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When I enable information (text) for waypoints and track points the text box of waypoints covers the text of the track points, see picture:

Is there a way to arrange both text boxes so that I can read both?

Is it just a bug?

Thank you
Wishlist / Add manual route along streets
November 04, 2013, 16:10:19
A great feature on gpsies is the possibility to add a manual track along streets and paths and not just from point by mouse click directly to the next mouse click point.
The track is then along the nearest possible streets or paths, connecting one mouse click with the next mouse click.

This would be a great feature in locus too, if possible.
With the "Add new route & measu..." feature, I mean.
Is it possible?

Troubles & Questions / Font too big at navigation
October 29, 2013, 09:55:00
When I use the navigation, the font which shows the next crossing is to big so that it is cropped, see screenshot:

There is a "1" missing before the 0944!
Possible to adjust this somewhere?
Or maybe change from meter to kilometer? Would be easier to read, anyway.


Is there a way, how I can join two sqlitedb maps from different regions but from same mapsource together?
I have downloaded several maps with MOBAC from separate small regions, to avoid to get millions of tiles, when downloading the whole region containing all small regions.

It must be possible, locus does it all the times, when collecting new tiles into his online maps.
Is there a tool or is it possbible in MOBAC?

Thanks, frank

ich habe in einem Forum gelesen, dass man auf Karten online anschauen könnte (" If you click the right things, you can zoom in on any area and check the coverage, map by map, scale by scale, so you're sure you're going to be getting the right ones." - wenn man auf die richtigen Dinge klickt, kann man in jedes Gebiet reinzoomen und die Genauigkeit prüfen, Karte für Karte, Zoomstufe für Zoomstufe, so dass man sich vergewissern kann, dass man die richtige Karte kriegt).

Derzeit ist zwar offline, aber hat da jemand einen Link für mapsources.xml (wenn die Seite wieder online ist)?

Wir wollen in Kalabrien (Süditalien) wandern, dazu hätte ich gerne eine akzeptable offline Karte für Locus.
Das "Beste" was ich bislang gefunden habe ist gerade mal Google Satellite. In max. Zoom 16 ergab das für Kalabrien allerdings bereits 1.5 GB!

Hat jemand sonst einen Tipp?

Danke, franc
Troubles & Questions / Importing many gpx tracks
October 24, 2013, 22:20:31

can I import more than one track in one action?

I have some 50 gpx trackfiles, which I want to import, but one after another is a bit tedious.
Possible to import many at once?


Locus Pro 2.16

kennt jemand die aktuell funktionierende mapsource (xml) für die Satellitenansicht von Google?

Ich finde nur die für die Maps.


Troubles & Questions / Intent filter
October 18, 2013, 00:02:34
Can someone please tell me about the intent filter, locus is listening to, when an app handles a location and locus could directly open it on his map?
I found the intent for the search for a location (address or point), but not directly the fixed location.

I want to use the Tasker intent action and here I need exactly the parameter for the android.intent.action and its name.
Didn't find any here in the forum.


in another forum (// , where there is a discussion about Locus and Orux I saw this picture about energy consumption in Locus vs. Orux while tracking: ... 125610.jpg

If this is really authentic, I mean if a thorowly test on more than one device with more than one OS etc. would show the same result, would it be possible to reduce the energy taken by locus while tracking?
Or could it be some mis-settings in the tracking that Locus consume more energy?

Thank you!

Since the last update 2.11.0 my vector maps don't work anymore.
I get an error:

What is it?

when using the navigation from locus, I missed very much a fast switch to keep the display on all the time.
I use locus navi mostly in the car where I have power access, so I don't need to save battery.
If the display fades off, which is normal in normal use, the navigation is interrupted and I need manually to switch it on again. While driving this is not the safest thing ;)

Isnt it possible to introduce a fast switch to keep the display on all the time or switch back to automatic when navi is over?

At the moment I use a fast switch for this with Widgetsoid, which is not too handy but better than going all through the OS settings.


frank with locus 2.9.2 on Samsung Galaxy S2 with OS 4.1.2 (root)

how can I get the link from a locus online map to download it with MOBAC or else?

I have in locus Maps under:

Online / OSM - regional / MTB CR

it is a map downloadable for offline use with 50.000 tiles per day and 2 tiles Speed limit.
I would download a little region (in CSR, where I won't have internet on my phone) with MOBAC where I can set 2 tiles as limit.

I know that I could sniff it in the home net (where my phone is located) but this is much more work than maybe just otherwise, I hope.

Thank it,


is it possible (I didn't find it in the settings or the search) to define somewhere in locus pro an own maplink for my own custom maps?

I save somewhere in the map settings the link:
as "mymap"
and now I can chosse "mymap" in online maps somwhere between all OSM, google, yahoo and all the other maps which I activated in
Settings / Map - advanced / Online maps

Is this possible yet?

When I use the navigation sometimes I don't need at all the voice indication, sometimes I really need it.
The  switch off and on is only deep in the settings.
Google Navigation has this very handy in the top Buttons, why not Locus?
It could be added to the Fast-Switches.



some days ago I noticed on my SGS2 (OS 2.3.5 root) that all my favorite points and all tracks where gone.
I didn't do anything with it, so I started to search and noticed that since about 27.10.2012 the automatic backups were nearly empty.
It must have been some Locus update in this time.
Indeed, there was a change of db-type from sqlite to something other.
I guess the conversion didn't work but I don't remember that I had to do this, might be automatically after the update.

Fortunately I backup the last three versions of my apps with titanium and I still had the version where the sqlite is used.
So I reverted to this, put the databasefavorites.sqll from the last good backup back and exported the favorites (as gpx).
I reinstalled the actual version and imported now the gpx favorites.
But from 54 favorites only about 30 were imported.

Is there a way to import the old databasefavorites.sqll completly into an actual Locus Pro app?
I didn't find this problem here in the forum but I think I cannot be the only one with this issue.

Wishlist / Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 08, 2012, 22:46:51

it happend some times to me, that I tried to track some hikes with Locus and my GPS module ran mad. I had some jumps to the ivory coast in africa which made the track worthless because of total km and speed etc.
I wonder why this cannot be handled by Locus with some calculations. E.g. the gps location can found with mobile station as well, so when suddenly I might go some 10.000 km in some seconds (going on a special rocket probably ;) Locus tracking could double check with the position of mobile data provider, which is not exact but much better than those big gps-errors of the module.

Couldn't it be developed, that I have a setting, e.g.: "Don't allow unrealistic GPS-positions"?
Maybe with even some parameters like max. realistic speed, max realistic distance, etc.

I think this would help to make the tracking of Locus much better and more special.
At the moment I don't use Locus tracking because it uses nearly double the power than MyTracks, but if the tracking were much better, I would accept it.

Thank you.

Yesterday I used the Locus navigation for the first time.
I searched some address as end point and started. After a while I closed the navigation and wanted to continue shortly later, but now I had to search again the complete address and navigation path (as end point) although the same navigation-path (track) was still saved in my tracks.
There are many possibilities for "end point" but I don't find to continue a track already saved.

Couldn't it be possible to open a track already found by locus for navigation again? To re-use the saved track?
I understand that this would be difficult if the actual postion weren't on the track, but then locus could warn or say: "Track not possible" etc.

This would be useful if there is no carrier, which can happen quite often when navigating on the road somewhere.

Thank you.

Yesterday I tried the first time for a 2 hours drive the Locus navigation.
It worked very good, but I noticed that there is no Icon in the tray, when I minimize the navigation (pressing Home-Button etc.).
It still talks but after a while it was shot by the OS, which is clear.

So I wonder why there is no Icon, did I miss some settings? I didn't find any about this.
There is an icon for the tracking though.

franc on SGS2 with OS 2.3.5 (root).

Thank you.
when I get the position of my phone SGS2 by mobile carrier and not by GPS module I get it by mobile sending tower position I guess.
but when I go to the exact point on the map, there is no tower.
anyway, in Germany the providers don't tell the exact position.
so what position is this Google indicates?

often I track with the great App My Tracks some hikes or other things.
One thing I miss there is the possibility of editing the tracks after tracking.
E.g. sometimes my GPS plays mad and tracks some points in Africa, so after tracking I suddenly have made 10.000 km instead of 10 ;)

Is this possible maybe with Locus?

Another thing I noticed: when I try to open (to display on the map) a My Tracks track in Locus and check the CheckBox of this track, it is half a second checked but then the CheckBox is unchecked again, I have no control over it. And I cannot uncheck a track like this, only by restarting Locus.
Is this a bug or a feature?

On SGS2 OS 2.3.5 root, with actual Locus and actual my Tracks.