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Troubles & Questions / AW: Some Geocaching related questions
« on: February 29, 2012, 23:58:12 »
1. You are right, it's not worth a new line and will not fit in an existing one. Distance and direction is perfect.

3. good idea, thanks!

Thank you for your good work, I'm looking forward to the next release!

Troubles & Questions / AW: Move to final waypoint
« on: February 28, 2012, 08:26:11 »
Does the final waypoint have correct coordinates?
I noticed that Locus shows a message if I try to display waypoints without cooirdinates (in fact, Locus fills the empty coirdinates with zeros at import, which is a good idea).
Is the final waypoint the only waypoint in the geocache or are there others (with or without coordinates)?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Some Geocaching related questions
« on: February 27, 2012, 02:01:55 »
1: Yes, looks very good in the screenshot with the direction an the distance! I love it!
Some optimizing: The coordinates of the waypoints would also be nice in this overview.

3: I try to explain in short words:
We have "normal waypoints" and "aditional waypoints". Is it possible to switch this type of waypoint (meaning: transfering it)?
i.e. if I added an "aditional waypoint" in a geocache-view I would like to switch it later to an "normal waypoint".
Or if I created a "normal waypoint" I would like to use it later as an "aditional waypoint" in a geocache.
Maybe this request is not possible due to different informations stored in the two types of waypoints?

Two more wishes (please tell me if I bother you):
5. In the geocache details it would also be useful to display the GC-Code (right beside the terrain/difficulty the should be space for it).
6. The aditional waypoints seem to be in a fixed order. Is it possible to make them sortable (name/distance/GC-ode/original order)?

Again: thank you for the great support!

Troubles & Questions / Some Geocaching related questions
« on: February 26, 2012, 17:36:54 »
Hello menion and all the other supporters here,,
thank you for the excellent App and the firstclass support in this forum!

I have some geocaching related issues. I searched the forum but did not find answers to the following points:

1. GC code in aditional waypoints:
I can not see the GC-Code of aditional waypoints in the overview of waypounts of a geocache.
Is it possible to displsy GC-Code in the aditional waypoint overwiew?
Background: Its hard to assign calculated coordinates/information to a waypoint if I don't know which is the next waypoint in the list (I prefer sorting by distance, but this can't be done if the waypoints still have no coordinates. And distance is not allways correct for the assigning to the next waypoint).

2. GC Addon integration:
If I click on a geocache in locus map, I get the details of the waypoint. At the menu of the lower most right butto (two wheels), I can see two entries of the Geocaching-Addon. They are now both named "Geocaching4Locus". I remember them named correctly by their function: "Update Cache" and "nearby geocaches" (or some similar naming). Is this an issue with Locus or the Addon?

3. handling types of waypoints:
I understand that Locus maybe is primary not designed for geocaching. So we have two views of information about a waypoint and geocache-details. I have some trouble with
- the handling of updating geocache-details within the details-view (I have to go to the main waypoint view to select the update for the cache via GC addon). Is it possible to update within the geocache-details?
- getting directly to the waypointview from within the geocache-detail view (actually I go back to the map to search and click the waypoint again). Is or could be there a shortcut (it's not very important if the update in geocache-details works)?
- changing an aditional waypoint of a geocache into a normal waypoint (or the other way). Is this possible?
Background: Sometimes I make waypoints and later find out that it would be useful to have it as the other type. I used this function in GeOrg a lot.

4. Bug in Listing view?
In geocache-details at "Listing" if I switch between portrait and landscape, the content is not displayed any more. Closing and calling the geocache-details in the desired view (portrait/landscape) shows the Listing correctly.

If you have a solution, a hint or a workarround, I would apreciate it.
Druki with Motorola Defy+

Tools / AW: Track editor (GPX)
« on: February 09, 2012, 23:49:26 »
Hello all,
my first post... I use Locus Pro for geocaching (besides GeOrg) and want to thank you for the good support in this forum.

Now to the question: How about using a text editor like "Jota Text Editor"? I use it to edit waypoints in gpx-files on my phone. Large files are supported. Best text editor I found. Could be also used for tracks and routes...

druki via tapatalk.

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