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I went caching last weekend and found two things regarding field notes that were a bit strange:

1. When logging a fieldnote online (=>Cache=>Fieldnote=>OK=>Upload Fieldnote), the fieldnote is also written in the "gcfieldnotes.txt". When using a combination of online and offline fieldnotes, eg. for the upload via GCLive, you always have two fieldnotes for one cache. I'm not sure if this is an intended behaviour or a bug as I think that it wasn't so in versions before 2.4.2.

2. Some fieldnotes i created last weekend had totally wrong time settings resulting in an incorrect order on the geocaching page. I didn't pay that much attention to it when I was out in the fields, but once i saw when creating a fieldnote that the time was not shown correctly in the time field, neither the hours nor the minutes (so it wasn't the time zone). After cancelling the fieldnote and creating a new one the time was correct. That happened for about 8 of 40 caches.

Can you help me there?

Troubles & Questions / Activating Categories
June 20, 2012, 07:27:43

Since the last update, the "Category" icon in the data manager is gone. But how do i activate a whole category now instead of manually selecting all items and activate them? I found out that the Icon is still existand when using the sidebar, but as I want to keep the GUI clean and simple, i'm usually not using the sidebar. Could you add a checkbox in the poi screen where you can quickly activate/deactivate all items in a category? Or an option in the menu next to the category?


I have a quite urgent problem with the newest update 2.41.
Today I tried to import some Pocket Queries from, but the geocache symbols (traditional, mystery etc.) aren't showing on map any more. Only the symbol of the category is shown, no matter what kind of geocache it is.
I used unaltered pocket queries and tried importing from SD and via GC Live. Both ended with the wrong symbols.
The problem is that we're going to Portugal tomorrow and we wanted to use Locus as our main geocaching/nagivation/outdoor - app. Is there any possibility for a quick fix?

Thanks & Regards
Hi there!

I recently bought Locus Pro and i absolutely love it. The first big thing I want to use it for is a roundabout in portugal.
I already created our routes for the trips using google maps, so that I now have around 20 KML files.
As I've read, the voice navigation feature is not possible when using imported routes.
Is there any way to easily create a navigation route from the existing KML-files, so that I can use the voice navigation without having to create the routes again from scratch? Or is there another way to use voice navigation on the existing routes?

Thanks & Greetings