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I have exactly the same problem on a Samsung A3 2017. I can reproduce the error with following steps:

  • open the map manager and select a vector map
  • once the new map is shown rotate the device into landscape orientation so that the map is also rotated automatically
  • rotate the device back to portrait orientation
  • open the map manager again
Now the map list looks weird.

I hope this helps to find the problem.

Also für mich sieht das Problem nach einem "umkippenden" Kompass aus. Sowas passiert bei meinem S3 Mini, wenn ich das Smartphone wirklich senkrecht halte, d.h. die Ladebuchse zeigt direkt in Richtung Erdboden. In dieser Haltung dreht sich der Kompass willkürlich - übrigens genauso, wie ein echter Kompass. Den muss man nämlich auch waagerecht halten, damit er funktioniert. Ab etwa einem Neigungswinkel von 45° funktioniert der Kompass wieder zuverlässig.
Hi jurajs,

I think, I have found the reason for the rendering defects in zoom level 12 and 13. These defects appear at the tile borders. They are caused by closed polygons, which go beyond a tile border. Obviously In this case the mapwriter plugin cuts the lap parts of the polygon and draws a stroke line along the tile border in order to close the open ends of the polygon. If the rendering theme defines a stroke line for the polygon (which is the case for contour lines), then sometimes you will see this additional "shortcut" line. Furthermore you will see parts of the pathText on this line.
At least for the contour lines there is a work-around for the problem. You can tell the mapwriter pluging to treat the contour lines as polygon lines (not as closed polygons). You can do this by changing the tag-mapping.xml like this:
   <osm-tag key="contour_ext" value="elevation_minor" zoom-appear="12" force-polygon-line="true" />
    <osm-tag key="contour_ext" value="elevation_medium" zoom-appear="12" force-polygon-line="true" />
    <osm-tag key="contour_ext" value="elevation_major" zoom-appear="12" force-polygon-line="true" />