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Add-ons / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
« on: March 18, 2020, 09:49:42 »
Yes, distance was frozen on watch screen after resuming. I recorded two such broken activities on a long hike with a 30 minutes pause. However, when I try to reproduce the problem on short (testing) hikes, everything seems to work correctly. If I identify conditions when the problem occurs, I will post once more.

BTW: I also vote for Edge support. Please, please, pretty please  :)

Add-ons / Re: Locus Map for Garmin
« on: March 11, 2020, 15:53:06 »
I am very happy with Locus Map on my Vivoactive 3. Taking a hike is so much easier with navigation on my wrist. If I take a longer break, I pause activity recording to get better stats. However, when I use Resume, collection of stats is not resumed. GPS track, elevation and heart rate are all recorded. On the other hand, distance and speed are ignored. I tried two approaches available in my Vivoactive 3:
  • press the hardware button and keep presented screen during break time and then press Resume
  • press the hardware button, press Keep Paused, press the hardware button, press Resume
Neither of them worked. I attach a screenshot of an activity that documents the problem.

Troubles & Questions / Re: New polish map from Openstreetmap?
« on: February 02, 2014, 11:37:24 »
Thank you. Everything is clear now.

Troubles & Questions / Re: New polish map from Openstreetmap?
« on: January 31, 2014, 14:46:46 »
I tried recently to use Hike & Bike of but Locus displayed "Not exists". However, it still exists in a web browser:
Classic and Classic+relief works correctly in Locus.

Can you check it, please?

Thank you,

Let me try to show the problem with blurring. Here you have a source tile (cropped), the one that exists in data/import:

Here you can see how it is displayed in

As you can see, it is much harder to read any text. I believe it looked better in previous releases of Locus. Original tile (uncropped) has a rather unusual size 1090x1129. I'm afraid it matters if you do any resizing...

BTW, yesterday I had a chance to do uninterrupted 5h recording of a track with GroudOverlay being displayed all the time. No crash! Swype was quick when I was describing waypoints! I was able to do text messaging and I used a calendar. Bugfixed Locus is not that hungry on resources :)

6 fixed the crash! I can use Locus as previously, thanks!
Regarding the blurring, I might have raised false alarm. I have maps at different scales and it is a little bit hard to compare visible image to an image kept in memory and compare their quality. I checked another map I have and it looks ok. Sorry for the mess...

Quote from: "menion"
please check this test version ... .6.1.1.apk. I found small bug in resampling, so maybe this will help on crashes.

I installed it and tested. Behaviour is exactly the same. I add map item, Locus zooms-out, I zoom-in and quit. When open again, Locus is very slow to display tiles. There were 4 tiles to display and I waited maybe 15 seconds for the last one to appear. When it appeared, I tried to slide map but Locus was not responsive. Soon after it crashed. It behaves as if it loaded many more tiles than the needed 4. That would explain slow appearing of needed tiles, non responsive gui when all 4 tiles are displayed and the final crash, possibly caused by OutOfMemory.

Quote from: "menion"
But about quality it's interesting. Only thing I changes is that now images should be little bit blurred (anti-aliasing enabled)

Well, it is blurred, I agree. Way too much... Until now I was impressed by quality of jpg overlay displayed by Locus. Literally impressed.

Quote from: "menion"
solution on this is simple - just rename little bit your KMZ file ...
It worked, thanks for the trick.
Quote from: "menion"
anyway this is quite weird. I added into Locus small protection mechanism against huge KMZ tiles. What KMZ map are you using? Is publicly available, so I can test it?
My maps are not but there is one made public for testing purposes: ...
It should have similar tile size to the maps I have, it is the same publisher.

Hello Menion,

I am very much impressed how quickly you improve Locus but this time you were too quick ;) I cannot use Locus anymore :(
Here is what I did. I updated Locus and opened it with a vector map selected. Then I opened Data (Manager?) and checked a big kmz GroundOverlay. As previously, Locus zoomed-out automatically to 30km scale and started loading and displaying GroundOverlay tiles. I did not wait but clicked zoom-in few times to go to 500m scale. I was pretty disappointed to notice that tile quality degraded badly. Then I quit application to check the re-implemented feature to remember selected map items. When I started Locus again, it displayed first tile (low quality again) but I needed to wait quite long before it displayed another tile and finally it crashed soon after. When I tried to start Locus again, its progress bar stopped at 70% while it was displaying GroundOverlay tiles and it crashed. Now I cannot disable Map Item to get a working Locus. Is there an xml file with settings that I could edit?

Quote from: "menion"
...I really suggest to set as a background "Online > Blank" map, which take almost zero memory so quite useful in your case. Also handy should be "reduce visibility of recorded points" (in settings >track record) to some lower (100 - 1000) number. It will also save some power and memory

Thanks for tips. I will remember them when testing track-recording in the updated Locus.

Hello Menion,
Quote from: "menion"
Hi mdmystko,
  I just few hours ago discovered also that Locus do not remember items. It's issue caused by merging points/tracks/items into one screen. This is already fixed and will be working again in next version

That's what I suspected so I am not surprised but pleased a lot. Thanks!  :D

Quote from: "menion"
 anyway about usability. You see some changes in last version when loading images from KMZ files? It's correct that Locus is trying to load all visible! images from KMZ files at once, but all are reduced to only required size and also all are throw away immediately when not needed.

Last Saturday I used Locus, the version with re-designed Item Manager and without the feature to remember selected map items. It did crash after about an hour of track recording. Application restarted and the recorded section was present so I did not loose anything. Swype was slow and I had to be very careful when describing new waypoints. Restarted Locus successfully recorded another one or two hours of a track.
I did not have an opportunity to test long track-recording with the previous version that supported remembering of selected map items so I cannot tell if it was stable on my phone. I am going to upgrade Locus as soon as you release the fixed version but it might take couple weeks before I have another opportunity to test track-recording during a hike. I promise to comment on stability. OTOH, I can tell you that Locus on my phone had no problems to record many hours of hiking in Český ráj in June. I used cached tiles of SHOcart map as a background.

I have been using Locus with the "centering after map item selection" fix. Locus does not crash anymore but its usability is reduced. Centering and zoom-out cause slow initial map redraw - Locus tries to load ALL tiles of a given map. If I quickly zoom-in, I can start working with the application. However, Locus becomes unstable, probably due to plenty of memory wasted during the initial loading of map tiles. I never know if Locus would crash within a minute, within an hour or not at all. Additionally, swype starts to work slow during describing new waypoints. Thus I highly appreciated the feature you introduced (a month ago?) to remember selected map items because zoom-out and zoom-in became unnecessary. I could waste some time and memory to select a kmz map, quit Locus to reclaim memory and enjoy quick startup many times until I would need to switch to another kmz map. Unfortunately, after a recent update I discovered you dropped this feature and Locus became unstable for me again.
I understand you cannot fix the original crash occuring during map import only on selected phones. Would you please consider re-enabling the feature to remember selected map items? Thanks.

Your recent changes broke the support for ground overlay maps. If I go to Map Manager, Items tab, select any map (I have kmz maps) and click "Back" button of a phone, Locus crashes. This is the first time I see crashing Locus and I am not used to such experience ;) Fully reproducible. Locus Pro 2.4.3. Is there any bug report/stack trace I could provide?

Here: for example this one ... a-Klodzka/ covers a small part of Czech Republic ;)

I bought these maps so I cannot control its tile size. Well, I know I could if I invested much time. As much as I tested, 1300x1280 does not cause OutOfMemory errors on my phone.

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