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@skids: Thank you for pointing to this, I can wait for a general solution. "Quick map change" - did not know this, great tip!

@mimichris: Thanks, will try this next time!

Thanks, jusc!
Your procedure works fine, I tested and I can have different area maps to stay under a certain file size limit.
But Locus does not find the neighbour maps automatically. This is what I did:

1. rename the "Mainland" folder generated through TopoMap to the name of its area
2. rename the Mainland.otrk2.xml in the folder to that same area name
3. replace all occurrences of "Mainland" in the XML file to that same area name
4. copy all area folders to:  Locus/maps/, resulting in such a structure (just as an example):

The maps are there, I can open them, they work, but I need to open each one manually, Locus does not automatically move to the neighbour at the borders.
Not a big deal for me, it is still wonderful to have the maps.
But maybe it is just a small mistake I made? Or a misunderstanding about how the neighbour map detection works?

(P.S. Thanks for the tip about Android 4.0, did not know it raises the file size limit. But I am not quite ready yet to update, everything works so well at the moment!)

Quote from: "jusc"
Quote from: "ukuest"
1. How are you all handling the 2 GB limit?
2. Is it possible to cut the map of France in different areas and Locus puts them together?
3. Can the maps created by TopoMap be renamed? Or use different folders?

1. Update your phone to Android 4.0 or later.  :mrgreen:  But Attention at the moment for Galaxy Note. I read something about problems by Samsung with ICS
2. Yes, no, normally Locus finds the "neighbour" map. But I have to test it.
3. Yes, move your created "Mainland" map p. e. to "France_Nord" directory and rename Mainland.otrk2.xml to France_Nord.otrk2.xml.
Do the same inside your (new) France_Nord.otrk2.xml.

Works for me too! Fantastic, thank you Menion!  :D
I have not expected you would make this possible so quickly.

So far I went up to 1,7 GB in one map without real problems.
Topomap sometimes seems to get stuck, but on restarting it finishes the job.

How are you all handling the 2 GB limit?
Is it possible to cut the map of France in different areas and Locus puts them together?
Can the maps created by TopoMap be renamed? Or use different folders?

I also would like to renew my support for this request.
We just came back from hiking 2 weeks in north-east France, Lorraine, Vosges and Alsace.
Locus was our constant companion and performed admirably, thanks Menion!

BUT the state of off-road OSM data is still very inconstant there. There were areas where for >50 km there was absolutely nothing on any OSM-based map except some car roads, whereas Google maps has almost all of the tiny footpaths and forestry roads there.
Frankly, without Google maps we would have been lost (although we got lost twice when Google maps thought there was a footpath, when in fact there was none...).

What I am saying is that for France, the superb quality of the Géoportail/IGN topo maps seemingly can not be replaced by any free alternative at the moment, at least not for the off-road hiker.
So I think if it is doable at all, it would be worthwhile to include those French IGN maps into Locus. They will be unsurpassed for quite some time.

The France IGN (Géoportail) topo maps are beautiful. Extremely detailed.

I too would love to be able to use them im Locus!

But the vector contour maps with hiking theme, made by jurajs, together with a hillshade overlay, are a good substitute I think.
Also, as vector maps, they need very little space. Which is good for offline storage when hiking outside of mobile coverage.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Hiking v0.6
« on: May 20, 2012, 10:16:56 »
Thanks, jurajs!
Very nice. Working well.

The village captions are now visible in most cases.  
(If you want to keep working on this and you need an example where it is still not working:
at N 49°26.703' E 06°57.895' "Thalexweiler" and "Schellenbach" disappear in level 14).

At the moment I can only see one thing that I might want to have improved or changed in your theme:
Small tracks or footpaths (I don't know the correct terminology) - the ones that are striped - are not easy to see at level 13. This is a bit of a pity, because these tracks are the most important ones for us hikers. At 14, their visibility is improved, but still they could be a bit easier to see. Maybe make their colour a bit stronger?
(Could be that my "problem" here is the high screen resolution of my Galaxy Note, on most other devices resolution is lower.)

Other than this small point, I am very happy with your work, can't wait to test it out for real soon (my hiking holidays start 1st June) - thanks a lot.

Maps / Re: [MAPS] - Vector maps (with terrain contour lines)
« on: May 16, 2012, 07:09:55 »
Looking forward to further improvements on the hiking theme.
One thing I noticed is that the names of some villages disappear at certain zoom levels, most often at 14, sometimes also at 13. At level 12 they are all there. It is not a big problem, I can always zoom ou to find the name, but it seems to show some underlying scaling problems.

Maps / Re: [MAPS] - Vector maps (with terrain contour lines)
« on: May 15, 2012, 14:39:25 »
Downloading Germany now .. thank you so much, jurajs!

These maps are beautiful. I use the hiking 0.5 theme and the Hike&Bike Hillshade overlay.
Works great, looks fantastic. Almost like a real topographical map.

Going on a long hike along the French-German border in a couple of weeks, and now I have France + Germany complete in my phone, in under 2 GB!
(No more thousands of MobileAtlasCreator tile downloads before every holiday...)

Thanks again!

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