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Ugly version with black frame for those who want to see it better on screen.
My set of icons to indicate some relevant D/T Data on Mapscreen //

Needs v 2.11.0 or higher.

Credit for the climber-icon goes to the phantastic:
Maps Icons Collection //
Thanks for the quick reply. The icons are helping, You used a transparent icon the size of the cache and placed the symbols into the corners. I'll follow that rule. Next day I'll create something and put it here.
1) Normally if I want to shorten Difficulty and Terrain, I write f.i. instead of difficulty=3 terrain=4  -> 3/4 so D/T schema.
  "Currently icons are placed as you wrote, into top left corner". After looking at Your sample I understood the process. My guess was that You placed the icons at different corners but now its clear.
2) Did at the end some batch conversion with Irfan-View, guess I shouldn't make it that easy. Already created some better ones.
Follwing // great new addition I tried to creat my own set of icons.
During this process I stumbled over the following problems.
1) T-Icons are placed on the upper left of the main icon, shouldn't it be right following the D/T schema.
2) Locus seems to have problems with transparency and I don't see the D-Icons, probably because they are too shown on the upper left (see the picture with the climber on it and the D-picture in its background).
Quote from: "fzk"Hier ein "Kochrezept"...
Genial, jetzt muss das nur noch in ein gpx- oder andere locuslesbares Format umgewandelt werden. Danke, der Tip ist wirklich hervorragend!
Der Tip mit dem Ausprobieren mit einer kleinerern Datenmenge war sehr gut, da die Abfrage doch ein Weilchen dauert.

Aufbereitung der Daten für Locus.
1) Reiter Daten: Komplett in Zwischenablage kopieren.
2) Zwischenablageninhalt in einer UTF8 kodierten Datei speichern, z.b. mit Notepad++, Endung OSM.
3) In GPSBabel als Inputformat OpenStreetMap Datafiles wählen, Outputformat GPX (XML), Anwenden!
Since Kuratkoo seems to be disappeared and is not answering emails I would like to ask, if somebody with programming skills would adopt this useful addon.
Kuratkoo made the sourcecode available at // with a generous licence:
Dann will ich mich hier mal versuchen:
Deine Datenbank 16 000 Caches, das sollte problemlos gehen (ich habe 200 000 in de DB, manchmal mag dann Android nicht mehr länger warten es funktioniert aber trotzdem sehr gut).
Die Einstellungen für das Plugin kann man verändern, wenn außerhalb von Locus das GSAK Plugin gestartet wird.
Das hast du ja bereits getan, da der Datenbankpfad eingegeben wurde.
Bei mir sind Häkchen bei:
Locus Einstellung:
Live Karte
Import erlauben

Die Geocachanzahl ist bei mir: 1000, der Distanzradius 100km und bei den gefilterten Typen habe ich von oben nach unten alle angekreuzt bis zur Letterbox.

Wie sind deine Einstellung?

Was meinst du mit Kategorie 6, sind das Deine Wegpunktunterkategorien? Bei Locus gibt es im Importdialog unten ein Feld, da kann man sich das gleich noch auf der Karte anzeigen lassen. Finde ich ganz praktisch.

Zur letzten Frage der gleichzeitigen Verwendung von Locus und GDAK. Ich erinnere mich, das GDAK irgendwie einmal die Datenbank beschrieben haben soll und daher diese nicht mehr in GSAK lesbar war. Also gefühlt würde ich eher sagen nein. ... und wer braucht schon GDAK wenn er Locus pro und das Plugin hat?
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AddOn - GpsTrace
November 07, 2012, 16:26:22
Thank You for that quick fix, now it is working fine!

I would suggest:
1) to give some more status messages, otherwise the user is confused about what GPSTrace4Locus is doing and is sending multiple sms to the locator (like I did):
After pressing pull:
Status message: sending sms to ...
                         waiting for sms from ...
2) During the waiting time but not longer than lets say 2min block the pull button to avoid that very impatient user get a bigger phonebill than necessary.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AddOn - GpsTrace
November 07, 2012, 11:29:23
Sorry had no time to look. Tested it now.
The coords are  about 13000km off.
Since I don't see the sms GPSTrace is analyzing I'm not sure what the error is.
In Locus it gives me as coords:
N3252°28.800 E 195°39.360
I send you a PM.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AddOn - GpsTrace
November 02, 2012, 12:35:24
Thanks but maybe I'm too stupid to get this working.
My anticipation:
GPStrace4locus will send an SMS with: "where" without (") to the tracker.
How do i do that
I added a provider Leadtek 8m03 and set it on.
1) Do I need to enable service and why.
2) Periodic Update sends periodic sms (only if service is enabled)?
3) Pull versus OK, what happens
4) How do I get that program to send the sms?
Add-ons & Co-apps / Re: AddOn - GpsTrace
October 30, 2012, 12:48:31
Nice one. I made something like that for myself with Tasker, since my handicapped son likes to disappear. Is Leadtek 8m03 ( supported?
Triggerword: where
Answer=nmea sequence like:$GPMRC,130700.094,A,A,4832.5933,N;00930.7490,E,1.58,124.38,201012,,,A*68
Just a feedback about the new missing data manager(the other new features I didn't use enough to build an opinion).
I like the new way better, access to data and other features by oneclick like in the new one is easier.
Thanks, that is exactly what I had in mind. Very useful, hopefully not only for me.
OK, something to look foreward I guess.
Sorry Menion I don't understand You. Did You implement that or not. In my version 2.5.6 it is not findable.