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I have tried to do wat you Nension, suggested by make a route /convert to navigation my self made route. this is his text. I understand what you want ...

best method (if you want to use locus for this task) should be just import break points from your trip. Let's say you'll see on map 10 points. Import them, display them on map. Then tap menu > feature > add new route & measure. Tap on third button on new panel and select by which method you want to compute your route (car, bike ...). After selection, button will remain highlighted, that mean that all new points will be connected with computed route. Now just tap on points on map and always press first button which will cause that point will be added to new route (and also computed route between previous and new point)

Now I tried it but I dont get any results. Can you again said how I must do it what you proposed.

Thanks in advance.

Jan Kardol Netherlands.