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I create this kml myself with google maps.

If i select this file in the Data Items tab, i can see the POI and the track on the map,
But if i use the Import with the Tools Button, Locus doesn't import POI, and i just can select the categorie for the track.

There are 30 POI in the kml file, so I expect to import this POI, not only the track !!!
Troubles & Questions / Pb to import some kml file
January 12, 2013, 11:27:00

When i try to import the attached kml file, Locus does'nt import the POI, only the track.
It's strange, because it worked préviously, and work with other kml file.

Best regards
Themes - Vector maps / Re: Display Motorway junction
December 20, 2012, 17:06:39
I have a question :
The mapsforg plugin for OSMOSIS desn't include junction information in the map file ?
Themes - Vector maps / Display Motorway junction
December 20, 2012, 13:05:52

I would like display the mototway junction icon in the vector map.
So i added the following statement (in bold) in the xml theme

<rule e="node" k="*" v="*">
       <rule e="node" k="highway" v="*">      
           <rule e="node" k="highway" v="motorway_junction" zoom-min="14">
                        <symbol src="file:/symbols/motorway_exit.png" />


and i put the motorway_exit.png file in the right directory.

But it seem that it doesn't display what i want.

Do have i idea ??
Implemented / Re: Import
November 17, 2012, 18:39:39
Thank you menion !!
Implemented / Import
November 05, 2012, 19:16:53

In the Data Elements Tabs, is it possible to add the import capability in the tools buton:

With Best regards

I have some problem with the Locus version 2.6

1) I use the french vector map, and i select the kml file attached with the data item menu.
The track and the POI are are displayed correctly.
When i move the map to the left (more than halft of the screen), all POI and the track disappear,and if i move the map to the right the POI and track appear !!
If i import this kml file i do not have this problem

2) I select a "Data Items" with POI and tracks, and when i restart Locus there are no POI and track on the screen.
    Locus does'nt restore the items selected before the restart.

3) When i try to import the attached kml file or other kml file, Locus said "Imported 1 tracks" but in the Track and Points Tab there are no data.
   I must leave and launch the Data Screen to see the imported track.
   In the kml file there are POI and in the "Points Tab" there are no POI !!
   (In the Import Data dialog The option "Only Display" is not checked)
   And on the map the POI icon are red circle and not the custom POI in the KML file.
   If i use the import with "Data Items" the customs POI icons are ok.
   Is not possible to modify the POI, and the only possibility is delet !!!

I attached a kml file.


Thank for your answer menion
With the Import data, the POI icons are Ok
With Map manger/Items Tab the POI icons are very small dot

Please find a gpx file.
Look the POI icon "Orly Ouest - Voiture de Location", it is display with a very samll dot.
The other POI icons are ok because i allready imported with data connexion other gpx file with the same icon

Troubles & Questions / Map Manager, Items Tab
August 06, 2012, 06:34:48

In the The Map nanager , Items Tab, after importing a item, the items list is scrolled and I can't see the item I had imported.
Remark have many items in the list.

Wishlist / Google Drive and more
August 06, 2012, 06:32:03

Is it possible to Locus to scan the Google drive pinned docs files, for the map items.


I observed the same issue, with the Locus 2.5.4 the last week end during a hiking.


Is not possible to have a default icon icon like black star on orange background.
If I remember correctly it worked like that in a previous version.


Locus Pro
HTC One S with ICS

After importing a map with the Map Manager menu and  Items tab, without data connection, the POI icons are very small dot !!!