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Just in place of the 'i' and 'zigzag'. I think icons on the left side make sense.

Actually, I think the individual items menu is even more confusing, because of the schizophrenia of the checkbox:

Now checkbox is used for:
1. 'visibility'
2. 'multiple selection before operation'

So for 'visibility' I'd actually recommend using an eye instead of a checkbox both for individual items and categories. This would be in line with how it's been used on other software like Photoshop or After Effects. I think a light grey eye or an empty box would work well for the invisible state.

OK, actually I think the best solution would be this:
1. For categories:
'eye' - name - counter - setup
2. For point:
'eye' - icon - name - setup
3. For track:
'eye' - style - name - setup

It would solve multiple problems:
1. Checkbox isn't obvious for 'visibility'. Checkbox means 'select items before an operation' for me. An eye would be better and in line with other software, like Photoshop or After Effects
2. There would be a direct way to do commands on individual items, for example export and delete. Now if you want to export and delete, you have to click in item, wait for statistics to be calculated, look for setup button in new window, select export, click ok in new window, select delete, click ok in new window. It would be at least slightly faster with a direct menu.
3. Zigzag doesn't mean anything for a track, since all of them are zigzags. A box of the given color would be more meaningful. Or in a super special edition, a line showing the appearance, like dotted blue. But it might be hard to implement.

On the other hand, multiple selection is needed to be solved somehow, maybe there need to be a checkbox for this?

+1 Alternatively, in the future, why not just move the two screens to one, super clean and functional, a la Photoshop?
The new quick-hide-category feature is really good, however:
Using the old icons just doesn't make sense.
1. in the points tab, all icons are points => no information
2. in the tracks tab, all icons are tracks => no information
3. in both cases, toggling visibility for individual items is by a blue checkbox (perfect)
4. you have to use this special hyperdrive dimension-jumping animation just to explain that this icon actually means a checkbox

=> please change the icon it to the same blue checkbox icon like for individual items, 4 points solved, no need for help explanation
Maps / Re: New vector maps for Locus - feedback
December 28, 2012, 20:44:45
Thanks for explanation!
Maps / Re: Correction for Hungarian hiking maps
December 28, 2012, 20:37:55
Quote from: "menion"Hello zsero,
  thank you for notification. I know they planned to completely change server and they already note me about this so that's why maps in locus still works. As I see your description, only change is name right?

I cannot see inside the stock map links, but I guess if you've updated them then they are fine. It should point to

I think the hostcity one (Turautak) was just a volunteering effort of someone some years ago and this one now (Turistautak) is the official server.

So yes, I'd guess just the name and the description. The hosted by is not needed anymore.
Maps / Correction for Hungarian hiking maps
December 28, 2012, 20:17:52
The Hungarian hiking maps has moved from the hostcity link to

Here are the links from the website's source:

the normal one

the relief shading one
XML: ... borzattal/

Actually, there is a chance that Locus is already using them, since the hostcity server seems to be down and Locus' one still works fine. In this case it's just the description what should be updated. I believe these are the correct ones:
Name: Turistautak (Hungary)
For the zoom, layer 18 is a bit more detailed than 17 (look here: but not too much. I'd set it either to 17 or maybe 18.
Hi Christian,

I really like the new theme. I cycle/hike and now I'm set with this theme only! It works with other maps too, like the Central European maps from, although it's not as useful as with it's native maps.
Maps / Re: New vector maps for Locus - feedback
December 28, 2012, 19:40:08
Sorry guys, I have to be honest on this one. I love Locus, but the monetizing of OpenStreetMaps vector maps is the most stupid idea that has ever come up. is an amazing website with a serious open philosophy behind it. There is no need to make an alternative for it, and even less need to monetize it. Maps are something which should be regularly updated. Not something where you should pay by megabytes or titles. People who know it the best are map enthusiasts, what happens to be also the most fanatic audience for Locus. The newest maps on openandromaps have an amazing theme, regularly updated, have perfect contour lines by now and has fixed the ocean areas (I guess this has also been fixed in the Locus ones)

I tried the new Locus themes and they aren't even comparable to andromaps ones. Paying for the maps even less so. Asking for money because of bandwidth is laughable when openandromaps can just do it for free with Google Drive.

Honestly, I'm going to recommend/ask buying Locus Pro for all my friends/family members, and it's an amazing application, but this monetizing of vector maps is a greedy and stupid idea and should be abandoned in my opinion. More close cooperation with openandromaps and possibly a downloader plugin/module would be a much nicer direction for the future.
Nice update!
I like that the reset stayed in the settings and that the backup manager now has a whole window.
I like that there is separate "backup preferences" and "complete backup" clean and nice.
I'd recommend renaming "backup" to "backup data" and "restore" to "restore data", to be in sync with backup/restore preferences above.
For automatic backup, I'd still recommend an "enabled" button on the next screen. The problem with the set/cancel now is that you cannot check or even edit the state, without first cancelling it. Actually, for a single item, there is no point to set/cancel something, an enabled checkbox is always better.
+ tiny bug, the description on the module manager hasn't been updated.
+ big bug: you cannot click set backup (invalid date) unless you manually advance the day +1. should start with +1 day by default.

OK, to be honest, all of these are just tiny annoyances, but I prefer to report them, since that's the way Locus gets better and better.
QuoteI read that google uses the same data for address searches.

That's the joke of the year. On the addresses I tried it worked on a city(!) level (meaning it was pointing at the city's center, not anywhere near my street)! Making an address database is a multi-billion dollar project, not something anyone would open source anytime soon.
The new update is nice!

Three points:
1. I don't know where to switch off system wide notifications for the auto backups. Is it possible? I really don't want a system wide notification just to know that a backup was successful.

2. I think there is really no need for a backup manager in the function menu. I think it doesn't belong there. The buttons are there in settings. Actually, the only one button what really should be in the menu is the "auto backup" and that one is missing from the menu.

3. I still think that a very simple settings for the auto-backup would be much nicer than this dialog. And it should be in the settings, where it belongs.

Like this:
X backup manager // doesn't exists.

Settings / Misc:
Save preferences ...
Load preferences ...
Auto backup check/uncheck
if unchecked then these are grayed out:
   number of backups to keep
   what to backup ( where did it go since the update? or is it efficient enough to make it always work on everything now? )
reset everything [big red warning sign!]
Quote from: "menion"currently I think you have to tap on "cancel" to end current auto-backup ...

anyway I suggest to wait with next discussion to next Locus version, where will be completely new auto-backup system

Ahhh! Wow! This is something I would have never ever clicked... So to change something you have to click cancel :-) And then go up the screen, make a selection, go down the screen and click set! I'm feeling upside-down :-)

Joking only, I'm glad to hear it's gonna be replaced!
Of course I see it, but I cannot edit it.

This is what the website says:
Quote4. Automatic backup

part is special feature for periodic backups. By default, everyday backup of Tracks item is enabled (as most vulnerable part of Locus system). Automatic backup is performed during first Locus start that day and all backups are stored into ./Locus/backup/auto directory.

For enable Automatic backup feature, choose items you want backup in Items part, choose days frequency (1 mean everyday, 2 every second day since today, ...) and press Set.
For disable Automatic backup feature, simply press Cancel button.

These things are not possible for me. No Set button, no frequency, etc.
Berkley, I'm using Locus Pro since years. Sorry, but your answer makes no sense. I'm clearly talking about the _automatic_ backup settings editor not visible in backup manager. Of course I'm in backup manager.
I'm trying to change the auto backup settings. I tried to look everywhere, I've even googled it: ( but to my biggest surprise, the feature mentioned on that page just doesn't exists. There is no frequency, no set button, no anything. It's just a read-only mode for the auto-backup part in backup manager. Is this on purpose?

I've tried looking in settings (where I think it should be), but there is nothing there. I think the best thing would be one more link at the backup part saying "automatic backup settings", or something similar. And in my opinion, the read-only auto-backup part could be removed totally from backup manager.
Troubles & Questions / Re: 1.6.1 deleted everything!
November 04, 2012, 18:51:45
:-) As a conclusion, I think the only thing I didn't do before was to uninstall Locus. So there is something what wasn't triggered by doing a "Reset everything" in Locus, but was triggered by a full uninstall/reinstall.