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hi menion

this sounds quite strange to me - can you be a bit more specific?
there are a few things i really don't understand...

import or live update:
according to my understanding, when importing from locus, locus sends a request to the addon with the actual center coords and gets back a set of waypoints to display on the map.
when using live update within locus, so whenever the map is moved around, locus periodically sends a request to the addon with the actual center coords and gets back a set of waypoints to display on the map.
this does not look that much different to me. do i completely misunderstand?

<<it is also not possible to have a running service in the background without visible foreground notification>>:
according to my understanding, the "background service without foreground notification" you mention is the gsak addon.
so why does this seem to run when importing data (as it obviously works then), but shall not run when trying to do a live update?

if the addon is blocked by android in any way, why should this be blocked for live update, but not for manual import?

i remember that there was a similar behaviour 1 or 2 years ago, when live update did not work anymore after a locus update. i think something went wrong then as some code was missing within this locus version. right?
is it possible that the dataformat you get from the addon is inconsistent in any way because of "bad coding" in the addon, resulting in slightly different formatted data when arriving within locus (after passing some android functions). then locus does reject this data because format check fails?
i think you've already checked if we don't have such a problem?

thinking further...
if there are really 2 different interfaces for importing and live update, and only the interface for importing works for android 8, why not using this interface too for live update?

sorry for asking that many questions... ;-)

yep, that works...
thanx very much for your help!
hi menion
yes, this is what i tried to do. navigation-apps shows
- here we go
- tomtom go
- google maps

when using navigate from gdak, the apps to select are
- navogator
- dynavix
- tomtom go
- here we go
- google maps

i.e. while gdak shows all navigation apps installed on the device, locus only shows a few of them.

i'm actually evaluating a new navigation app for car navigation, and i think it would really be nice if this one could be used from within locus to select a destination.
i would like to launch a navigation app for car navigation from within locus, to navigate to a certain waypoint.
how can i add a navigation app to the navigation menu of locus?

so far, locus only displays tomtom navigation and google maps, while other navigation apps don't show up.
i would like to add e.g. navigation.

i don't think that launching this app is prevented from the app itself.
when i use gdak to select a destination waypoint, this allows me to launch any of my installed navigation apps to navigate to the waypoint, including

seems to work fine again. thanx for the fix!
hope this will work with 3.22.1, as it was working fine so far.
if not, is there a way to go back to locus 3.21.x and keep this version?
since updating to 3.22.0, locus does not show any geocaches, i.e. it looks like live update from the gsak database addon does not work anymore.
is there anything that has to be reconfigured in the settings or is this a bug in locus 3.22.0?
when running locus (with the gsak addon) on a multicore device, how many cpu cores is locus (with gsak adddon) able to use?

i wonder which device will be the better solution for running locus

- quadcore 32 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC v3 (4x Qualcomm Krait 400 at 2457 MHz (galaxy S5, G900F))

- octacore 64 bit Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580 (4x ARM Cortex-A57 MPcore + 4x ARM Cortex-A53 MPcore at 1600 MHz (galaxy S5neo,l G903F))

thanx your your help!
i think if there is no way to transfer a license from androidpit to playstore, and all locus licenses have to be purchased again, there should at least be a way to get it at a discount rate.
i bought multiple copies of locus pro (because i run multiple accounts) and i don't really like to buy multiple copies from playstore again!
hi menion

but who will get android 5 and what ugly things will google add to this version...?

i agree with you that locating the data folder on a read only partition could result in problems with some other apps or addons. nevertheless, my suggestion is to have a solution in a way how locus does this with maps:

- standard data folder is under the locus structure, i.e. either in the internal flash or in the special folder on the external flash. all data, locus writes to the data folder, is written to this folder.

- there may be additional data folders defined within locus. these folders are always read only, no matter where they are located. they are just checked for data, the same way the standard data folder is checked, but locus never writes there.

wouldn't this be an approach that would cover all user requirements? this would avoid messing up data as there is only one location to write to.

thanx + have a nice day!
hi menion

thanx for your reply!

so far, this works now, but i think about an "improvement":
as far as i understand, locus actually uses a main folder which has to be located in an area where locus is allowed to write to, i.e. it has to be either in the internal flash or in " /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/".
this is required for locus to save temporary data and settings.
by default, the mainfolder also contains the maps, but there's a separate link for maps, which can either point to the maps in the main folder or to any folder, e.g. a folder on the external flash which is read only.

what i think about is a model, separating files generated by locus from files that are generated externally, i.e. files that locus only needs to read, i.e. files where no write access is required.

for this, i actually see two ways for realization:

1) a path setting for the data folder, which may either point to the data folder within the locus main folder or to any other folder, e.g. a read only folder on the external flash

2) multiple data folders allowed (like this is done for maps). locus then has a list of all data folders to be checked

what do you think about such an improvement? wouldn't this be a good solution to meet the android 4.4 problem?

hi menion
so you mean i have to select /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/ as main folder and then move my html files on the sd card to this folder?
so far, i used the cyanogen android 4.4 version which does not have any restrictions in accessing sd cards.
now, with a new phone, i have plain android 4.4, i.e. my locus main folder is in internal flash, while maps and the gsak db are on the external sd card.
so far, things seem to work.
but i also have lots of html files and pictures, which so far have been located under locus/data/geocaching on the external sd card. these have been shown as "spoiler" tab when opening a geocaching waypoint. now these are not shown anymore.
what do i have to do to get them shown again (i need to keep them on the external sd card as internel flash is too small)
ok, i asked the author and hope he will fix this.
thanx for the support!
i just updated to 2.5.0, and yes, importing benchmarks from gpx now shows fine.
but as i get all my waypoints from the gsak plugin, this does not really help.
when can i expect the gsak addon to be fixed to get the benchmarks from there?