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I continued my investigations.
I use the theme : Osmarender

The folowing capture is strange :

Zoom Level 9, and Scale : 30km
After restart Locus

You can see the same Zoom Level 9, but the scale is 50km !!! and the city name Strabourg is dislay

Please find the screen capture with zoom level information :

Strange isn't it  ?


1) The parameter Language doesn't work !
I change the language from French to English. I restart Locus and the texts are still in French !

2) After import a map with POI from the Map Manager and the Item tab, the POI icons are always in small size even if the parameter Icon Size is Big.

3) Is it possible to display the keyboard when adding a new point to change the default name.
Because if i seletect the name of the point, the key keybord is display, but the text is not selected, so if i want input a new name i must delete all char of the default name.


Locus Pro 2.52
HTC One S with ICS
Hi Menion

I tested several skin (Classic Map, Osmarender, gzx) and the problem is the same.
But, when i used the application AdvanceMapViewer from Mapsforges, the city name are displayed correctly depending on the zoom level.


My question is : How does text display with vector maps based on the zoom level ?
Because I find it strange how Locus works.

You find the screenshot that explains this.

You can see a map of a region of France with the city of Mulhouse :

After increasing the zoom level, the name of the city of Mullouse disappears !

After increasing the zoom level, all city names disappear !!

After increasing the zoom level, the name of the Mulhouse city is come back !!!

How explain that ?

Best Regards

Locus Pro 2.52
Wishlist / Re: Some little improvement
July 06, 2012, 15:23:08

About the 2), on my HTC One S with ICS, some application display a keyboard with direction key.
For example in the contact manager :

The direction keys are shown without user intervention, and i can't show or hide this key.

And you can see the button Cancel/Save (Annuler/Enregistrer in french) just above the keyboard, is it fine isn't it   ;)

Troubles & Questions / POI Icon
July 06, 2012, 15:01:57

When you change the POI Icon categorie the POI icon change to the default icon (black star on orange background)


Locus Pro 2.51
HC One S with ICS
Wishlist / Some little improvement
July 05, 2012, 08:14:51

1) Is it possible to have the ok/cancel on the top of the screen to avoid to hide the keyboard to see the ok/cancel button

2) is it possible to have the direction arrows with the keybord during input text.

3) is it possible to have the text "Unknwon adress" selected in the creation of new POI, to  avoid to erase "Unknow adress" char by char!

Best regards

I think there is a bug in the track screen when you delete all the track, the screen is fully white!!

Locus Pro 2.5

I create a track with custom POI icons.
I import this google track with the Locus function Google My Map
I can see perfectly my track and my custom icons, but i think the icon size is not correct,  they are display with the small size even if i selected the big size the in the locus parameter.
But if i restart Locus all my icons are replaced by the information Locus icon.
After a short investigation i think that the problem is that the url of the custom icons use https.
I export my google track in a kml file, i replace in the kml file https by http, i import this kml file in Locus and the icons are ok.

Thank by advance
Troubles & Questions / POI Icons
June 05, 2012, 20:09:07

When i create a POI i can change the icon, but after is not possible to modify the POI icon's


Android ICS
Locus Pro ver 2.4.2