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Implemented / Re: Map scale
May 15, 2012, 02:45:44
Hello Jurajs,

Ah - I see. Yes, that would be nice: small scale / small scale with zoomlevel / large scale

This is an interesting idea! I never thought of it.

I often use GPS when walking cross-country, both off-road and off-trail, often through steep, bushy, tick-infested terrain. I have definitely been in the situation where I am fiddling with those little buttons to zoom in as I approach my waypoint. I think I might using such a feature if it were available! I don't know why it never occurred to me before. For reasons I am not quite sure of, I tend not to use the compass and just stick to the map. I don't like hitting buttons while I am struggling to get to my target.
Implemented / Re: Map scale
May 15, 2012, 00:54:46
My first post on this forum...

It is true that the measurement can be a bit odd, like 820ft in my case typically, but what would be really helpful is if it were just easier to see. If it was printed in a bold text, and the scale line that is drawn was also bolder or thicker, and maybe a different color ... I would be able to see it more clearly!

In addition, I would like to see an option to include printing of the map zoom level such as (16) next to the scale, either on left or right-hand side. For reasons I am not quite sure of, I find myself often wondering what level I am actually using. This is usually more important to me than the scale itself. I usually leave the Information Panel on "GPS," not "Map."