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How can i add special Tag in the description field of a quick new point?
This doesnt work at my quick point.
It is just not implemented or do i something wrong?


surely I am just a little blindly on this thing: how can I import many GPX files into Locus without tapping and tapping and tapping them manually all checked?
Where is the 'Select All' command here?

I have a Zip-File with 50 GPX-Tours, the Rother Cevennen - Ardeche Tours (gast;wfCeven03uC4p9) and want to import them all. I created a new folder "Ardeche" and tap on the three points beside the new folder and tap on 'Import'.
Now I can tap again the three points on top right and tap the 'Multi-select'.
But this was it. Now I can tap and tap etc.
No 'Select all' here I dont find it, see my attached screenshot.




gibt es eigentlich eine Punktesammlung (POI) für Locus, die die aktuellen stationären Blitzer enthält?

Kürzlich sind wir in der Nähe in einen uns unbekannten stationären Blitzer rein gefahren, das macht man ja nur ein mal, aber da dachte ich mir, wenn ich schon die ganze Zeit Locus bediene um den Weg zu finden, dann kann doch auch so was gezeigt werden.

Ich habe mir dann die App runtergeladen, die kann das natürlich, aber netter wäre das in Locus, das ich sowieso auf habe.

Gibt das?


Bevor ich das im englischen wish Forum Frage, was ich bisher nicht fand:

Kann man beim Tracking einstellen ab welcher Geschwindigkeit der Track pausiert wird?
Das hätte ich ja in den Profilen erwartet, also zu Fuß oder Auto, aber nicht gefunden.

Andere Frage: kann ich beim Tracken (Aufzeichnung) ein Signal alle x km ertönen lassen?

Danke, ich hoffe das wurde nicht schon gefragt und ich nicht es gefunden habe.

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit auf den Vektorkarten von Andromaps die Raststätten hervorzuheben?
Also ein Thema o.ä.?
Gruß franc
weiß jemand, ob es irgendwo eine Karte mit den eingezeichneten Skipisten und Liften von Zermatt gibt, die man in Locus als sqlite o.ä. runter laden kann?
Die Pisten und Lifte würden völlig genügen, da ich schon eine Zerrmatt-Karte geladen habe, komplett wäre aber natürlich auch gut.
Eventuell auch die Tracks (GPX) der Pisten und Lifte, falls es das gibt.

Fahre am Freitag nämlich dort hin.



I started to track my tracks with locus (instead of My Tracks) and I set the CheckBox for "Send Data" in the tracking settings.
GPX version 1.1 (Track not as Route instead of TRK).
After tracking I send the gpx file with my email client k9mail to my friend.
Now she tries to open the attachment in her Note 10.1 (4.1.2) with Locus Pro but she got the error message:

Unexpected problem
Please contact me with description of
your problem.

Same on my phone (SGS2 CM10.2) when I try to do the same, to open the gpx directly from the attachment.
In file explorer there seems no intent filter for gpx for locus, so I guess the problem is with k9mail, which thinks locus could open it.

Locus can import gpx, this I know, but why is not possible to just send the gpx through locus and open it again with locus?

Is there another easy way to send the tracks to my friend?
Was easy with MyTracks :(

Troubles & Questions / Bug in the Tracks tab
January 26, 2014, 11:04:25
There might be a bug in the actual locus version 2.18:

When I check or uncheck a track in any track folder, the counter of activated tracks is initially showing the inverse:

And inverse as well:

This is not a big issue, but there is a bug which is maybe related:
The buttons, specially the button for settings (the tools icon, bottom right) is deactivated!
Not possible to move tracks into another folder.
I got it sometimes activated but don't know how.
When I open the folder, initially the button is kind of marked, don't know what this is.
Anyway this behaves buggy.

It works, when I activate some tracks, close the folder and reopen it. Now I can use the tools-icon button to move the tracks.
Is this by intention and eventually not a bug but by design?

Thank you

I just wanted to export the tracks tracked with "MyTracks" to my PC, but don't find them anymore in the bottom of the "Recorded" tracks list.

Is it possible that the MyTracks support has stopped at all in some of the last updates since december 13?
This is a pity.
I don't track anymore with MyTracks, I track with locus now, but still I have a lot of MyTracks tracks on my phone, now I want lastly export them through locus.

I searched the changelog but no menion of any "deleted MyTracks support" or similar entry. in the last updates.

What is it?
Am I just blind and the MyTracks support is still there?
Please help then.

No answer here?
Too difficult question?

Could maybe some other Locus user confirm me, that MyTracks is not anymore supported in Locus?
I still hope, that I just oversee it.
I think quite sure, that it was listed in the bottom of the recorded tracks folder.

I just installed the Cyanogenmod 10.2 on my SGS2 as a try-out and installed locus.
But something is weird: I have the locus folder still on the external sd-card (64 GB, extFAT) which is named now "/storage/sdcard1" instead of previously (under 4.1.2) "/storage/extSdCard".
When I start locus, I see that initially it seems all right, locus reads from the locus folder from this sdcard, but after maybe one second there is a message "Problem with data (Points/Tracks)" and locus crashes if I try to restore (StackOverflowError / / fixSlashes / Line 185) and restarts without any settings.
In fact, the sd-card is not anymore visible (in the FileManager), after locus tried to read from it.

I don't know how locus is able to throw out or deactivate the sd-card, but this is what is done, the external sd-card is not anymore visible, I have to reboot my phone to get it back.
I have other apps, which use this external sd-card without any problems, even big files, though!

I reinstalled locus, after renaming the locus-folder and then locus works, but when I copy one of my map-files (vector or online) into the maps-folders, the problem begins again.

What could I do?
Is this related to the different name of the external sd-card?
Then how could I change it?

This is a weird issue, and in the CM forum, they don't know about this, so I ask here.


EDIT: I will try now, to reformat the sd-card from extFAT to FAT32, with the drawback that maxFileSize is 4 GB (which I haven't anyway. I guess, that CM 10.2 is buggy with extFAT, so when locus tries to open these big map-files the system has an issue.
Why on earth this is not with other apps, I don't know. E.g. I have "Aard", using several 1 GB Files for wikipedia without problems.
I guess this is a bug in extFAT system of CyanogenMod 10.2
Will post here if it works with FAT32...
Troubles & Questions / Rotate map AND show view
January 19, 2014, 15:19:20
How is it possible to choose both, "rotate map" AND "show view" ?

I can choose only one, then the dialog closes.
Ich verwende in Locus hauptsächlich die großartigen Vektor Karten.
Eine Sache macht mir jedoch Probleme: Die Namen von Städten im jeweiligen Zoom sind oft entweder zu groß oder sie fehlen. Nützlich wäre eine Einstellung abhängig von der Größe der Stadt, also dass man selbst definieren kann, ab welcher Größe in welcher Zoom Stufe Städte Namen überhaupt angezeigt werden.
In kleinem Zoom möchte ich z.B. zwar München lesen, aber nicht ein Dorf direkt daneben.
Geht so etwas?
Troubles & Questions / backup manager doesn't work
November 26, 2013, 12:53:35
 I noticed that the backup manager doesn't work. Should backup every day five o'clock but didn't do it for weeks.
Shows that there should be a planned backup tomorrow in one display but in the setting it says weeks ago:

Does the backup only works when locus is running?
I rarely use locus at five o'clock ;)


Is it possible to get a different route with locus navigation, an alternative way like this is given in Google navigation?

At the moment I want to navigate through Italy to Germany but I don't want to pass Switzerland, which unfortunately is the shortest way.
Google navigation gives me this alternative but I don't find this possibility in locus.

Thank you.


I noticed that Locus unchecks a MyTracks track when I quit and restart Locus again.
All other "normal" Locus tracks are still checked, when they are checked before.
I am using MyTracks version 2.0.5
It's normal or a bug?

It's maybe not reproducible??
Is it only on my constellation?
Could someone with MyTracks installed quickly check?
I found a little bug on SGS2:
When I want to edit a category for a
"Quick new point" and long press to get the Context menu, this menu is cropped, so that I can only guess where the items are.
Look the screenshots:

Thank you

Wishlist / Speak guide alarm
November 13, 2013, 10:47:43
could it be possible to speak the title of a waypoint when the guide alarm is set?
At the moment I can choose peep or own sound but could be nice and useful to speak (TTS) the title of the reached point.

When I enable information (text) for waypoints and track points the text box of waypoints covers the text of the track points, see picture:

Is there a way to arrange both text boxes so that I can read both?

Is it just a bug?

Thank you
Wishlist / Add manual route along streets
November 04, 2013, 16:10:19
A great feature on gpsies is the possibility to add a manual track along streets and paths and not just from point by mouse click directly to the next mouse click point.
The track is then along the nearest possible streets or paths, connecting one mouse click with the next mouse click.

This would be a great feature in locus too, if possible.
With the "Add new route & measu..." feature, I mean.
Is it possible?

Troubles & Questions / Font too big at navigation
October 29, 2013, 09:55:00
When I use the navigation, the font which shows the next crossing is to big so that it is cropped, see screenshot:

There is a "1" missing before the 0944!
Possible to adjust this somewhere?
Or maybe change from meter to kilometer? Would be easier to read, anyway.