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Thanks a lot.
Now, should I forward this to getsatisfaction?
Just to make sure: I have erased the cache, but no change.

However, if I choose Google Hybrid, I do get the current images, but not on Google satellite.
1) In Google Maps, search for "Olympiastraße Innsbruck", Coords 47.2579353 N 11.4050570 E. There are a lot of new buildings to the north, but in Locus you'll see a torn down stadium.

2) I have installed Locus only a few weeks ago, and Google is already serving the new images for much longer.
As I wrote, the images do not come from the cache, that is for sure. The strange thing is, that OruxMaps shows the new images, and Lucus doesn't. Yes, probably a different server, but this should better be changed.
for the records:

sirf III is completely outdated and best to be avoided.

U-Blox 5 is probably the best chip now, closely follwed by MTK II

(Antaris is the outdated grandfather of U-Blox 5)

It pays to have a good chip, you won't believe *how* much...
Als OSM insider möchte ich da meinen Senf dazugeben. Vorausgesetzt, dass Outdooractive tatsächlich OSM nützt, ist es auf das tagging der Wege angewiesen. Für's mountainbiking braucht es vermutlich den tag mtb:scale an einem Wanderweg, um den auch als MTB befahrbar zu werten. Auch wenn euch das ganze Kartenzeichnen nicht interessiert: Ein OSM account ist leicht eröffnet, und die Kategorisierung des Wegs ist dann nur noch wenige Mausklicks entfernt.
Bei Interesse einfach eine PM an mich.
However it would probably be quite easy to allow a theme change on the fly. So If someone provides a special theme, it would be a nice option to be able to change to this theme while the map is displayed, without having to do this in the main settings. Or at least give the user the opportunity to select from available themes when he loads a vector map.

Once this is accomplished, one could think about theme changing rules, like zoom factor. I guess that would boost the user willingness not to be lazy and actually create new themes.
Google recently updated the sat images in my area. If I look at my home, in Google maps, I can see a lot of new buildings. I get the same images in OruxMaps, but if I choose Google sat in Locus, I see images that are at least 6 years old. (No, it is impossible that they might come from the cache!)

Any chance to get up-to-date images in Locus as well?