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my device updated to android 11.1 today.
after all done, locus opens as before, but i'm no longer able to open any waypoint imported to locus.
so i deleted all waypoints and reimported them using the geocaching4locus addon.
no matter if i directly try to open a waypoint from the live map or if i first import some waypoints, disable live map and try to open then, i first get a black screen for quite a long time and then locus crashes without further notice.
when restarting locus and trying again to open a waypoint, every then and now the waypoint really opens after quite a long time (may take several minutes), but then i cannot switch the tab within the waypoint view...und after some time, locus crashes again. but usually, locus already terminates during the black screen phase.
i never had such issues while running android 10.
after a first crash of locus, then often locus immediately (while starting up) crashes again when trying to restart it.
i guess that this might have something to do with some authorization settings, but i cannot find something that looks wrong.

my folder settings in locus are:
locus folder: internal
the two map folders (maps and mapsVector) point to the appropriate folder under /locus/ on the external flash card, while all other pathes point to the internal flash (under sdcard/Locus/)

do i need to reconfigure something or is this a locus bug that will be fixed soon?

thanx for your help!
when locus shows coords in the status bar, is there way to switch between  DDD°MM.MMM' and DDD°MM'SS'' format with a soft button instead of going through the configuration menu?
i usually need DDD°MM.MMM', but if i have to enter coords to the car navi, i need to temporarily switch to DDD°MM'SS'' as the car navi only supports this format.
we have a private group for live tracking.
is there a way to get notified as soon as someone starts live tracking?
the idea is, that the others of the group get informed as soon as one goes to a trip. so this allows to start a search if you recognize that someone got lost somewhere or had an accident in the mountains. but if you don't even know that someone went to a trip, you don't know that you should track him...
Troubles & Questions / Re: Customizable Widget
June 09, 2020, 21:45:43
(didn't know that)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Customizable Widget
June 08, 2020, 16:05:51
or is there any other place than the setup window (ant manager page)  to show the actual heartrate?
maybe a window within the locus map main display page (the map)?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Customizable Widget
June 07, 2020, 22:19:10
hi menion
are there any plans to add more widgets?
hi menion
sounds a bit strangt to me as the locus manual lists
Xiaomi Amazfit BIP
as a supported device for Bluetooth 4.0 - low energy (BLE)
Troubles & Questions / Customizable Widget
June 07, 2020, 19:58:52
The Locus widget, used to control track recording, shows time and distance. Is it possible to also show actual heartrate data from e.g. an ANT+ sensor?
Or is there a workaround to show them?
I try to connect to my Xiaomi Huami Amazfit BIP smartwatch to Locus to track heartrate data together with the route in the gpx data.
Unfortunately, locus does not find the watch, although the watch is paired over bluetooth and can be accessed from the MiFit app.
With the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor Smartband, connection works fine, but the more featured Amazfit BIP does not occur in the device selection within locus.
hi menion
maybe, we misunderstood...or i didn't write correct enough what i'm doing.
what i do is not importing waypoints to a folder. i only load them as temporary objects (i think they are called like that in locus).
so whenever i load these objects, the map centers and zooms out.
so each time after loading objects, i again have to find the position on the map i was watching before and where i wanted to know if there are any objects close to this point.
so therefore, i would like to get rid of this auto-zoom/auto-center feature.
i hope i wrote this a bit more clear this time ;-)
having an option to disable this auto-zoom-out and keep the actual view while importing waypoints would really be an advantage, but i would prefer to have this option permanent in the tool settings!
sure, i'm patient - i was just curious to know if there is any progress ;-)

so now, this is quite bad news ;-(

but one question:
did you have the problem about "no database set" only with your reworked version, or also with the original version of the addon, taken from google play?
i think if the database is placed in a wrong folder, you get this result as the addon is not able to access it (i think i once had this problem too).

what i can say for the actual situation is, that the addon is able to access the database independent of the android version.
this is because it is able to manually load the waypoints from the database to locus.
so if this also does not work in your test, it might be a config problem.

so maybe, the problem you noticed is not really the actual problem of the addon.

on my phone, the database has to be located under:

if i put it somewhere else, it does not work.

still hoping that there will be a solution...

regards & thanx for your support!
hi menion
"next week" is almost over. did you already have time to take a look at this problem?
hi menion

nice to hear that you'll have a look at this problem - hope this will end up in a good solution ;-)

as far as i understand, when doing an import, this action is initiated by tapping on a symbol within locus, i.e. in the end it is locus that starts the addon for this one-time-action.
so i would expect that locus should be able to automatically launch this one-time-action after moving around the map - just as a possible workaround if it's really impossible to get the legacy way working again.

thank you very much for your support!
hi c.s.g.
sounds interresting, but i really don't think that this problem has something to do with this "improvement".
i don't think that the gsak addon retrieves the user's location, as it doesn't really need to know it.
the gsak addon has to provide waypoints around the location actually shown on the map, and not around your actual position. so i think that the gsak addon get's the coords to be used from locus, and from nowhere else!
...but menion would really know how this works...