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I needed more time to correct my phone type in seetings than you to notice and reply to my post, unbelievable :)
Indeed, there is a new tab "Items" in Map manager. It was trivial to figure out how to use it, I can see first of my maps already. Good design, thank you!

Quote from: "menion"
1. import KMZ file like in normal import
2. if will contain GroundOverlay layer, it will be displayed on map
3. to work with this layer (currently only hide/ show / delete), go to functions > map item manager

Is map item manager available in stable release or it is devel-only? I have Locus Pro 2.3.1 and cannot find the manager in functions  :(
I have few topo maps in kmz format, they contain nothing but GroundOverlay tiles. After importing one of them, I can find unzipped jpg tiles in /Locus/data/import but can't see any way to display them.

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