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Try setting Locus length units to Imperial (ft/mi). You are probably using metric.
(I just updated my previous post w/ the length units.)

One more thing: Installation procedure
I started with Locus Free 2.13.1 installed.
I then installed Locus Pro 2.14.1 (I have since updated to 2.16.0).
I then uninstalled Locus Free.
Is there any chance that uninstalling Locus Free changed or removed something needed by Locus Pro?
Locus Pro 2.16.0
TTS engine: Google Text-to-speech, language: eng
Locus language: eng
No cellular data
[update 10/07/13] Length units: Imperial (ft/mi)

I have the same problem as aberfoyle and greenup.
The only file in Locus/data/tts is en_sample_v1.tts (2.26 kB).
In Settings->Global->Text-to-speech settings I hear "Do you like Locus?"
In the car when I start navigation I hear "Let's go."
XXX That's the only thing I ever hear during navigation.
Correction: After more thorough road testing:
At most turns I hear nothing, but at some turns I hear "then".
At the destination I hear "You've arrived at your destination".

About turns:
At one turn I was the first car at the light, at the corner, waiting to turn right. Locus showed (visually) 72 ft to the turn.
Note that the route overlayed the roads on the map perfectly, with no visible offset.
v0.9.1 04/21/12
Prerequisites update
Documentation update
New Locus menu icon
No changes to custom screen itself

The big news: With Locus v2.2.3 or later it is now possible to zoom map using hardware VOL buttons

First post updated
New file available for download

Please see Gynta's tips on setting up Locus for more convenient use of custom screens:

Minimal aero custom screen for Locus

v0.9.1  04/21/12
Prerequisites update
Documentation update
New Locus menu icon
No changes to custom screen itself

Minimal UI custom screen for aeronautical use
Tested only on 7" tablet
Map zoom: Use hardware VOL buttons or pinch-to-zoom
Please see info file in package

I do not plan to add any more buttons (in particular, map zoom) to this,
but feel free to modify your personal copy.


1. Locus Free or Locus Pro, Version 2.2.3 or later
2. To zoom map, at least one of the following:
- Hardware VOL buttons
- Multitouch touchscreen (i.e., pinch-to-zoom)


Thanks!  I got what I was after by switching from Button to ImageButton per your suggestion.
Change button/container background based on button state?

On a custom screen, is it possible to change the background of a button or its container based upon the state of the button (like the Locus standard UI does)?  I tried following some examples I found on the web, using XML selectors, but no matter what I tried I got no background at all.

If this is possible a pointer to some working code would be appreciated.
Can't get "{map_center}" button action to work

Locus Free 2.2.0
Nook Color
No GPS -- using coarse location

The map center button on standard bottom panel DOES work, but I can't get the map center button on my custom screen to work: nothing happens when I tap the button.  As a test I tried "{map_zoom_out}" and that worked OK.  Here's my button code:

locus:actionClick="{map_center}" />

UPDATE 04/10/12

I got my GPS today.  Map center button on custom screen not working w/ GPS either.

UPDATE 04/15/12

Problem fixed in Locus Free 2.2.2

Found Locus directory on internal SD: /mnt/emmc/
And yes, slim yellow button toggles custom screen toolbar.
Locus Free 2.2.0

I downloaded gynta's custom screen from here:


I put the .zip in /mnt/sdcard/Locus/data/customScreen/ per the instructions in the first post in this thread.
I tested the .zip file after copying it there.

I already had the default custom skins installed.
When I select Menu->Functions->Custom screen, Minimal has not been added to the menu.  The menu still contains just the five default custom skins.

I next deleted /mnt/sdcard/Locus
I next visited the Locus Shop and downloaded Minimal.
Minimal now appears in Menu->Functions->Custom screen and works when I select it.
However, I don't know where it got installed -- there still is no /mnt/sdcard/Locus directory.
Furthermore, it doesn't look the same as in the screenshot in gynta's forum post.  In the forum post screenshot there is no custom screen toolbar.  I'm getting a custom screen toolbar with title "Minimal by Gynta".

This gives rise to the following questions:

1. How and where does one install his own custom screen .zip?  The instructions in the first post didn't work for me.

2. Why does the version of Minimal from the Locus Shop have a custom screen toolbar when the version from gynta's forum post (above) apparently does not?