
If I switch on map rotation, the amount of memory used increases. After half an hour approx. 400MB.
If I switch back to map orientation north, the used memory volume remains in this range

maybe this info will help you
Quote from: Andrew Heard on May 17, 2024, 17:04:06Has anyone else experienced this?
with i have had also some FC problems
but with these problems are gone
Quote from: Andrew Heard on May 10, 2024, 18:41:51working for everyone else?
AFA.4 work for me

#50 confirm solved